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  1. so by your logic Ighalo should be able to to score for fun for a team like Man City right? Javi Guerra should be able to score for fun for a team like Real Madrid right?
  2. no you said its easier to score for top teams. you are confused LOL
  3. please explain how i am making look like Kane only scores against crap teams? stop embarrassing yourself, you are sound like Kane is your boyfriend right now. and i will ask you again what is your explanation for Kane going on a run of 1 goal in 12 game?
  4. this is such stupid logic! we are talking about Club football! if international teams were put in leagues based on ability, Faroe islands would be in League 2 and Brazil and Spain would be in the PL! such awful logic!
  5. Costa scored one of our best goals this season against Maccabi, yeah he just scores tap ins right? Costa won us the game yesterday, and you talk about him missing a couple of chances! this tells me all i need to know about you
  6. so by your logic Aguero, Suarez and Lewandowski cant be considered as some of the best strikers in the world as they play for top teams and as you say its so much easier to score for top teams.
  7. please explain what these excuses are??? and what is your explanation for Kane scoring 1 goal in 12 games??? was he just doing a Torres impression for our entertainment?
  8. and he scored the winner for us! Kane should have had hattrick today, players miss chances, but give a striker like Costa good service he will score.
  9. Hazard isnt a goalscorer with Hazard i have always cared more about performances and his creativity over goals/ Costa has 4 goals this season, i havent made excuses for him! i have said he has been in bad form and also stated facts like other then the Norwich game we simply dont create chances for him! feed Costa and he will score. Simple. and you bought Costa into this not me! i have not been comparing Costa to Kane as Costa has proven himself over the years to clearly be the better striker, fact is you are getting excited and making a fool of yourself because Kane scored past the mighty Ande
  10. even with how bad Chelsea have been this season and how few chances we have created for Costa this season he never went through a spell as bad as 1 goal in 12 games!
  11. how can i admit that i am wrong when i havent been proved wrong??? LOL are you going to ignore how Kane went on a run of 1 goal in 12 games? and now because he scored 4 goals past Villa and Bournemouth and 2 against West Ham who were dreadful you are getting excited like he just scored 5 goals past Barcelona! its embarrassing! and are any big clubs interested in Lukaku yet?
  12. how LOOL???? he has 9 goals in 17 games 1 in the Europa League and 4 against two of the worst teams in the league (Villa & Bournemouth)! yeah i have really been proven wrong! have a word with yourself!
  13. Champions League! is a higher level then international friendlies and qualifiers LOOL! oh wait so you actually think its easier to score for top teams then it is for crap teams??? so by your logic then players like Suarez, Aguero, Lewandowski and Benzema cant be among the best strikers in the world as they all play for good teams, so players like Ighalo, Agirretxe and Javi Guerra must be among the best striker in the world as they play for crap teams!
  14. Costa has scored more goals at a higher level then Lukaku and for better teams, and since when does Costa hide? he missed chances yesterday and kept going and ended up scoring the winner! Lukaku runs away when faced with competition!
  15. yeah Lukaku would walk into the Chelsea team this is a guy who got scared to compete with Torres and Ba and then when Benteke got injured and was out of the WC Lukaku still couldnt get a starting spot in the Belgium team! he couldnt even handle competition from Origi! and you think he would walk into our team! If Torres and Ba scare him, Costa and Remy would give him nightmares.
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