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  1. Trevor has played better than Christensen, we miss Trevor's pace back there
  2. Well he was replaced but the football Gods chose to take away our best LB's ligaments. Had it been any of our attacker who suffered that injury we would have survived this period.
  3. We need to find a way to rest Thiago Silva and James whilst winning. Our defensive mistakes look more like fatigue issues imo. Defense used to be able to bail us out but lately they look a step slower due to overload of games. City are lucky teams have a mental edge when they play them but they should be going through the same thing too. Look at Wolves today, Jimenez red card is type of things that happen for city but never in our games. Teams don't fear Chelsea because we barely punish them when on form.
  4. RLC is fine in doses, not when he has to play every game.
  5. Any idea when Kante is back? We need to spend all our January money on Tchoumani regardless, we can't survive rest of the season with the midfield we have. Have Alonso, Saul, CHO fight it out for LWB position.
  6. We haven't won at home in like 3 games
  7. Honestly I know this is bad to say but I hope Lukaku is out for a little while longer, we are just a better team without him. The team is more compact in general, he is a passenger most games which is not good enough. Both City & Liverpool player without an out & out striker and have been successful so this obsession with finding a striker is unwarranted. We just need to improve our finishing. Case in point CHO decided to pass backwards when he could have shot on goal with his left foot
  8. Its the confidence issue, he clearly is in his head lately, could have cost us points against Utd and against June & Watford too. He needs a bit of rest to clear his head we have a long month ahead we can't have a goal keeper who is lacking confidence in a title race, look what it eventually did to Kepa under Lampard. Tuchel has done a perfect job of it with outfield players like Harvetz, Werner, Chillwell & Cho. He took them out of the firing line & it helped them long term.
  9. I would drop him for Kepa for a couple of games, keep him on his toes. That penalty we conceded was really really poor.
  10. Mendy has been in over his head since the Ballon Dor thing, dude has been making mistakes, they haven't just been punished yet until today
  11. I would sell Lukaku to Spurs given the chance, we play worse with him on the pitch. We create nothing with him, rather he plays Werner at least we actually create chances and miss them rather than playing a passenger
  12. Better yet why was our slowest player the last person at the back??
  13. How is it an agenda? We have played our best football of the season with Lukaku out of the team so I don't understand when you say I have an agenda.
  14. His decision making in front of goal has cost us 4 points. If he makes right decision in first half we win this comfortably 3-0
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