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  1. If they are to offload him it will be this summer doubt we will be interested in Lewadowski next summer also can't really see Bayern go in this season without a real striker.
  2. They gonna need to offload Lewadowski and his huge wages, coupled with the many renewals players are refusing to sign and the huge Raiola fee, doubt he goes there to be honest.
  3. Liverpool and Juventus don't have the money needed for this, can't say for certain but doubt Haaland will waste his career in France and already played in Bundesliga, it's really United who are in for him but Glazzers might not approve the money needed for this transaction especially now with Raiola and Pogba situation.
  4. It's better for us to stay put and wait for Haaland next season if nothing happens now, Real will focus on Mbappe, City will get Kane, Barcelona is broke, United might not be able to spend that much on him with the Glazzers in charge, so we will have a very good chance to pull it off.
  5. Looks like Livramento is being punished for not signing an extension, didn't he win the Academy player of the year? I see no reason for why he was left out of the pre season.
  6. Varane may not deliver to what we think he should but he is still an upgrade on Lindelof, could've done with his experience considering Thiago will leave in a season but it is what it is.
  7. Personally I hope we get Tchoumani and call it a summer, I feel like we missed the boat with some attainable targets like Sancho, Varane which would've improved us and made up for the lack of a world class striker, now it feels late in the game and I hope we don't panic buy for the sake of it. I trust Tuchel to get us Top 4 and win the continental cups with what he has at his disposal but I feel like we let him down in backing him.
  8. Shouldn't Livramento be in pre season with the team as well?
  9. As of now Top 4, Super cup and FIFA World Club I'd say, might change my mind depending who we get.
  10. I feel like to many reports talking about a big offer to just be a bluff at this point, if we do actually go ahead and pay the 150 I reckon they will end up selling him.
  11. I'd keep CHO for squad depth unless we get a very good offer for him.
  12. Mount is probably the worst player on the field but somehow he is still on. I hope Italy nick it, England playing some cowardly football and shouldn't be awarded.
  13. This is really sad, he is one of the most boring players in tennis history and his luck is apparently never ending.
  14. Not sure that 90min source is worth anything.
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