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  1. I just hope we keep Colwill and over the course of the season he shows he is ready. I really hope Colwill, Conor, and Broja get a chance to prove their worth. Also hope Chalobah keeps developing. A major emphasis with the Dodgers is getting young players into their farm system and developing them to starting players. I hope that emphasis follows so it is players from the academy to the first team.
  2. I think Tuchel was in favor if Kounde last window. De Ligt was not a possibility at that time. there are better articles about Marina pushing but this sums it up also.
  3. We are buying two. I think, and hope, De Ligt goes through.
  4. There seems to be a pattern developing that Tuchel’s input was not being taken serious. Tuchel wants De Ligt and Marina wanted to finish her deal to acquire Kounde. It seems that in every instance that there is a major difference, Boehly is backing Tuchel and showing people the door, or allowing them to leave immediately that want to challenge Tuchel’s idea of what the team should be. I hope the players are aware of this.
  5. It these reporters have merit, it is looking like Boehly wanted to know what went wrong with spending £97m on a player that did not want to be at the club. He seems to be backing Tuchel.
  6. Possible contact between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow between #Juventus and #Chelsea . The main course: #DeLigt . With the Blues in pressing who will try to put on the plate some technical counterparts. Evolving situation @GoalItalia
  7. Bring back that handsome Giroud!!! He never should have moved away! Kind of just joking. He was always a favorite of mine.
  8. I would love to know what was said in the meeting between Petr and Todd? Cech seemed like he was so good for the club.
  9. Negotiation #Chelsea - #Juve for #DeLigt : Juventus ok for Werner as technical compensation, still distance on the economic balance. But the blues are convinced they can close the deal
  10. I want to see some of these guys against Arsenal in Orlando! Really don’t know who these some guys are going to be?!
  11. If this is legit that they are negotiating a price, they will find a middle ground.
  12. It is never going to happen, but he would look better in blue.
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