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  1. @Vesper what are your thoughts on the Janssen vaccine? I'm thinking of getting that bc it's only one shot.
  2. Use 2-factor authentication and strong passwords. You can use a password manager that generates and remembers them for you, for example bitwarden.
  3. Not a great start to the tournie in terms of injuries
  4. Sterling was bad imo despite the goal, wasteful. Took it well but did fuckall otherwise. But credit where it's due, that goal took the 3pts home.
  5. Why are there 2 GKs on the bench while both Sancho and Chilly are left out completely? Is he expecting a Cech/Cudicini v Reading type of disaster with the keepers? I don't get it... Before that line-up I seriously thought England had a chance going all the way, but your coach is nuts.
  6. Congrats mate! I'm rooting for you all the way!
  7. Carlo can fuck off if true Werner definitely deserves at least one more season.
  8. How long have you been following Chelsea, seriously? If that is the most laughable thing you've seen in our history, then it can't be more than a couple of seasons surely.
  9. Is that necessarily a good thing though? Isn't this what encourages to raise the prices, the fact that people will gobble them up no matter what? I don't think that's good as it gives them absolute power to abuse supporters' loyalty to enrich themselves. I am all for consumers letting their discontent known by keeping their money to themselves, it's the only way big money organisations will listen.
  10. Think you've forgotten one of main complaints with Hazard - his tendency to pass instead of shooting. Was very frustrating at times. We already have too many players of that mould in the squad, Hazard wouldn't be a solution to our scoring problems especially in his current state.
  11. Is there any stat about how many goals he's scored from offside?
  12. VAR has ruined the game, there's not a single person I've spoken to who doesn't agree with that. Get rid of it, abolish the whole damn thing if they can't approach it sensibly, goal-line technology is enough. What happened to giving advantage to the attacker when he is level with the line? And Chilwell was level, I don't care about the lines drawn on a picture because it's not possible for anybody to pinpoint with absolute certainty when the ball was actually struck, or draw those millimeter wide lines with absolute accuracy from cameras far high up, it's impossible... hence giving the advanta
  13. It was Tuchel's fault first and foremost for starting him. Kepa can't be blamed for an uncontested worldie going in, in that sense he's not at fault. He is also not at fault for the hand-ball that created the chance and for nobody closing Tielemans down. It was a mix of bad/corrupt refereeing and bad defending that he had to face that shot. We know who he is so we can't be mad at him playing at his level. But the thing is, it's a cup final and if you've studied him before, you just know he isn't going to save shots like this... Which is okay, not everybody can be so good. But when you have a g
  14. Nah, just put Reece back where he belongs. Yeah he was good at RCB, but we lost offensive impetus by having Azpi there... and Alonso on the opposite side (how many times did he get burnt for pace exactly?). Why we reverted to pragmatism with two slow wing-backs when they should be the ones providing width and pace is beyond me, sometimes it seems Tuchel is tinkering for the sake of tinkering. Our regular line-up with James and Chilly on the wings would have been fine imo. Sure he was afraid of Vardy's pace, but come on now, don't be so scared... No silly changes here please, just go with
  15. Already 0-1 down. Come on Chels! Plenty of time left.
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