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  1. All I can say is keep the faith. Chelsea have done bigger wonders when nobody believed we could.
  2. Wait, I thought we were out of top 4 after the loss to WBA. Or after any loss with Lampard... How can we be done with something more than once? Considering how close the top 4 race is and how inconsistent results are throughout the league, would you bet everything and your life on Chelsea being done after a draw?
  3. I understand the players being rested, but for example what was the point of putting James to the left to stay back? Our best crosser effectively disarmed. After those in-game changes we became worse, came closer to losing than winning. We were in trouble in midfield but Kante didn't come on... another questionable decision.
  4. That performance was imo a result of questionable tactical decisions and pre-match furore. The players' heads were not in it. I think we were lucky not to have lost considering the chances BHA had, so there is that positive to take from it. I now expect to bounce back strongly after the club has withdrawn from ESL and some key players got rested... We will look a different side with Azpi, Kante, Kovacic and Chilwell back.
  5. Kovacic and Kante make him look better. I thought it was going to be a disaster when line-ups came out, 'cause Jorginho needs someone defensively solid next to him... Mount is not it, he's a final 3rd player not last 3rd. I think Tuchel underestimated Brighton by exposing midfield like that. We desperately need a 4th CMF come next season, if Kovacic and Kante are out we're fucked. Gilmour could become that player, but he seriously needs to bulk up if he is to have any chance... too short and skinny to be a regular EPL CMF atm.
  6. Don't try to make sense of Tottenham's actions, there is a reason why they are a trophyless banter meme club with a chicken on a turd as its crest. Shooting themselves in the foot is what they do. Hope Shitty fucking mop the floor with them in the final.
  7. I don't think the Super League is going to happen, at least not in the currently proposed form. Far too much pressure against it for it to go through imo.
  8. Most interesting part about this game will now be how the players react. It affects them the most, can't see them being happy about all the possible scenarios thrown around in the media, none of which look favourable to them (except for maybe huge pay rises). The timing of this announcement might be part of their strategy, to willingly show how they are ready to give up the league, knowing fully well that this will affect the teams on the pitch and possible point deductions, with many still fighting for something. It's like they are saying "we don't care". Having said that, I still expect
  9. We have West Ham and Real Madrid in a 7 day span after this, rotations must be made. Dave might need a rest, he's been playing non-stop. Hopefully AC and Mateo are back for this one. Mendy Zouma - Christensen - Rüdiger CHO - Jorginho - Kovacic - Alonso Pulisic - Mount Havertz
  10. What's that all about? The Times article is behind a paywall. Those teams won't be participating in the CL/EL?
  11. Getting his groove back slowly but surely. People forget he's been unlucky with injuries throwing him off the rhythm all the time. If he manages to stay fit, I can see him only getting better. I especially like how in his post-match interview he acknowledged that he isn't yet at his best. Love the mentality.
  12. He is finished at RB imo, he's average there as he needs to bomb forward and track back with his declining pace. Not his strengths, James is better suited for running up and down the field all game long. However I don't think anybody ever wrote Azpi off at CB, this particular system suits him perfectly. Tuchel is great, a tactical mastermind. One thing I also like about him is that he shows trust in his fringe players, like Kepa, to play in a big game like FA Cup semi-final. Many managers wouldn't have the balls, the backup keeper usually stops playing around the quarter/semi-final stages
  13. Anybody else feel that his reputation for being a shit ball player is undeserved and has stuck from years ago, when he actually was bad with it? Whenever I watch him play now I see nothing wrong with how he uses the ball. He even deals with high pressure and playing out from the back quite well, don't remember the last time he actually screwed up (I do have shit memory tho so feel free to refresh it ).
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