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  1. One of the big game changers today. Had even one of the Benzema shots had gone in, it could have changed the complexion of the entire match. Outstanding.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/COgYMlIno6O/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. The fans getting on his back just don't have a clue about Eden Hazard. He values his friends and past connections a lot. It is also how he approaches the game when playing. Carefree. Forever glad and grateful that he played for Chelsea, and glad that he got to play again at the Bridge.
  4. Same place that Mount usually plays, behind the striker. It wouldn't be too dissimilar from how he played as an advanced member of the midfield in a 433, with Hazard (who was false 9) under Sarri. But like I said, it's an already crowded midfield, and I'm not sure who we could displace. Too many options. Of course, Tuchel could always change the formation to something different next season., so who knows.
  5. Said it before, but I think Tuchel can extract more out of RLC, just like he has with our other midfielders...His comments about RLC today might have been just part of pre match banter, but they are interesting. The question is where RLC would fit in an already crowded midfield.
  6. We should start Giroud at the opposite end just to piss Benzema off. Have a feeling that he's going to start regardless
  7. Which means we must take every opportunity or risk to push for away goals..
  8. Interesting..just realized our cup final clash against Real was 50 years ago in 1971.
  9. It's weird isnt it? I'm wondering if the breakup clause in Mourinho's contract had something related to trophies delivered,..maybe Levy didn't want Mourinho to win a trophy before leaving
  10. Exciting for many reasons... Champions league semifinals Our first meeting in the knockout stages of the UEFA CL against Madrid Hazard's first match with us after moving to Madrid.
  11. Nice that he gets to meet Chelsea again, but wish it was in front of the fans. He would have got a very warm welcome at the Bridge.
  12. Yeah that too..hopefully Cech without his mask on either, during the protest..only way to get himself heard, but massive risk.
  13. Anyway, game aside. What a day for the club. Not sure what drove it, but respect to the club for having the guts to correct course in face of intense scrutiny. And most importantly, massive props for Chelsea fans who went out in protest.
  14. This game was crying out for more energy from Chelsea, and he left Kante on the bench. Why have Kante on the bench if you're not going to use him? Granted you want to protect him, but not even for 15 mins? Should have brought on Kante and moved Mount further up., a lot sooner in the game. Also substituting Alonso to leave Pulisic as a wing back was complete waste of time. Also waited too long to bring on Giroud who is lacking match sharpness from barely playing, and is given just a few minutes to make an impact. This one is on Tuchel really.
  15. Like @Magic Lamps said, these founder clubs and UEFA are most definitely going to reach a compromise. The latest ESL announcement is nothing but an opening shot. It's been a long time coming. Ever since Spurs and City started breaking into the top 4, the power players have been trying to protect their nest. FFP was one of the first signs. Now you have clubs like Newcastle also looking at getting foreign investment, to break into the elite circle that doesnt really want more competition. The one certainty in all this is that the current Champions league format is most definitely going to change
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