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  1. Btw he already managed 3 assists this season in PL after just 5 games which is his highest assists record in the league for us.
  2. Who can stop us in CL? This PSG side does not impress me at all.
  3. Two of Havertz, Mount, Zieych should never play together behind Lukaku. We dont have pacy wing backs as well. One of these 3 players should play with one of faster ones Werner, Pulisic, CHO. Today I feel I have been proven right about many things: 1. People dont need to worry about Kepa. 2. Alonso over Ben for LWB role since TT is here from day one easily which I have been saying. 3. Set pieces. I knew Mount was taken off from set pieces in the end of last season but with no Chilwell, James and Zieych did not know even Alonso and CHO are ahead of him... He was ta
  4. Amazing all season, what a player. No surprise no one wants to be our 4th guy if Kova at this level is 3rd. These 3 monster players will share minutes in a long season cannot see Saul getting much. Early days but if there is some sort of fight for that 4th spot Gallagher is light years ahead of Saul, Gilmour but again he is too good for that.
  5. Played part in both goals, typical Alonso performance. Have no idea why people are asking for Ben...
  6. Kepa James Chris Chalobah CHO Most fit of our 3 MF monsters Saul Chilwell Ziyech Werner Pulisic
  7. I have been saying for months we can break 15 goals record from that season. For now 5 games and only 1 pen conceded. @OhForAGreavsie said no chance. I wonder what he thinks now? This team does not look like conceding any...
  8. James played for Chris that game. Dont get me wrong we have good defense almost in any lineup but the one I mentioned is number one. Azpi and Chris and better defensively than James and it is not even close.
  9. Great 2nd half, I always felt MF three of Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic did not have last word after Sarri left. In 352 they can also work great! Silva, Alonso, Kova, Kante all masterclass performance. Defensively Chris-Silva-Rudi is our best lineup with Azpi RWB. We used this against Real and this is by far best option for biggest games, should have used it in Liverpool also, in the end James costed us. At this point it is on us to lose title, we are number one favorites.
  10. A couple of times against Liverpool and Zenit he did not made a pass when he should and it looks like TT noticed this and told him about it so today he was not selfish and did good but 2 players known for lacking ability in finishing let him down.
  11. We have so many academy players in the squad yet for me 3 most exciting berely even played for the first team. Livramento and Gallagher didn't officially yet and Anjorin just some random minutes.
  12. Scored in Europa League great goal against Marseille after coming from the bench. Also @ZAPHOD2319you have some job to do by moving some players from current squad to on loan and opposite.
  13. What can thief do with those medals? If he tries to sell them hopefully they will find him.
  14. Nothing to do with Dortmund tho. Once Raiola asked for his numbers it never came to speaking with Dortmund.
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