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  1. Awful place to go but hopefully a good timing to play it. 2 away wins in a row there almost feels like a dream.
  2. Nah, you can always fall on the pitch, pretending having a cramp, and make the play stop
  3. Kepa can really fuck you mentally lmao. Well done! Opponents will shit themselves when they have to face us on pens. Amazing
  4. Can Kepa make a hattrick this season alone? Either way, not really bothered.
  5. If he can’t win, it is everybody else’s fault.
  6. There us still the F1 race coming tonight! Turn One carnage incoming!
  7. Wtf how old is she?? And what us wrong with the United players? Giggs, Rooney, him, awful history
  8. It’s like the players are doing everything they can to get him sacked. Classy
  9. Lol the look of disgusted Alex Ferguson
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