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  1. You can call him number 8 but last 15 months he is not even a number 10 but more of a winger/striker (I mean TT said we play with 3 strikers). If we go back to 433 and he is in MF would he be able to score more than 5 or 6 goals? For England he plays there and scores rarely. Also going with comparison with Lampard logic did Oscar become better player than Frank based on his first 2 or 3 seasons at Chelsea? And another very important argument about Mount how many other clubs fans you know who rate him? When England plays fans always criticise him, and when you go to other clubs forums or commen
  2. Put some context into it. 9 of 10 goals came against lower level PL teams. Assists majority from set pieces. Games like this just prove my point. Take out worst teams we face during the season and set pieces his contribution is close to zero. We played 6 competitions this season and he only contributed in PL but not against top10 (top12) teams. When you say about inconsistencies you sound like he is good in 80% of games and bad in 20%. It is completely the opposite.
  3. Christensen never proved in 4atb system. He has just been protected by system. In Barca it will be the same with 75% possession.
  4. Moved to Amsterdam, didn't watch any games last month or so. Looks like it's better that way.
  5. Too good for Chelsea. We don't deserve him.
  6. If you are Chelsea fan and like MM you really don't deserve anything as a football fan.
  7. Bad excuse for a football player. Never rated him. He tricked many.
  8. No where near Kepa. Never was.
  9. Two amazing open play assists in a row. Has this ever happened?
  10. Juventus last 4 season eliminated by: Ajax, Lyon, Porto, Villarreal. They are so far away from top European clubs. And they push for Super League while they cannot beat teams that would not even play there
  11. Things change quickly. Now he is delivering constantly. 3g in last 4 starts. Plus Cup final was good game, robbed for assist. First on a team sheet at the moment after Havertz in attack.
  12. Benfica in quarter final and winner of Atletico:Villarreal in semis
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