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  1. Does anyone have a link to the full trophy presentation? Thx in advance
  2. Kante left out. Great decision. Costa should have been left out also.
  3. These are the games that we usually beat arsenal 2:1 any other day. Just didn't happen this time. Not gonna act like it doesn't mean anything but it's not the end of world either. I'm less optimistic about the start of the season as I was before, especially with costa's constant struggles and us not looking fit and ready. Hopefully I'm wrong and we'll start blazing in the PL.
  4. The fat Georgie is actually the best football fan on these YouTube channels. You should check him out and especially the earlier Chelsea videos where we were playing good. I recommend u find the video on United vs Chelsea at old trafford. Rips the ref a new one.Ecstatic about the win. At this point in time I couldn't care less how we do it as long as we're champions. Five years has been way too long.
  5. No CL or midweek games to worry about. Hopefully we get our Mojo back and end the season on a high.
  6. That first half was a disgrace but second half we were fuckin brilliant. Applying pressure, closing down spaces, winning headers and really determined to get the 3 points but Foster came up with some great saves. In all honesty, southampton deserved that point. We've been on a dire streak as far as our performances go but still plenty to look forward too. Upmost trust in Jose. He wants that title more then any of us.
  7. I know he's made plenty mistakes for us but the guy always gave everything for the shirt and never said a sour word about us after he left. On top of that we've made significant profit. Maybe some of us need to tone it down with the disrespect.
  8. Zone


    You must' have been watching a different game. He was brilliant and did his job perfect while Matic was marauding forward. Misplaced a couple of passes but harassed Evertons midfield and had a few key interceptions which started our counters. Great game by ramires. Nice to have him back. Fought like a bulldog just a shame that he got a needless yellow.
  9. We've been raped everytime by him when facing Newcastle. I enjoy watching his game, relentless running and determination. Would absolutely love him at the club for any position.
  10. No matter how shit we were that was a brilliant center forward performance by young Harry Kane. That's all for now.
  11. Zone

    Eden Hazard

    What a shower of shit these last few pages. Hopefully, he'll start a scoring spree in the games coming up. The way he's been playing lately deserves praise all around the world. An immense player we've got on our hands.
  12. .Disgusting comment, really. That has to be devistating to the kid. Hope he can come out of this mentally and physically.
  13. I stand corrected. Aston villa away was the 1:0 (no nonsense goal that day tho)
  14. We never lead that game. Lost 1:0 to a nonsense penalty.
  15. Player seems fired up ready to go. That's exactly what we need. Great squad number also. Hope he'll feature in tomorrow's game, although I highly doubt it.
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