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  1. As much as I am ambivalent about Bournemouth and couldn't careless if they win anything, Brentford would be another London team? Not sure if there is a pick I like here.
  2. This one game will most likely determine top 4 for us. No pressure!!
  3. It is so strange having someone a world away from me telling me something I see everyday is something different than what I actually see. Wierd. I grew up in poverty, grew up a minority in my own land. As an American Indian, I was witness to police harassing people that had never done anything wrong. It is pretty cool that you can set me straight from what you watch on your television.
  4. We have looked the better team, but I am soooo tired of saying that when we have nothing to show for it.
  5. Please, get an early goal so I can enjoy this.
  6. Not sure if you are aware, but African Americans are between 15-20%. So by your statistics, killed at a higher rate. If you want to really understand the facts, look at the social-economic status of all those killed. It is more a problem of poverty. African Americans are in poverty at a much higher rate. I have lived all over the United States, most people couldn’t care less how the poor are policed.
  7. It is worth remembering the context of how BLM was phrased. The police in the U.S. have become damn near militarized. The review process of shootings is corrupt. The racial profiling of black people is off the chart. It was a direct statement of the police going after black people because they are in a higher rate of poverty than others. Really only surpassed by native americans. The higher crimes rates is a product of poverty, but it effects the african american community at much higher rates, they get the brunt of very aggressive policing.
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