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  1. Leeds have just 3 wins in 15 games. Phillips out, possibly Bamford. Raphinha will be huge threat for our left side. Really hope at least one MF is back.
  2. Ok, something positive. 2 goals and 1 assist for Timo. Best outfield player today. Deserves to start against Leeds with Kai and Ziyech.
  3. 2nd part of this sentence I agree. First part no. 3atb system is never sustainable in the long run. During summer after we won CL the way we played I dont think that can survive long run and I warned about this. Kepa winning 3 shootouts saved us in 2 competitions. James and Chilwell really step up this season and other defenders with goals. This is our saving grace this season. You can survive with it in knockout system, in the league not likely.
  4. I compared them results wise!!!
  5. I praised him a lot this year. I am like that I like to praise but I also like to criticize.
  6. Taking Ross off was mistake. I thought Mount will join Reece in pivot but he stayed up so RJ was left alone.
  7. We had many happy escapes this season. 3 times won on pens, Brentford, Watford... This time did not happened.
  8. Not saying even if those bad results happen he should be sacked, in fact would not even consider that this season. But I said results wise it would be the same.
  9. He preferred prime Nainggolan who had best season of his career in 16/17 and Vidal. Also Alex Sandro, VVD... Lukaku over Morata who suits his system... Btw I am not blaming anyone for poor summer 2017 transfer window. Club could also not do anything because none of them wanted to come here.
  10. I say how it is... RDM was bought in mid season won CL and FA Cup. Started season well, but after horrid run in November he was sacked. Not saying this is going to happen again, but it is the fact that if TT lose 2 or 3 more games in December he will be in the same position. I rate him and I hope this does not happens. Also dont call plastic someone who barely missed Chelsea game in 20 years...
  11. People will focus on Sarr but Chris was horrid today.
  12. He is just a couple of bad results away (which we always have in December) from being basically the same as RDM... And we have no easy games... All these dodgy mid table teams coming and Klopp, Pep and Conte in January... Next 2 months are massive for TT. Also 2 trophies on the line in February.
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