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The Pre-Season thread

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welcome fellow Brazilian girl *hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggssssssssssssssssssssss* So happy to have another one of us here.

And thanks for the list ;)

Thank youuuuu!

In Brazil there are a lot of chelsea supporters. A lot of girls too.

We have a group for Chelsea Female supporters called "Torcida Feminina do Chelsea", Barbara. You can find us on twitter, instagram and facebook.

And sorry about my english, guys.

More brazilian girls on here? Ow lord .....


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Thank youuuuu!

In Brazil there are a lot of chelsea supporters. A lot of girls too.

We have a group for Chelsea Female supporters called "Torcida Feminina do Chelsea", Barbara. You can find us on twitter, instagram and facebook.

And sorry about my english, guys.

Make a Intro thread, Lara! We welcome new people very nicely especially girls. We will get to know you better there!

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LMAO !!!!!! Tom is already preparing :dude: :dude:

Haha, I actually meant it in a good way, you know! Although she won't mind just a little bit of fun, i hope! :D

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there are two chances. Slim and None. With the reinforcements we have/ are bringing in he is just way too far down the pecking order and i can't see that changing too much in a pre season game. You never can say never though and maybe he will get an oppertunity and take it with both hands, but he didn't really impress me that much for boro.

what i had meant was to have any chance to play for chelsea in the future he needs to have a great pre-season. with lamps n essien both in the twilight, 2 slots in midfield would open up next year. if josh can show that he has the quality, then perhaps he can stand a chance otherwise simply cant see it happenin...

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Chelsea press conference LIVE in Bangkok: Jose Mourinho speaks to the media as the Blues pre-season tour begins


Mourinho takes to the podium in Ballroom Three of Bangkok's Shangri-La Hotel, accompanied by Chelsea keeper Petr Cech and new signing Andre Schurrle.

Mourinho: "We just arrive but the feelings are of course very good.

"We felt the moment we landed people were very nice to us and there was a pleasure to see our club. So even after being a bit tired from a long flight, the feeling was fantastic and we hope we can give everyone here what they are expecting from us.

"We will work well and hard to try to present you with a good football match next Wednesday."

Goalkeeper Petr Cech is also in attendance, and is looking forward to the first match on Wednesday.

Cech: "Every time we come over here, you can see how people love football and the Premier League.

"So we feel very comfortable here and feel the support everywhere we go. We are here to prepare for the season and hopefully play a good game on Wednesday.

"Last time we were here was the season we won the European Cup, so hopefully we can have the same great time."

Mourinho on Andre Schurrle: "I think with Andre, everybody knows the club was following him for a long time even before i joined.

"When I was faced with the situation that Andre was not far from being a Chelsea player I gave it the last push because he's a player I like who can play in many tactical systems and has qualities that the modern game demands. He is quick, creative and I am very pleased.

Mourinho on new signing Marco van Ginkel: "Marco is one of the best prospects in football now.

"We were also following him for a long time. We have no doubts he has great potential and we don't have to push him too much in the beginning.

"We are very happy because he is a kid with a good future and Chelsea is investing in a long-term situation."

And on ex-Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer, who has signed a one year deal: "Mark is what we need. I always thought, even when I was not at Chelsea, that we have we have the best keeper in the world in Petr.

"But we need competition for him, motivation for him, security and I think Schwarzer is perfect for that.

"He has experience, has spent his whole career in the Premier League. so it's his national habitat, so getting Mark on a free transfer, we have the goalkeeper to complete our set of goalkeepers."

And the question you've all been waiting for!

Mourinho on Rooney: "I thought that question would come from the gentlemen on the right side [the newspapers] not you.

"It's a tricky question because I cannot speak about. But you know me and it's not my kind of character to speak with a bit of hypocrisy and I always say what I think.

"He is a player I like very much but I can say no more than that. Being fast and direct, I like that, but he's a Manchester United player."

Mourinho on how he has changed: "I think I am better now because my job is the kind of job where experience means a lot and age and years of work and experience and especially like in my case, after Chelsea I went around Europe and had two years in Italy, three years in Spain, so I have more football culture than I did before.

"So I think I am in better condition than before. Some more white hairs, in my case, is a good sign, because it shows I learn more.

"Until the first defeat comes, I am happy. But it is up to my team to help me, support me and try to get good results for the club."

Petr Cech on challenge of Man Utd and Man City: "We would like to do as best as we can and we will work hard to achieve our goals but it's very hard to see who will be the biggest force before the season starts.

"All the teams you have spoken about have great squads, they have kept those players together and improved by buying some players.

"Even if they have new managers, they have the same players. They will have new motivation under a new manager, so it will be difficult."

Andre Schurrle is ready to get started with his new club.

He said: "Pressure is always there but I am Andre Schurrle, I want to work hard, improve the team and help them to be successful with the qualities I have and give everything for the club."

And that's it for the press conference today, Mourinho was giving nothing away with regard to Rooney, though he was clearly expecting the question. Crucially though, he didn't rule out a move for the Manchester United man.

Petr Cech made all the right noises but Andre Schurrle wins the day with his quote: "Pressure is always there but I am Andre Schurrle."

Yes you are sir.


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