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  1. I agree with everything you said but that avatar you have is making me angry for some petty reasons I know.
  2. Lukaku already completed his hattrick of thumbs up this half, 3 more in the second half incoming.
  3. Needed Spurs to get Top 4? He came in while most of us already gave up on Top 4, he brought us back in it, we had some issues but he showed his absolute class last season. It's pretty obvious the players in his attack are the fault not him, Ziyech, CHO and Pulisic are wildly inconsistent and unreliable while Lukaku is pure shit, no matter which manager comes in it will be the same.
  4. Dembele on a free wouldn't be bad, get rid of one of our wingers and let him take his place, at the end of the day either he is the same bust as the one who leaves or he gives us more.
  5. Nevermind looks like they won.. Here we go again with the must win games.
  6. Goal Tottenham, but at least they dropped points. It's better if they don't come into the match with us with a lose you never know..
  7. Could've at least donated the money spent on him to charity instead of donating it to this clown.
  8. Hopefully they settle it and forgive each other when they'll need to play together at Newcastle.
  9. At least we didn't lose, at this point all we can do is limit the damage and hope we finish Top 4.
  10. Joke of a player at it's finest, I'm not watching anymore if he starts against Tottenham.
  11. Why? Lukaku wants a back 4 so we must comply.
  12. Sub Lukaku and Ziyech off maybe we can still save the points.
  13. Benching on of our most talented players in the squad for that dud. If Lukaku puts a single foot wrong I'm turning it off, sick of him.
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