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  1. Consistency in getting top four? Right before we lose that spot for significant period of time. And how we keep that when we are losing almost entire defense this window and almost entire midfield the next. We are only left with attackers from German and Italian Leagues because they are cheaper down there. 2017 meant our English top table team status vanished. Right after major success. 2021 meant our top four status is fading away. CL manager supported with broken past it midfielder and past it not good enough against top opposition striker, with major technical and mentality issues.
  2. Our first eleven, when everyone fit and competition managed poorly (United, Arse, Spurs) is fourth place at best. Good to fight for Wenger's trophy but unable to compete. Our bench is championship level (bar Kova or other mid on the bench). With Marina's appointment our transition from top English club to English Borrusia Dortmund was successfully implemented but failed miserably . Formula: Buy cheap, substandard player, make him look good, sell for profit. Turned into buy expensive flops, make them look worse, loan them at best and collect loan fees. It started after
  3. Since 2017 and maybe before we are only buying players who can play football to certain level and defend but posses zero courage or skill in them. The ones that had little bit of courage and skill in decisive moments we sold to our rivals. These are the results. Rubbish signings eventually become rubbish mentality. CL was a miracle defence and attack worked as unit but that was one miracle in how many years. Rubbish signings rubbish mentality. Arsenal has won more finals they participated in than we did. Roman was the best owner, up until 2015.
  4. We stand no chance. Especially without Kovacic. Kova is our the most important player against dippers. I understand the importance of Leeds game, but I wish he didn't start. We don't have midfield for this final. We barely have defence, I mean we have not. They will be watching themselves and dippers will take advantage of that. With Lukaku up front who makes simple goal offside with his arms, the only question is how many we will concede. No chance whatsoever.
  5. WE are without defence. Our defenders are on their way out and they are not giving 100 %. They are saving themselves from injuries and their lack of commitment affects everyone involved. Average signings. Only time we got couple of quality signings we lost the best player ever. While he was here we surrendered him with mostly mediocre. IN meanwhile we were getting championship quality players. Half of them on the loan, half of them on the bench. Not good enough midfield humpers attack. Average attack. Season after season. Solid defence for one season and they are gone. I bet t
  6. I don't get this. I would understand if he demanded more money from investors to invest in the team because we are left without defence this season and will be left without midfield the next season due to age and form of midfielders as well as contracts expirations. We may as well sell them this season. We are without half of the team and he is asking money for charity. I know some things are more important but.... Hope this additional demand are smokescreen for further investments. Our new expected owners need to invest heavily in this team. That has to be taken into consideration.
  7. Roman was the most dedicated owner who loved this club and gave it all for club, from his money to unconditional support. That aspect of Roman's ownership we will never be able able to replace. But he had another side of his ownership that we are eager to replace. His inability to chose the right people to run the club. Knowable, professional, independent football experts who would make decisions in accordance with all aspects of the club and decisions from the past. It was always ad hoc at Chelsea, rare are decisions and actions that were products from long term planning. Maybe only academy.
  8. As soon as Lukaku was signed with those transfer fee and wages, I said it was start of this club's downfall. I said right away our top four status will be gone and that we are becoming the new Arsenal, hoping for the top four every season only to come short. I was so sad and upset, I wrote countless posts expressing my discontent. Nothing was able to make me relaxed about our prospects, not even the first place we held on till November . It was such criminal not signing midfielder with our injured non stop, it gave our players good indication about our ambition. It was such criminal
  9. Malang Sarr was brought for free, with intention to loan him out and sell for profit. In the meantime our need to sell in order to gain funds to sign players, and our need to show off how me managed to sell talented young player who never step foot in PL for odd 20 mil and our lack of planning for the next season promoted this loanee into a starter. Emerson is another loanee we tried to promote into starter. And God knows how many more loanees ( youth not included) we would see promoted into starters and on the bench next season when players with expired contracts leave. Arsenal game w
  10. Take away our three best players Rudiger, Havertz and 37 years old Silva, bench Jorginho after his abysmal shows and we are a pub team. James is injury prone who probably plays RCB because Tuchel is saving him for the final. Sarr and Chalobah are the reason we were confident even though our defenders refused to sign extensions? If Rudiger starts saving his body a la Christensen we may as well lose that top four place and put in jeopardize our future regarding expected sale. Worrying times ahead. CL was a bless. And pure luck. We would probably need to wait for another one to win another
  11. The last summer is the summer when I totally gave up on this board and the faith of this club with them in the helm. I have been saying this forever. With them we were heading to middle table status. Roman or no Roman, he wasn't willing to pay big to cover transfer mistakes as he used to. Lukaku was not the big signing. It was 1 instead of 3 players signing. Summer of 2020 was financed with sale of our best player and Morata. It seems now Kovacic is injured. That took away any hope I had for Wembley. I don't believe in Jorginho in big occasions anymore and Kante isn't what he used to be
  12. I don't get what is behind all this? How could he be eligible to own Spanish club but not English? During this sanctions. Anyway if he buys Valencia or some other club I profoundly hope he will take Marina, board and our scouting department with him. How will he be happy to invest again when he has treated Chelsea as a business for the last five to six years. We needed to sell in order to buy and after Hazard and Morata who provided big transfer kitty, we only had duds to sell that no one wanted to buy, so we were left to sell youth in order to generate funds for more duds. In fac
  13. Regarding to your last paragraph if our board believed/ felt that Lukaku would score around thirty league goals during season as he did at Inter ( I wouldn't expect them to check penalties stats) and enable them CL football without further investing and at the same time didn't know any other player who was available and could provide them the same, yes they would get him and tell the coach to get the best out of him. If they felt that Lukaku will bring more goals and more revenue than any other alternative I firmly believe they didn't ask manager for opinion. Lukaku was fifa and ma
  14. Chelsea board are irrational beings who are hell bent on sabotaging the manager. You put it nicely. It happened after 2012. It happened after 2015 (kind of Mou sabotaged as more). It happened again after 2017 and it happened after 2021. After each of our biggest achievements we were left with weaker teams and worse players. Seasons after we underachieved heavily due to disastrous squad managing and transfer decisions. Why was last year supposed to be any different? Kante was getting older and his injuries were catching up with him. We needed defensive midfielder badly . Defenders w
  15. Lukaku was board signing. The same board that was happy to sell three talented youngsters in Tomori, Guehi, Livramento even though our entire backline was aging and running out of contracts. Yes they wanted to go, but they could have sold them for less money and buyback clause instead of getting big money without buyback clause. We sold promising youngsters to get Lukaku, who was past it talentless player that was never good enough in this league. The same board has so many not good enough players on their books they can't afford to fit young players or change left wingback when they
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