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  1. Zenit came to defend and they did that quite well for almost the entire match. Us struggling against sides who park the bus is nothing new, but thankfully Rom rose up to the occasion and bailed us out. Performance was meh, but the three points were achieved so moving on.
  2. Time to see some changes, maybe? Chillwell, Havertz and Werner (well, why not?) in!
  3. Lmao Rudiger. Where's that intensity in all the others?
  4. Most boring 45 minutes of football I've seen in a while.
  5. All things considered the result flatters us a bit, but I'll take it. Saul had a nightmare debut, which is disappointing, but he'll have many opportunities to show why he was brought here. Chalobah is a bit shaky and needs to be developed more and IMO he's not ready to be a starter in our EPL games yet. I'm really not a fan of CHO at RWB, he was extremely vulnerable and most of Villa dangerous attacks came from his side. I must say it's so nice to have a clinical striker. It's been a while since Costa left and I completely forgot that feeling after having to deal with the likes of Morata,
  6. The gifted goal made things a lot easier and after Jorgi came in we were in control. But quite honestly our overall performace was meh at best.
  7. Kovacic with a goal and assist so far!
  8. Okay, the best player in Europe is coming in!
  9. Maybe we rotated a bit too much? Obviously Reece is suspended so we didn't have many options at RWB, but Saul's debut and Chalobah's experience play time could have been postponed for the Carabao Cup game.
  10. It's painfully obvious how much we miss Kante at this point.
  11. What happened to our defensive stability? So far Mendy bailed us out a couple of times and we look like we're on the brink of conceding.
  12. Villa are all over us. Saul needs to get up to speed quickly.
  13. This is what it feels like to have a striker!
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