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  1. Me too!!! i'm with you 100% on this
  2. More or less bruv Watch City on Sky, and us on mac, with Vesper
  3. Do I watch this nothing game and record the City game ? Or say fuck it and just watch City, I can't record our game? Someone make my mind up for me
  4. Yes we did, it was also his signing on fee and his agent's fee, I don't know the figures, but CFC refused to pay them...right as well.
  5. No way Dave we need him. and just let's get this fucking season over, we've had so much shit to put up with
  6. i'm off to watch the horror film, as if i've not been watching one
  7. Fuck me Pulisic how did you miss that a fucking open goal
  8. How right you are.. Just look at Hazard.
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