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  1. For all the flak he's got for his attitude in the past, his mentality under Tuchel is top notch. Could become a first choice keeper at another club, but has quietly accepted a squad role and raises his level for without question.
  2. Probably glancing at how Rudiger is negotiating and is also thinking differently. Honestly don't know what's making the club drag their feet. Hope the club isn't playing some game thinking they have more leverage than they actually do. Rudiger and Christensen are entering their prime years. They will look for a better deal Hope this is just another JT situation., where JT waited ages to sign a contract (obviously to get more money), but ultimately signed.
  3. Is it just me, or has Nike put out better looking merchandise for Liverpool? Just looking at some of the hoodies and jackets,..ours seem so generic.
  4. I know! It's why I like to pretend most of the time that they never played for the club before. Especially when they scored against us. I agree about the defense, which is the main reason why I put us in within a shout of challenging. And yes you make a good point about Liverpool's squad strength. Although they would have to be really unlucky to suffer another season with injuries to key players. Keita is now out though, so who knows? I think they can get by Firminho & Jota during Afcon., but we'll see. If we're in a good position come end December I would feel a lot mo
  5. Hey I said Tuchel could maybe reinvigorate RLC ahead of our game against Fulham last season. Where's MY cookie?!
  6. Yeah, that's true. Looking at their attacking quality we are still short. We don't have a single individual player of the likes of Salah or KDB. The only department where I could say we can compete is in defense. But not sure if that's enough to challenge these guys for the long haul. Having said that, we have done as well as we could have in the opening fixtures.
  7. Glad that they stopped. The GD advantage that we had over them has been fucked enough.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if Ronaldo was behind this.,
  9. I have a feeling they will still creep through those matches unscathed. We're really up against a wall against the likes of these City & Liverpool teams.
  10. Dang it Brighton...stop being useless in this match and at least prevent City from thumping another 4 past you. Home game too.
  11. Don't care how crap the opposition was. We NEEDED a game to pad our stats and raise our goal difference., and this was perfect. Liverpool and City constantly do this against the lower teams. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembered the Carlo days. Remember that time Drogba had to leave for the AFCON and everyone feared for our attack? Ended up thumping Sunderland (or was it Villa) by 7 goals with Anelka, Lampard & Malouda combining beautifully. Shades of that match.
  12. It keeps Arteta there and allows them to take points off opponents. Win win.
  13. Agreed...but also have to keep in mind, Malmo offered nothing. Azpi was practically playing as a striker. Would like to see how the fullbacks play against a PL side.
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