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  1. Another great away day salvaged, glad they stayed up.
  2. I'm alright with Emerson coming back we need a top quality LB with Emerson as a bench option.
  3. Glad the season is closing out now, football to watch is lifeless. There is some players need showing the door, Havertz I include in that.
  4. Great result at just the right time. Dan James wants shooting.
  5. Do not fancy this at all tonight, their crowd will be all over us and the atmosphere will be stinging.
  6. Outside Frankies bar, will post the pictures later.
  7. Nah, just asked him if things are happening, he said it already was and that transfers already been spoken about. I said we need to be champions again, he said "I will do mu utmost" "it's go time"
  8. Met him after the game on Sunday, spoke to him for a few minutes.
  9. Went to the game, met Boehly, had a great time and somehow my lad appeared on CFC's Twitter and now my timeline has gone mental
  10. HAAHHHAAAAA class loved it.. The press slating us for losing after being 3-0 up but City concede 2 in 60 seconds and then go out Get out Pep
  11. Told everyone I knew yesterday we would lose this, absolutely bang certainty it was. Dreadful performance, compounded by Spurs and Arsenal all winning.
  12. Travelling four hours on the train and going to this game. My little lads first Chelsea game, can't wait.
  13. Our forwards....dear me. Dominated that game and once again gifted them a point. We won't win at Everton either.
  14. Different levels last night.
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