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  1. Forth place trophy it is. We took the baton from Arsenal in the League. Haaland is out the reach but we do not have the players to score against low blocks or kill the game when they indeed score. We rely too much on high pressing to save 1: 0 result, it was doable for 5 months under Tuchel, but will it be for 10 months and 5 competitions? I'm afraid not. Having in mind age and injury records of our midfielders and defenders. Who can be our reliable and constant goalscorer? Who will stand up? We rely mainly on Havertz to save us, Timo will create chances but won't finish them to save
  2. I advice you to calm down with your love and appreciation for Tuchel at least until Christmas , because he my be gone by then. If we keep relying on Werner, Havertz and Pulisic to score us desperately needed winners. The saddest thing about us not having reliable goalscorer is potential lost of what seems to be terrific coach.
  3. Those who think we are fine with this attacking options are deluded. Simple as. Like they never saw our coach sacked 6 months after wining big trophy. The history will repeat itself, it seems
  4. Must win game. Europa league is the top priority for this team. Probably the only chance of CL any time soon with those money wasting talents within this club.
  5. That top scorers list means nothing to me. Players around him ( except Benteke) played for big clubs against proper defences. They can't be compared to Lukaku. Just because we aren't able to get a decent striker doesn't make Lukaku great. Because he isn't.
  6. It's about time they rename Champions League to La Liga II with europian friendlies. If there wasn't for money it would be such a waste of time for other clubs. It will be won by Madrid or Barcelona in years to come. Other clubs will win it every five or seven yeras. Every football wonderkid will go there which will further prolong their dominance. Ronaldo will go eventually but Mbpape is on his way. Modrić and Croos will be replaced in the same fashion.
  7. They didn't. Somehow I knew they wont. But maybe even our stars knew we need to improve big time so they didn't want to make this team look better than they really are. In the end they all want to fight for Cl not FA cup next season.
  8. The defeat is blessing in a way, because if we had won the double, the board might feel complacent and not see the need to sign as many quality players as this defeat has shown. We need early signings and be ready for what i feel will be a very difficult next season...... 6 teams will be fighting again for 4 spots and there will be very strong teams in the Champions league. With this team as it is, we maybe wouldn't even go trough the group stage. And I'm being serious. Make no mistake, not playing in Europa played it's role in our winning title this year, but next year it can help Arsenal if
  9. I just hope he wont blame Conte or club for collapsing of his China cash cow. That's my biggest issue with him nowdays and why I believe he may become a passenger. I still rather want him to stay and Matic and Moses out, from starting eleven at least. And an upgrade for Willian and Pedro and another CB. Pennyworth, I know.
  10. We should have sold him in January. Now he is turning into passenger we can't cash in. I sincerely hope he will be shifted out as soon as possible even if I struggle to think of a decent replacement. But until than even Batz will do.
  11. Saw this coming. Had bad feeling that Arsenal would win since everything was against them. They showed grit and determination we are lacking.This Costa situation is awful. Passenger we cant cash in. I'm positive we would do better if Fabregas and Batman had started.
  12. It's strange how almost everything goes in our favor : their available CB trio, their goalkeeper, bad atmosphere around the club after missing out on traditional and needed top four trophy, discontent with Wenger . But it's what is somewhat scary: they are heavy underdogs and London derbies as well as cup finals often favor heavy underdogs. I still believe in this team, but they have to come out with maximum of fight, concentration and hunger.
  13. Never have been less excited about transfers as this summer. I'm pretty positive we will spend about 200 mil ( Only from this year transfer income and just a little bit from tv rights) but how many players we can get for 200 mil? Max two decent , not guaranteed great players and some pocket change? Hardly enough to improve our lack of depth and to replace every player that has left. And to think one of those special players could well be Lukaku, goalscorer yes, but world class - far from. I'm afraid that Europe will disclose his shortcomings. If he comes I really really hope that Sanchez lov
  14. I like the rule too, but it could make EPL even less attractive for some foreign players. Like it matters, the best ones end up at Real or Barca anyway.
  15. If our aim is to compete only for PL, then it would be alright signing. But with him leading the attack, our chances of getting at least CL semifinal decrease dramatically. Never liked him and anything he's done at Everton didn't convince me at all. I just hope it's Conte's demand.
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