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  1. What a win that was, Mount was sublime again.
  2. Sublime again today, energy to burn and make us tick.
  3. Class performance, good win based on the fact Liverpool got lucky again.
  4. Thought Kovacic was really good. But the Mount goal was fucking world class.
  5. Great win, not a great performance though. The two German boys poor again.
  6. That was a blatant pen on Wellbeck, not even looked at......corrupt isn't even in it.
  7. All on TT this one, rested too many players and starting players like Jorginho is laughable. We need to replace Mendy in the summer, he is laughable.
  8. Must start Havertz here, he's on the up.
  9. We need to fetch Lukaku home fuck Haaland.
  10. Mount is twice the player Oscar was/is, Oscar was massively overrated, his name was bigger than him. Mount is controlling things for Chelsea and England, imagine that
  11. We won't be selling Timo and Kai anytime soon.
  12. International break, fucking great.
  13. Bamford coming here as a back up is a stupid thought. He's a player that is trying to play, not be benched.
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