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  1. Nice! As I said I don't really rate this trophy, but at least now we could say we've won every single competition in club football.
  2. Maybe it's just me tho. I find it hard to get too excited about a Super Cup game. They don't really feel like a big deal to me and I think our players probably feel the same way considering how much we suck at these, lol.
  3. I don't really rate this trophy, but since we went through the trouble of travelling to Abu Dhabi and have some EPL matches rescheduled we should make sure we win it.
  4. Regardless of how much we suck, Spuds are always free points. Love it.
  5. Should win this even if our players were blindfolded.
  6. Probably should've won by more but I'll take that. Next!
  7. A bit better since Kante came in, but man this is hard to watch.
  8. Nice goal Rom! But man, can we get at least one match without any injuries?
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