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  1. I am sorry, but that's just not true. zouma was literally covering for JT and iva's ass through out the first half and setting off fires everywhere. the one time that zouma was caught out of position, mirallas easily went through on goal, JT's positioning was awful in that. he let lukaku run at him a number of times. had lukaku's final balls been decisive, we would have been dead and buried. remember how much space and time lukaku had when he ran at JT and then took that shot early on in the game. after going 2-0 down, he played the way he should have played the whole match
  2. agreed that he was poor, and yet I think he troubled JT no ends. just shows how poor JT has turned.
  3. out of the whole paragraph I wrote, all u coul find was "sometimes". great,
  4. remy played and did give not just the slightest but a whole lot more encouragement than costa during the first 4 months. same goes for RLC in place of either of Oscar or cesc. and yet these players played 95% of the game time. we as fans don't get any pleasures saying these things. but sometimes u have to say it as it is. there was no other logical explanation of the continued inclusion of all the underperformers (iva, costa, cesc, Oscar) than jose's "favouritism" towards his "undroppables". and that has cost us massively. also, comparing baba's performances vs iva's performances thi
  5. probably the reason we cant string 2 PL wins together and that we have conceded 5 goals at home against teams that are in the bottom half of the table. while we are in a relegation battle.
  6. http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20561-17-pedro-rodríguez/?do=findComment&comment=1197847 i can admit when i am wrong. he has looked completely out of his depth. has not adapted the way one would expect an experienced world beater player to adapt. but i am still waiting on your oscar assessment.
  7. not a surprise that he got fired considering he thought iva is the best able to contribute good performances for the team.
  8. GC is a way better option than JT these days. GC does have a problem of backing off but atleast his other aspects of defending are better than JT's has been this season. look at the WBA goals and tell me that our defence line is not simply rooted to their spot and that JT is any different than GC in that aspect. we should be grateful to JT after his pathetic performance and that is discounting the own goal? nah.. thats just the basic minimum that should be expected.
  9. he never dropped iva. iva was injured and even then baba did not get a long term opportunity. we played zouma as a right back. after his injury, iva slotted right in. how is a player supposed to put in a brilliant performance when he plays once every 2 months. baba had this done to him, remy had this done to him. these are humans, not bots. these players deserved extended run. also, when did jose play RLC? under jose RLC's last game was 45 minutes against villa after a whole international break (2 weeks) of running his mouth about RLC being "ready". jose was nothing but a fraud when it ca
  10. while baba has not set the world alight, he has performed okay. none of the goals we have conceded have been direct 100% mistakes of his ability (or rather lack of in iva's case). again, with the same argument? jose used something as silly as "height" to justify his selection. that should be an indicator of the level of his biasness.
  11. so exactly what do u want people to be happy about? we all know JT has got the heart. thats no news. but if his "legs are gone" then he does not belong on the pitch. he has looked a fish out of water since day1 of this season. we need wins. and his performances are not helping.
  12. i bring up oscar as much as someone brings up matic stupidly. the guy was world class last season and has been having a horrible season, but atleast he has the class with him. i dont go off making stupid and OTT predictions about average useless players. saying hiddink > jose is a joke. nothing more. not that jose was ANY good, but that just tells u how shit hiddink has been.
  13. what do u want people to say? that he got owned by lukaku multiple times. that he was so scared of lukaku's physicality and speed that he let him win balls unchallenged and kept backing off? sorry, but a goal does not make everything alright.
  14. remy - what good is a back up striker that is ALWAYS injured when u need him to step up? i dont know if its a co-incidence or some other thing but how many times has it happened that remy has been unavailable when costa is injured. moreover, we need competition for costa. if he wants to half-arse his way thru half the season, let him do that on the bench. pedro - why is that even a question. not good enough. can easily be replaced by kenedy. hell even moses is better. oscar - simple answer. not good enough. not good enough to even be a squad player. RLC can take his spot. JT - h
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