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  1. Seems like we bought the wrong player from Napoli. Allan looks so much better than the sideways passer
  2. Just hope Lamps doesn't try to be too clever and sticks with our best formation and our best team. Please no back 5 Maybe just surprise them with Pulisic on the flank and Werner upfront.
  3. Still remains to be seen if Lampard now keeps playing the same formation or does he switch again to a back 5 or something like that vs the bigger sides. Otherwise the decisive moment of the season could be that last 15 minutes of the Krasnodar game.
  4. Seems like Lamps has no clue what hes doing. Shame because of played some offensively brilliant stuff at the beginning of last season, and that with a lot weaker squad.
  5. Embarassing to start Christensen yet again. Shocking decision.
  6. Go for Rice aswell, fuck it. This is our summer, our time.
  7. Totally proven me wrong, looking like an absolute gem of a player at the moment. Just hope he can stay healthy and do it on a more consistent basis now. That finish was a perfection. Hazard used to miss those kinds of chances often.
  8. Nobody will get into this team before N'golo Kante, was absolutely outstanding again. If only we had a decent centre-back this team would be miles more solid defensively. I think every CB dreams of having Kante in front him shielding the back 4. Christensen is trash, and Rüdiger is just mentally not at the level needed.
  9. Fucking Christensen again, just when you think hes gone.
  10. Had our best run of the season with Zouma and Tomori starting. Suddenly now one is on the bench and the other one is not even there.
  11. My word our centre-backs are an utter shite. Absolutely terrible. Hell Frank set us up to be defensive and still they put 3 past us with ease.
  12. I meant United's second goal. Btw that is a ridiculous decision, what can the bloke do? He plays it with his shoulder, arm by the side.
  13. Did they even check the second goal for offside? Haven't seen any lines being drawn and stuff.
  14. Took his goal briliantly today. Have to admit maybe its time to bring him back to starting XI. After all he was a part of the team that made that winning run and did well against Spuds both times. Emerson is a disappointment this season and Azpi just can't play LB.
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