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  1. Ugggh I have to watch the replay when I get home today. I will be getting my Covid vaccine while the game is on. I could be in and out, I could be there for an hour. I would rather be able to sit and watch it all at once. Avoid all notifications and the internet once the game starts. COYB!!!!
  2. I think Werner looked good in the 9 position.
  3. Yessss one more chaser losing ground!! Fuck Liverpool
  4. The club should ban him from growing a beard.
  5. Leicester looked much better 2nd half. I was outside grilling and looking through the back window when the second goal went in. Sigh..... going to need to bring it on Monday. This top 4 race is going to be to the last day.
  6. Arsenalmania is in meltdown mode. 63 pages and growing of a game day thread of members ripping into each other.
  7. What is the talk about Chris Wilder having a falling out with the owners? They keep repeating it with no details?
  8. Could you please stop bashing a club legend. Yes he really is a club legend, even if some are bitter he wanted to keep playing football after his time at Chelsea. He was not ready to manage a large club like Chelsea. I see fans at Red Cafe call Ole a PE Teacher and all I think is, you’re not really a fan. I honestly hope SFL goes out and gets more experience and at some time in the future there is SFL Chelsea manager V2.0. Lets face it, all managers in the past decade are eligible for Chelsea retirement after two years.
  9. I don't see Pulisic getting a start until he forces his way in with a sub performance that has people talking. He has not been bad, but he has not been great.
  10. With Leicester having major injury problems and Man Utd playing safe with both Man City and West Ham as their next two PL fixtures......we could move up more.
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