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  1. how many times have i said this "we've got fucked again from the 2nd half koick off"
  2. Not only him allegdly Christensen is stalling over a new contract, wtf is it with Chelsea's central defenders?
  3. MoM their fucking keeper it'd been 5 or 6-1 but for him
  4. The minute I see the pundits preview I knew we we're going to lose. Espescialy Joey Cole all he/they did was say how easy it would be, and Chels will lay the ground work to finish top of the group. I said start with Dave and Alonso as WB's, then during the game was screaming ffs put on Chilwell and CHO,... Tommy did and we didn't fare any better only confirmed what I said at the start Chilly aint a WB. CHO fared a little bit better but he is still not the answer for RWB. It was only a couple of weeks ago the media were saying "just look at the strength in the Chelsea squad" I di
  5. How many times have we been asleep at the start of the 2nd half
  6. Saturday shitty had all the possesion and we never had a shot on tatrget. Now we have all the possesion and we still can't get a shot on target. I said at the start no way Chilwell and CHO... now i'm saying ffs get tehm on.
  7. CHO is a forward no more than that. And Chilwell is a Full back no more than that.
  8. This was a game as a marker to see how far we had come, and to see if we could be challengers for the title. We failed miserably it showed just how superior shitty are and destined for the title yet again whilst we battle it out for 2nd with VictimPool and Manure. We need WB's left and right, sadly Chilwell isn't up to the job he's just a LB, and we can't play Dave as a RWB and whatsmore Dave and Alonso left and right is a disaster, maybe against lower teams but against top quality we need top quality. And what is the point of paying all that money for Rom if not going to feed h
  9. Don't agree mate, we need to show we've really arrived and are their match and beat them, 'cos we can. KTBFFH
  10. Mendy Dave - Thiago - Rudi RJ - Jorginho - Kante - Kovacic - Alonso Havertz - Rom
  11. OMG he really is a disaster. Gotta get rid of, that's if there's anyone to take him.
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