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  1. Here we go again, not wanting to spend the extra 10 mil for De Ligt and going for the cheap average one.
  2. It's dead, at this point forget him.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me, if we get that average Ake. Would sum up us perfectly if we do.
  4. This actually confirms Lukaku was shoved down Tuchel's throat. Disgusting if so.
  5. Let's hope he wasn't as much of a fan like Romulus.
  6. Ah shit, was getting my hopes up for De Ligt looks like were already moving to someone else in case this doesn't happen, doubt we get both.
  7. I'm not suffering from anything you're just delusional enough to believe him scoring a couple tap ins against some farmers means he contributed. He missed 3-4 more clear chances and if he didn't start we would've won 4-0 both matches, he hampered both games with his medieval touches and finger pointing. Move already to the Inter forum and spare us from that trash.
  8. The issue I have with not getting Dembele is that we might spunk out the money on Richarlison which would be a nightmare.
  9. He is extending with Barcelona most likely. Shame because we need someone like him badly but with his attitude I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.
  10. Romulus did nothing to help us win those trophies, if anything this fraud should be happy he left us with a World Club medal he will never sniff another one in his life. As a matter of fact we went out against Real Madrid because this clown couldn't score an easy tap in with his head.
  11. Hope we pay over the odds for De Ligt instead of buying Ake or Kounde and ask ourselves in 2 years why we got them.
  12. Not surprised Cech got sacked as well, everyone need to take it's fair share of punishment for buying that talentless hacker. It's because of people like him and Drogba, Marina pulled the trigger to buy that elephant. I still remember Drogba bigging this clown up after he got transferred.
  13. Everyone in the juventus forum laughing at the Werner swap and call it bullshit media, doubt it happens.
  14. For De Ligt? Why not offer Jorginho, Ziyech?
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