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  1. I'm usually not a fan of using the next season's kit prematurely. This year it was worse than usual for me because that meant more matches played using the ugliest Chelsea kit I've ever seen.
  2. He really deserves Ballon d'Or this year. I usually don't care much about individual awards, but it's about time a Chelsea player wins this. Lately Eden was the closest we got, but during his spell in London Messi and Ronaldo were still at the top of their game and we never really had a great Champions League campaign in that period which definitely didn't help his chances.
  3. As long as Giroud keeps doing what he does I'll be happy to keep him as a wildcard attacking option. He has played that part in every season since he joined and I'd to say he's exceeded my expectations.
  4. TT is the key to our Champions League success which is in a stark contrast with the 11/12 one. Back then it was definitely down to the players. Stating the obvious, I know, but I really love the way we earned the trophy this time, completely outplaying every opposition. Tactical brilliance from TT in all the big games.
  5. I still find it hard to believe a high profile manager like Conte might be interested in the the Spuds job. It's also a bit odd Real Madrid didn't consider him at all and went straight after Carlo who wasn't even available.
  6. We did a similar thing with the 12/13 kits for the CL winner's range with a single star above the badge. Main difference is back then we had an amazing blue and gold kit.
  7. I agree with everyone saying the lack of drama is probably the most shocking thing over this final and our entire CL run this season as a whole. We've completely outplayed every team we went against and there were no shady referee decisions or VAR calls. It's so unlike us, it's like it's too good to be real.
  8. I love how our CL run was so clean this year compared to the 11/12 one. Back then we struggled in the group stage and were riding our luck on multiple occasions. This season it was far less dramatic but the main difference is we completely bossed the competition!
  9. I've always seen those in the same way I see the Community Shield - glorified friendlies. But who knows, maybe that's only because we always lose them.
  10. Wow. What a decade it's been for the club. 2 x Champions of Europe, 2 x Europa League winners, 2 x Premier League winners, 2 x FA Cup and 1 x League Cup. Things haven't always been peachy, but man, this club knows how to bounce back. We've won the big one again!
  11. I mean, if it's a low risk option like a loan, sure, why not? But to be honest I'd prefer not to ruin the great memories from his spell here and chances are that's very likely to happen if we bring him back.
  12. Don't know about you guys, but I can never be happy with just a top 4 finish, especially with the way we barely scraped into it in Wenger-esque fashion. Yesterday's match was about sending a message to City and also getting the job done ourselves which honestly was something that should've never gone down to the final matchday. Instead we lost to a mid-table team with nothing to fight for and had to rely on Spurs of all teams to do the job for us. You might say I'm spoiled, but I absolutely refuse to accept us being demoted to a mere top 4 contenders which is the case in the past 4 years.
  13. Well, it depends on how much value do you put in the FA Cup. Losing a final always sucks, but to me the big ones were always the league and the CL and winning those is what separates a great season from a decent one. After all the shocking and pathetic displays we still have a chance of winning a big one and in all fairness that'd definitely be punching way above our weight.
  14. Oh, of course. Leicester are punching above their above their weight, but they aren't getting much better than that. With the right mindset and a few good transfers we have the potential to rival City and fight for the League title. Even at our current state we reached the CL final.
  15. To be fair, Leicester are even bigger bottlers than us. They were given 2 penalties and still got wrecked by Spuds. After being in top 3 the entire season they still finished 5th in 2nd season in a row.
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