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  1. Must admit, had my doubts about this signing due to the lack of space you get as a striker for Chelsea, but is doing very well, playing with his heart!
  2. That's where my doubt lays too, he needs space, and that's something you barely get at as Chelsea striker.
  3. Valid point, although i rather not look at clubs like Manchester United. If you look at the most succesful clubs in the last decade, they all had players that wore the identity of the club they were playing for. And as i said, not necessarily leaders, but players you think of when you think about a certain club in a certain period. If you look at clubs in their prime, they all had these kind of players, and it definitely doesn't have to be players that been at the club since they were young. It might help, but some players adapt easier, and have a different mentality than others. L
  4. Do we have a leader? A player that is proud to be a Chelsea player, and not just proud to be a player at a big club. A player that really feels connected to this club and wears our DNA. I am aware of the fact that these kind of players are rare, but these are the kind fo players we used to have. A leader like Terry of even Frank himself. These were the kind of players that would fight for our club and for the head of our managers. We don't have the type of players you'll win a war with, which we had with Drogba, Ballack, Carvalho, Ivanovic, Essien and many others. Not necessarily the best lead
  5. Maybe this could be our 'turning point' like we were for Arsenal, but that might be just wishful thinking.
  6. "Since the beginning of October, Arsenal Football Club have had more foul throw-ins (5) than Premier League goals (4)."
  7. Abraham doesn't have a clue what to do with Ziyech's crosses, should have brought Giroud earlier. They've been on the pitch together for only 4 minutes for fucks sake. A player with a good pass and cross together on the field with Giroud, it's not rocket science.
  8. Agree. Not sure why you quote me, unless its an addition to what i've said or an answer to the member i questioned.
  9. Has done really well in the pre-season. And since vd Beek was left out of the squad for transfer negotiations, we might get to see him for a full season at Ajax. Not been his biggest fan, and still not convinced, but really curious to see him for a full season.
  10. Why is he not captain material according to you? I think for us as fans it's really hard to notice the mutual bond and respect between players. I think a captain should be someone who is respected by the manager and the entire squad really. Lampard, working day in day out with his team, probably has an idea what he wants and expects from a captain, and apparently that's Azpilicuate right now. Also, if you look at our captains in the history, all of them could handle themselves quite well, English wise. Different story for Thiago Silva, from what i've seen.
  11. Such an absolute brilliant no-look header-assist by Hudson-Odoi today
  12. We finished 6th when we won the Champions League though Yes, great player! And fun to see players and a team like Lyon i usually never see, because i simply don't follow their league. Personally my favourite is their number 25, Caqueret. I really see a bright future ahead of him.
  13. Vincent


    I think we agree on most things, i only mentioned Ziyech's and Wililan's qualities as a winger to show each of their players' strength lays elsewhere. And besides i'd be surprised if Ziyech puts up better numbers than Willian has produced. I even doubt if Ziyech will be continiously playing as a winger for the next 2-3 seasons. I believe Ziyech is physically wise very average or below average, which doesn't mean he cannot succeed at Chelsea or in the Premier League though. I'd say Pulisic is physically ahead of most players, just look at his neck he could swallow Ziyech's head
  14. Vincent


    There is something to say for the better teammates, on the other hand Ajax was in a flow that i've never seen Chelsea in. Plus for example, a striker at a topclub has less space upfront than a striker at Aston Villa. He's a very different player than Willian is, so i don't think its a fair comparison. Ziyech is more the type of player that needs space for a cross, in stead of using speed and tricks to get past defenders.
  15. Vincent


    I find it remarkable how the big majority of the people here think Ziyech is going to succeed at Chelsea so easily. I think he will have big problems adapting to the Premier League, although i obviously hope he does well. I've seen him so many times and am simply not convinced and yes, he did very well in the Champions League. But let's be clear, how many games have you seen him in the Champions League? We can say we're lucky that we've signed him and the competition has been asleep, but i highly doubt that.
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