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  1. Did we really need a diluted blurb like that just to be first to post Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  2. Oh. I'll look up the whole 99/100 thing; find how many Serie A seasons there have been, and how many of those seasons were won by the best defence in the league. TalkChelsea members live the most fascinating lives.
  3. Contrary to LAM's reply, yeah. It's always talked about throughout Serie A circles since it consistently happens, that the tightest defence wins the title. It probably takes effort to look up*, but if anyone did, they'd see that time, and time, and time, and time, and time again, in a row, the Serie A league winners have the fewest goals conceded; it takes an absolute freak of nature to create an exception to the rule. *(Just checked - 14 seasons out of the last 15, the rule I posted applies.) Although it's a lazy name, Serie A hasn't been branded 'the defensive league' for decades f
  4. Excuse me? Don't talk out of your arse; and learn some expressions like '99 times out of 100'. Honestly. It barely takes a second to find a top Serie A manager alluding to the fact himself - https://www.football-italia.net/89146/allegri-‘best-defence-wins-scudetto’ In the past 15 years, how many seasons did the league winners not have the fewest amount of conceded goals? - 1 season. And it was by a single goal.
  5. It's only just hit me that Conte's intention's been to set us up like his Italian national side, not his Juventus side.
  6. And, if Milan can keep Romagnoli/Bonucci/Calabria next season, they retain what's currently and surely still to be the best defence in the league. Remembering, that the team with the least goals conceded has won Serie A 99 times out of 100.
  7. He needs to be in contention for manager of the season. 13 games unbeaten; 6 clean sheets in their last 6 games (including 210+ minutes vs. the highest scoring team in the league over 2 legs). Undisputed best manager of the season if they win the cup vs. Juventus & secure a CL spot, the latter which mostly requires beating a streaky but fitter Inter in a few days. Most of the season was very depressing for AC Milan fans. It's good for them to have big games now that actually mean something, vs. Juventus, Inter & Arsenal.
  8. His face when he scored is why I wanted him gone. Absolutely ego driven, more than anyone I can think of. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. Pressure makes diamonds. And causes hoses to explode.
  10. Not used today. Struggling to establish himself now as Rodgers struggles (well, ultimately failed) in Europe, amounting different pressures on him. Then, the fact Rangers are just 9 or so points behind despite vastly different budgets etc - he's being squeezed to play the true Celtic players who'll be there beyond next season. Otherwise he faces even more heat from Celtic supporters for nurturing a player which isn't even theirs. If they hadn't been whooped by Zenit, I think the rest of this loan would've gone incredibly. Now, I think it'll simply be an average loan. I think it'll
  11. Technically there's not much different between Morata & Zaza - except the latter would've had more experience, and stood up more. Edit: Well shit, there's only 1 year between them.
  12. Martial doesn't suit this new Marcel name the commentator's given him.
  13. Hazard sometimes needs a fucking ping on the forehead Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  14. We will never be great with Morata. Bad signing all considered. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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