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  1. To be fair, his agent seems to be a real handful, to say the least. Comments like that are just not needed...
  2. I would absoloutly love to have him at Chelsea!
  3. Desperately missed Matic in midfield today. I am impressed by how the boy Zouma has adapted so fast, but he is no Matic. I died about 12 times during the match, but we weathered their considerable storm. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Somebody with a decent stream, other than the ones to be found on wiziwig?
  5. To be honest I wasn't sure what Mourinho planned with Fabregas. I thought that Fabregas would need to adapt and wouldn't find "his game" and so on. I think that I, like a lot of people, couldn't foresee what Mourinho planned for Chelsea, given the way sort of had to play during the previous season - lightning fast counter-attacks and hoping that our front man would get a toe in or that Hazard finishes off the move. Obviously Mou tweaked his system, because now he can - and we can see now how much sense the Fabregas signing actually makes.
  6. Costa, 5 out of 4. Now thats a striker. Someone with a decent stream btw?
  7. Why did we loan out Victor Moses, if he is homegrown?
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