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  1. Murders on in here...fetch Lukaku back asap.
  2. The press is full Lukaku tonight....here we go
  3. And still can't get the Kounde deal done....what a fuck on.
  4. Last resort for Kane and I don't blame him, done everything for them and now it's his turn to stick the middle finger up.
  5. Confirmed by Romano, not even related to COVID19 test as claimed,,,he just wants out and Levy is being a cunt.
  6. I hope Kane kicks up a complete stink and says to Levy I have had enough...He's served Spurs unbelievably well and for them to try and force him to stay is shite, let him go to City and stop being cunts..you'll get your money, a big wedge and let him leave. As for us we need to move, Kounde will come 100% without Zouma, we will get him. The striker is a huge, huge priority I don't care what anyone says. If we think we can stumble through the season with Havertz and Werner then be prepared for not a sniff at the PL title.
  7. Supposedly reducing the Tammy price and looking very likely that Emerson will be sold too. Something is happening....it's about to go off I'm telling you.
  8. Looks like we are pushing Inter for Lukaku.
  9. Don't worry about Kounde, it's getting sorted.
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