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  1. Well, wee better win the Champions League then.
  2. Imagine we are about to get only one point from the home games against West Brom and Brighton. No way we're getting top 4.
  3. So close to get another one. This is the best half we've had in a long while.
  4. 3 goals in match finally! Zouma is such an aerial threat! 5 EPL goals this season already.
  5. Damn. I guess that's the Havertz we expect to see week in and week out.
  6. Maybe we'll finally score 3 in a game. We have 80 more minutes, come on.
  7. Nice. Unless we do a West Brom again next week we're going against Real Madrid in the semi finals.
  8. The best possible draw a Chelsea fan could ask for. Great opportunity to reach the final without having to face Bayern, City or PSG along the way.
  9. That's really shocking. Considering we barely beat Benfica in the rematch in 2012 with a last gasp Meireles stunner, the Atletico tie is statistically our best CL knockout performance ever, lol.
  10. I really would like to avoid Bayern which makes me think that's what we'll get, lol. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  11. The only team I want us to avoid at all cost is Bayern which means that's what we'll probably get. Still having my fingers crossed for Porto or Dortmund.
  12. Let that sink in. It feels like yesterday when we were reaching the semis like every other year.
  13. This was the toughest draw possible and we made it look like a walk in the park. Can't remember the last time our defense has looked so solid.
  14. Naah, this is done. Especially after the red card.
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