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  1. I don´t think it will matter though. We have a nice team, but we probably won´t be competing for the title. City and Liverpool are still ahead of us (technique-wise they are are on another level) and I doubt we are able to keep their pace over the course of 38 games. That being said we will secure a comfortable and good third place, which is not a shame given the quality of our opponents. We have a better chance in the cup competitions.
  2. The longer Solskjaer is their coach the better.
  3. Sarr cost us almost two goals yesterday. Completely misjudged a header and subsequently almost conceded a clumsy penalty. Then few minutes later he completely lost his man just to be saved by Mendy again. Then he lost a header again which led to the bicycle kick which Mendy kept out. Look at the highlights from 1:30 onwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IinThi4xNOw I know it was his first PL start and I don´t want to slate the guy too much (he actually made some good tackles in the first 60 minutes), but I thought his defending in the box was a bit off in the last 30 minutes so I would
  4. Christensen was comfortably better. Sarr got caught out a few times.
  5. Really? I actually thought he had a bad game. Many shaky moments.
  6. Atleast Tuchel took Lukaku off this time.
  7. Was obvious from the start.
  8. 10/10 performance. The perfect shot stopper.
  9. Chelsea: Mendy; Chalobah, Christensen, Sarr; Azpilicueta (c), Loftus-Cheek, Kante, Kovacic, Chilwell; Lukaku, Werner Substitutes: Kepa, Alonso, James, Barkley, Jorginho, Saul, Havertz, Hudson-Odoi, Mount Wow. Sarr starts.
  10. Not to mention our 4 conceded goals.
  11. I suppose some people will be very angry if he gets a top 20 place.
  12. We should have never bought him. We traded our pressing, intensity and build-up for a flat-track bully who looks alien to this team. To add to that, our other attacking players like Havertz won´t flourish next to Lukaku. As bad as our finishing was last season, we created many chances and I thought it was possible the likes of Havertz, Werner, Pulisic upped their game with say 10-15 goals per season which would have been enough. Now our team had to be accomodated and looks completely unbalanced upfront. Granted, he isn´t the only problem in the team right now, but from a player with this price
  13. He turns 26 in about three months. He hasn´t done anything notable in his career and with his technical limitations I doubt his game will get better. As sad as it sounds I think people should accept that he won´t become a starting player at a club.
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