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  1. His passion for the club is needed on the pitch. Sometimes you have that one average player that bleeds blue and inspires the rest of the team with his sheer effort and desire. Liverpool has Henderson for this, Manutd had Anderson, they always play even though they are average. We just have to improve other areas of the pitch technically.
  2. I hope he starts looking for forward passes instead of passing backwards every time, if not he risks losing his place to Hudson Odoi who is more daring in space in this 3-4-2-1 formation.
  3. Best game from him in a while. Nice to see
  4. Fantastic goal. Undeserved lead but we'll take it. Nice to see Mount being clinical in the box, he will do well to keep his place in the England team ahead of Foden and Grealish. Werner has been fantastic today.
  5. I hate all our creative players. I was one of the first that was never impressed with Havertz too. Only Ziyech has the talent to be on that level but we will see. Chelsea as a club has gone down from challenging for the league because we have been satisfied with not having absolute quality as our creative midfielder like Lampard and Hazard
  6. I hope Mount watched the performance of Foden and sees the level required for the creative role in a big team. Its not just about energy and running, Foden has that and also adds quality passes, shooting and dribbling in the box.
  7. The drop off from all the new signings compared to when they were in their previous clubs is alarming. Lampard has to do something and fast. The quote below in bold is spot on. If one attacker does not adapt well, you could attribute it to differences between leagues, a shift in style and a lack of time. If two very different attackers flop, you could blame freakish bad luck. If three of them bomb, it becomes less luck and more of a system issue. Some of these numbers have not just declined, they have absolutely cratered even when accounting for the mitigating factors. And this
  8. This debate is an interesting perspective of what happened in the match. Do the experienced players take charge and decide that things are not working and call teamates to come back and sit deep. Or is it the managers fault for not saying anything or making any tactical changes when his team is being battered for 20 mins straight?
  9. Looking at the tactical performance of Chelsea just annoys me. See how we were destroyed in the middle with city players occupying spaces between the lines. Just pure tactical schooling
  10. Look at the quality and calmness Gilmour brings into the team when he came on. How people like Mount have been starting over him is a mystery to me. We only create chances from the wingers/fullbacks because our midfield looks devoid of creativity and we have someone like Gilmour who is fantastic at passing between the lines not playing
  11. Damn.... After laughing at them for so long this season. This would hurt
  12. This is a manager that wants a player, knows his weaknesses and has a plan on how to improve them to the benefit of his team. Ours just looks like we liked some YouTube videos and paid 50mil
  13. This just means that if a team has time to work out the weaknesses of our tactics, we find it hard to win. We don't have tactical plans of our own.
  14. Yes I know Werner has so many weaknesses. I'm one of the most blunt Chelsea fans you can meet as I say things the way I see it. Werner's first problem is his terrible first touch (Lukaku levels) which even affects his first time shooting. He has major problems but the system of play we employ is a disaster for Werner. I saw a stat that Bruno Fernandes has played more through passes this season than the whole Chelsea team combined. How does a player who lives on the shoulder of the last defender survive without balls through the middle?
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