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  1. Nope! I hope and think it's going to be as per V Pool, definately want Timo up front again, Pulisic aint ready for a start yet. Thiago in as much as I like him, as regards to breaking up the back 3, they are really playing well together. and if it aint broke don't fix it.
  2. next 2 games are massive the victims and the toffees, I think we can win both. Come on Chelse KTBFFH
  3. Please tell where are these a"amazing buys" cos all I see is unfit injured numptys
  4. He's banned for 10 games for betting irregularities.
  5. We need a top striker, 2 of the 3 we have are not up to the job, one is no better than an average Div2 player Abraham, the other is only good enough to come on as sub Giroud. Werner I like but wether he's a striker or not remains to be seen. Unless we get a decent number 9 then we're going to struggle.
  6. Surprising I must say I think you're way off. So far he'll do for me.
  7. I just feel so confident with Tommy in charge, and fourth spot he we come, never thought i'd be saying this, this season
  8. Hmmmm make of this what you will, I know it's the wrong place but I think it's appropriate Chelsea's Morocco winger Hakim Ziyech, 27, is considering his future at the club after struggling to find form since his move from Ajax. (Corriere Dello Sport - in Italian)
  9. Now with Tommy in charge I feel a whole lot more confident we can get a result against Atleti. Not that I disliked Frank but I think the ECL was a bit to far for him.
  10. I wonder where he got that info? bollocks absolute bollocks
  11. Not only us bud Man U who? since Roy Kean, Shitty since Kolo Toure. LiverVictim do have Henderson. Us no one, maybe Billy if he can get a game other than that....no! you are correct we have no one.
  12. You make a lot of sense, and am sure you're right. I just have faith in Frank, and believe that he can turn things around given time, but unfortunately I am a voice in the wilderness.
  13. Agree with you. And in my opinion Roman is going to be good to his word and give Lamps the 3 years, so for the time being no matter where we finish, he will still be here next season. So let them bleat as much as they want about get him out, it aint gonna happen.
  14. Oh bruv that's a guaranteed certainty.
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