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  1. Havertz can't be shot straight in for me. Werner central with Pulisic and CHO
  2. Liverpool haven't won in ages at home and along come Chelsea.
  3. Absolutely woeful yesterday, what the fuck does he actually do.
  4. AM got what they deserved, constantly diving and acting like twats....screaming every time they went down.
  5. This was a fucking massive win. Do not fear united this weekend.
  6. To put a slightly negative spin on things and I don't like to do so, but something has to be done with Mendy and his first touch, it's woeful, his second touch is a tackle.
  7. The better side all over the park, dead simple. The Lampard experiment is well and truly gone, we look much more an organised side and a more together unit.
  8. It's OK that Rashford dived, he feeds kids.
  9. Fuck him off to Bayern if his attitude is shite, dead simple.
  10. That was shit today, but we didn't lose. but I will say this again, if we have Tammy Abraham and Alonso on the same team next year we deserve everything we get. Tammy is woeful and Alonso is exactly the same.
  11. Big goal for him this was, he can kick on from this, and despite all of this he was smiling throughout the drought.
  12. He was fucking awful last night, I'm starting to wonder what he actually does apart from whip balls in
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