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  1. Varane is prone to absolute meltdowns. No thanks. He wouldn't be available if he was as talented as his hype suggested.
  2. Man City 3 Chelsea 8 simple as
  3. I remember why I only post on here once or twice a year. See you in six months.
  4. How about this 'Win or loss, Puliszola's logic is shyte'. It doesn't even matter if Jorginho is a good player or not because the means of coming to that conclusion are rubbish.
  5. That isn't logical or even a worthwhile statistic because it ignores nearly every other fundamental influence on the sport, to look at the sport in such a simple manner is reductive, pointless, and ultimately signals a lack of critical thinking. That is just cause-effect with conjecture. A player can have a good game in a loss, and a bad game in a win. A team sport is typically won and lost through the team, not one player; ergo the only bias here is coming from you. The information you've completely ignored: The other ten Chelsea players and subs The eleven opposition plus
  6. Imagine having a bad game occasionally.
  7. Not too keen on this bloke, really.
  8. Does Onana even start for Cameroon?
  9. @Fulham Broadway did you recommend me this band about a decade ago?
  10. This will play out in two ways; he will either be sold and win the Balon d'Or, or he won't be and will be worse than watching Anelkalouda in their prime.
  11. Sarriball is a stupid term.
  12. Hey Strike I don't disagree, but I think it is risky and threatening to their long terms careers if they are overplayed.
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