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  1. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE, WE KNOW WHO WE AREEE!!!! I don't know where I am but we are CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!! Cheers, guys!!!!!!
  2. How was thay not a foul on Chilwell!?
  3. I am speechless...3 games in a row rverything is against us...
  4. According to some people, in the 3 months since Tuchel has been here, we should have become defensively solid, fluid in attack, exciting and on top of that - winning matches.
  5. Boring or not,it has been working for the past couple of months and I doubt we will see anything else till the end of the season.
  6. This is Jorgi's 6th consecutive game and I fear that he is going to burn out very soon.The signs were already there against Brighton - he looked pretty leggy in the last 30 minutes. We had no easy matches in that run but Gilmour should have played at least once IMO.
  7. We looked exhausted. The midfield was not working and both Jorgi and Mason looked extremely tired.And when we can't rely on our energy, we are done. We just don't have world class players who can win us these types of games when the fitness levels are below average. This draw can bite us in the ass at the end of the season but the fight is far from over.
  8. Jorginho looks physically done. Mount too.
  9. Papa Perez talking about making matches shorter in order to attract more young people...what a shitshow...this is Trump-esque kind of speech.
  10. Absolutely pointless game. I can't even invest myself emotionally anymore.
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