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  1. I don't think injury is the problem with keita. Keita can do stuff that no one in pool midfield can do except thiago now but it is imperative for that midfield to press and win ball and he can't do that. Ndombele last year pretty much didn't cover enough ground to play for Mou. Mou pretty much criticized him publicly so many times. "Moreover, some of the players you indirectly mentioned are his signings and given Roman paid a lot for them, then Lampard is trying to play them together" This is a problem. We have played, i don't know over 20 games now, you know what you will ge
  2. We have to see how we play in the next couple of games I guess. I honestly want Lamp to forget the name and the pricetag. We don't have untouchable in our team, no superstar. He need to decide what he want from each position and just play accordingly. No more can Werner play on the left or center, puli left or right, should cho play, bla2. Be ruthless, pool has 60 m role player in keita, ndombele barely played last season for Mou.
  3. I vividly remembered with Mou case, Bruce Buck said something of if we were in midtable we probably won't sack mou, but we were in relegation zone which was unacceptable. This season if we don't get top 4, Lamp probably will get sack in the end but I don't think we will sack him in season unless we are dropping into low table position because right now we are only 6 points away from top 4.
  4. I think with Salah case, if he stay with us he will never be successful, he made brilliant decision moving to Fiorentina. KDB case was simply Mourinho was being stupid. I am still on the fence with Havertz.
  5. I think the only reason he should be given chances is because what he did last season, yes we should always look to the future but what have you done in the past will always carry some weight.
  6. Actually our defensive problem last season was completely different than this season. Last year it was very2 obvious we had personel problem at gk. Alonso was also too slow for a fb, we pretty much fixed those two. This season, our defensive problem occuredmostly against good teams and the problem is pretty obvious. Offensively, as long as Ziyech is fit and healthy we should be fine and Lamp need to stop with puli + Werner combo, way too direct.
  7. Funny your heatmap show that he play as defensive cm, and if you think he play the same role as silva n kdb then i highly suggest you watch recording of city game. Old city play with two no 10,kinda like how we played last year after the break with Mount and Barkley, this year we play more like pool, two cm more conservative, two wb more aggressive.
  8. Mason mount created that many chances playing as defensive cm, of course that number is good.
  9. Not both, if we create many chances but we also concede many against Fulham then it is not a progress.
  10. So how do you translate player performance from their previous club, it is simple, play him in almost similar role preferably the same role. Werner was great for leipzig as 2nd striker where he was free to move around and run behind. Havertz was playing mostly false 9 last season but he can't play false 9 in epl, he simply doesn't have the physical attributes nor the tenacity to play there, so what is the closest to false 9, number 10. So both need a to play off a no 9 like tammy/Giroud. Tammy Werner - Havertz You can force Pulisic in and sort of play Tammy - Werner
  11. Him and kova gave a clinic on how to play half ass defense
  12. Gundogan has scored more this season, but he usually only score 1 goal per season because he played behind sterling. It looks like pep change his setup for this season. If you want to compare stat it got to be player who play similar role otherwise they are bs comparison.
  13. Foden doesn't play midfield. It is absolutely bizzare how people compare player, you want to compare number compare our midfield to gundogan.
  14. Chilwell was ok Azpi didn't play well but when the two guy in front of you didn't want to defend **** happen Zouma looked absolutely lost Silva looked petrified against pace. Mendy should have saved gundogan shot and maybe foden shot.
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