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  1. I remember studying about this many years ago at University -and the role of radio broadcasts in dehumanising. The propaganda slowly built up and in the end the broadcasts were referring to Tutsis as rats, insects etc. This is common in all massacres/genocides the dehumanising of opponents into sub human entities.
  2. Hopefully TT fires a rocket up their arses at HT
  3. Potters a good manager but we will be too good for them
  4. Brighton pretty hard to unlock -but we will do it
  5. Souness on Sky saying ''Liverpool fans will never forgive their yank owner Henry...and theres no way back for him'' but ''Abramovich had good sense, and actually GOES to matches ''
  6. Thy will grant us that, but they also know the Abramovich gang like glazers, Henry, Kroenke Levy are greedy fuckers
  7. No they welcome us back with open arms - our owner and Buck the fuck made a mistake -
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