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  1. lol, it’s a ridiculous VAR decision but love it when it’s against Scumpool.
  2. This is diabolical, I’m not here to gloat but the fact that I can watch all EPL games for equivalent less than £30 for the whole season in my place shows how ridiculous the FA treat local UK viewers.
  3. Liverpool got spanked by the team that barely survived relegation by dodgy VAR, karma is a bitch.
  4. A second before I hit the sent button[emoji29]
  5. The mighty Klopp’s team are losing 1-5? That can’t be possibly right. [emoji57]
  6. Just realize the ref is the motherfucking Anthony Taylor. It’s ridiculous how he’s still qualified to referee the best league in the world.
  7. Lamela is just a Grade A++ cunt, but it’s kinda hilarious that United is the receiving end.
  8. Like watching another United-Brighton game, sadly I can see Citeh will win it at the end.
  9. No, he’s been good for few matches already. My Havertz comment was not based on this match only, he’s been gradually better and better after settling.
  10. Likewise, have a nice day too and stop nit picking who should take the penalty it’s not good for your mood. [emoji3060]
  11. You can also say they were fatigued in the second half to give us more space to move and pass, based on the first half’s effort.
  12. Really? Did he say it was shit first half? It takes time to wear out a double decker. Simple as that.
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