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  1. He's back in training..
  2. He has a chelsea badge on his phone, the guy really cares ...
  3. thats now 16 goals and 15 assists in 34 app in all competition this season..so effective , but we all know mou needs just 10 minutes to judge a player sigh....
  4. Shaan


    I have never seen a no 10 for a big team so bland, technically deficient and unimaginative in his play. If only he was an cosistent goalscorer like lamps i would still had faith in him.. also the no pre-season and tired excuse has also been busted.. yes he is a decent player and has some good qualities (pressing, workrate) but we can surely do better....
  5. He is just winding up..not goona happen.
  6. look really happy here ..hopefully we will see him tomorrow getting few min..
  7. he has been shit...from what i have seen.
  8. pls drop his miserable ass already , inept performance week after week this season making a joke of himself more and more......this shit is not even funny anymore!!
  9. jose should not be sacked he is the best paid manager in the world for a reason pls we shuld support him until we get relegated....
  10. Shaan


    where is the 'Balance' now lmao....
  11. if mikel was a young player i wouldn't think much about it him smirking but he is now a senior team member (more than costa) after over 300 appearance in this club being paid huge amt of money ...maybe iam thinking too harsh but he should act more responsibly.
  12. somebody disrespects the manager and mikel laughs behind his bck.. horrible attitude from both costa & mikel..
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