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  1. Tuchel has been serving us some turgid stuff for a little while so not surprised. This bad run was coming.
  2. Every week I am more convinced Kepa's downfall was due to Lampard and his system. He looks like a totally different player
  3. I think what made it worse for him is he is a left footed player and our players were playing balls to his wrong side. Give him a few more weeks and he will look good again.
  4. I like Ziyech's directness. We need that at times since we tend to over play
  5. Well at least Tuchel is not afraid to admit he got it wrong
  6. Kounde is very much needed. I love Chelsea youth players but Chalobah is not at our level. He is a decent squad player nothing more
  7. It shows that our back 5 has not played together before
  8. It shows that our back 5 has not played together before
  9. Saul is playing for Villa lmao. Also Chalobah looks suspect
  10. I guess people are just going to ignore the goals and assists from the International break and focus on the one miss?
  11. Why do we never back our managers after winning titles? Its truly weird.
  12. I think some time on the bench will ultimately benefit him, he has to know his droppable other wise he won't improve in the areas his sorely lacking consistency. We need someone who raises their head in the final 3rd especially for a team that generally doesn't score a lot of goals we need composure. If his not bringing goals he needs to bring assists. Play Ziyech or Werner for the next few games with Mount coming in from the bench.
  13. I personally think Mount should be benched for a few games, he just doesn't off the right decision making in the final 3rd.
  14. I will be honest, I just don't see the it factor in CHO, Saka has surpassed him in the last year. He should leave and join a mid table team or maybe go to Dortmund or Atalanta
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