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  1. Not to mention we beat City three times in 5 weeks in 2021, so the UCL final win wasn´t a one-off like many people claim.
  2. Pretty damning that Pulisic isn´t even the worst finisher of our attackers.
  3. I am done with Pulisic. Lived far too long from his purple patch, back when most team were already on the beach anyway. His miss in the CL final was pretty unbelievable as well.
  4. He obviously enjoys a good season stat-wise, but I think its fair to say his general play regressed in comparison to last season. I expect more from him in that regard.
  5. We are lucky that Arsenal and Spurs still have to play each other and that Spurs have to go to Anfield.
  6. We all knew that was going to happen. Disgraceful.
  7. I think Pulisic is actually the most likely to stay. Ziyech might go to Italy, whereas Werner certainly has bids from Germany.
  8. He is certainly no player to rely on. He might have been better than usual the last few games, but he simply isn´t good enough. He might stay as a squad player, a quite expensive one at that.
  9. He only had that purple patch for six months in 2020. United fans on Redcafe have been doubting him as a player ever since, even more so since the start of this season. The Cantona comparisons didn´t age well..
  10. Of course I would have rather kept him, but you have to accept he is moving on. Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world which is heavily investing again and given the sanctions he is searching for a more stable environment. I will only remember him very fondly, especially for the last two seasons. The positive note is that we got him relatively cheap and probably got his best years out of him. Giving a 29 year old player a big long-term contract might backfire anyway. He relies heavily on his physical attributes and the moment he loses his physical capabilities or we revert to a back
  11. I agree. The problem with Alonso is the fact that he doesn´t have the physical tools to get up and down the wing to execute his technique more often.
  12. One thing is for sure. We need more technical players in the squad. The likes of Alonso, RLC, Werner and so on lower the quality of our possession play big time. Our lack of technique is so obvious especially compared to City or Liverpool.
  13. The fact that we lost isn´t that bad considering the table, but the manner in which we lost this game is. That was embarrassing. We really need to sell the likes of Sarr and RLC.
  14. Player of the season must be him or Rudiger. Probably Rudiger given James has been injured quite some time.
  15. Much improved second half. Now we can basically rest players if required and enjoy all games until the final.
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