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  1. About fucking time.... ''Accidental handball that leads to a goal-scoring chance or a goal for a team-mate will no longer be penalised, say football's law makers. Ifab confirmed the change on Friday, saying it was because of the "interpretation of handball incidents" not being applied consistently. Fulham lost to Tottenham as Josh Maja was denied a goal as Davinson Sanchez's clearance flew into Mario Lemina's arm. The change is likely to be introduced in England from 1 July.'' The body also clarified its interpretation of the offside law, saying the definition for hand
  2. Klippety has lost the plot -just said we 'had one chance and scored, but Liverpool had loads of chances'. Oh dear
  3. Immense win. Confidence builder - now lets beat Everton. Onward and upward.
  4. Need two results against the Mersey scum now
  5. Clearance smashed by Sancho three yards away. His arm is by his side, if it hits his hip, thigh any other part of him its a goal. Most stupid decision/rule ever
  6. Would hardly call them shit. Still champions of the most difficult league. That just makes us look crap if we dont win doesnt it ? We probably will be doing that
  7. No way he'll go to the Theatre of Shit either. Keane deliberately snapping his dads leg in what is probably the worst tackle in football history will probably sway him away
  8. He'll listen to his dad as well -...who played for Citeh
  9. This seems like a good news source - it is created by the public using multiple news sources and things like google earth to bring true reporting News - bellingcat
  10. Lol looking at the 'penalty incident' again. The VAR ref from Manchester wanted it and the pitch ref said no. Gary Neville on Sky also was annoyed because a penalty wasnt given to Yernited for Green woods handball. They can both suck it up.
  11. A MAN who pretends to like football in order to impress other men has found his enjoyment of it unaffected by the ban on live crowds. Stephen Malley introduces himself as a Man Utd fan, despite the notable handicaps of living 150 miles from the stadium and not fully understanding the offside rule. Malley said: “I don’t see the appeal of a packed ground on match day, the menu is always disappointing and you can never find an usher when the chap in front keeps standing up. “Some say I’m less of a fan, just because I don’t enjoy the excessive noise and unsettling macho energy of th
  12. We need to be two up to win this as its in the United/FA contract to have their obligatory penalty
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