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  1. He has a penchant for missing the target though., right? We need a striker with nerves of steel. Like a Costa or Drogba. If not, would rather we stick with Havertz, Mount, Gallagher and Pulisic to see if they can improve their goal tally from last season.
  2. Isn't this the shitty fan voted award?
  3. Full credit to them. Shame we couldn't do that for even one of the players that departed for Madrid.
  4. Can't even find the guardian article online.
  5. Yes. Not necessarily. And where did I say it was only up to CBs to defend headers?
  6. Koundes only 5 10 ? Hmm. That does not make him a necessarily bad defender, but I hope he has a good leap like Puyol. Else., this could be a disaster in some of the league games.
  7. Club does stupid things like this from time to time. Not sure why. The Courtois situation was also another one that was horribly mishandled, albeit the player made it tough by forcing the move. When you lose more than 3 players in one go., then you really have to question the management. In terms of contract talks, it looks like they started negotiations with Christensen before Rudiger. Just ridiculous. Arrogance probably made them think they could negotiate with Rudiger in the last minute and tie him down easily.
  8. Tuchel has completed just 1.5 years at the club. How is that a realistic sample space for what you're claiming? Also, it quite literally has been an improvement. From 4th to 3rd. So its the opposite of what you said.
  9. Contrary to what the spitter Carrager says, I think Liverpool have worse odds in the CL final than in the league. I have more faith in Benzema and Madrid, than I do in City to not bottle it.
  10. If they win everything, then their fans would become insufferable, that's for sure. It would be like a season from hell.
  11. Imagine Gerrard manufacturing a win for his beloved Liverpool on Sunday by beating City?
  12. Tbh..they've done this before Remember when they had to play their B team against Villa a year and half ago, because they had to also play in the CWC. City have to win their last match. Because Liverpool are surely not going to lose theirs
  13. Thank goodness your jinx didn't work....or did it?
  14. Look on the bright side. At least Leicester haven't been losing 5 games in a row. If they had been., you know how this game would go.
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