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  1. Win this and we are guaranteed to finish at least fourth, and the ECL next season. Will be great to beat this lot, especially after they robbed us in the last cup final
  2. I would have hoped more assistance from the Wembley and the FA and FL. They created merry hell about ESL, but fuck all about the numptys at EUFA, god I fucking hate that organisation.
  3. Since his injury he's become a dud. Sorry don't want him back here.
  4. I'm nervous about this match, still hopeful though. The reason being Real are not shit, they're not the Real of old admittedly, but they are still formidable. I would say to those that are writing them off, be wary, we don't want to be dismissing them it'll come back and bite us on the arse. KTBFFH
  5. Yeah but wasn't that the game with Ovrebo in charge????
  6. Draw this 0-0 and win the return 1-0
  7. Feed up with all this about the ESL. Win this game we can go 3rd. Please don't be the CFC of previous attempts. KTBFFH
  8. Are you really sure about your comments? So you think RA got rid of Conte and we are in a worse state because of it, I think you need a realist implant
  9. What's all this bollocks on BBC, don't they know there's 2 teams today, but it's all about Shitty
  10. Ver very diappointed with the result, thought we had done enough 'til that freak shinner goal, so we lost the tie. That is now in the last four games won two lost two, lose to Shitty Saturday and thats lost three won two of the last five games, that for me is totally unacceptable. As for Real in spite of having Ramos and Varane missing still solid at the back and they will be available for the semi's And as for the ageing midfield as i though they were, they still look impressive, this aint gonna be as easy as I first thought, I say easy but what I mean is we could be quietly co
  11. Game on Leicester lost, Spuds lost. Third will be ours
  12. Can't make my mind up... Do i want west ham to win, they go above us but leicester remain closer leicester to win they go further from us, but west ham stay below us. A draw west ham stay below us and leicester only go one point further from us. Methinks a draw after consideration.
  13. I like him, I think he'll come good if given time. I just ask other folk to do this, and not write him off after one season.
  14. Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has asked Blues owner Roman Abramovich to use Germany forward Timo Werner, 25, as part of a swap deal to try to sign Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. (Sunday Express)
  15. This is the worrying time, apart from the 2 mentioned, there's only Kane an Lewandowski that's any good out there and we're never gonna get either of them. There really is a shortage of decent strikers.
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