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  1. I'll try stick around. I'm avoiding Chelsea related news at the moment, so I'm waiting for some kind of heated debate to rise up somewhere that's not the usual 'sWaP kAnTe FoR jOrGiNhO' rhetoric flying around . Was Term ever allowed back?
  2. Here, there, everywhere mate! Just got more and more busy and before I knew it I barley had time to visit as often as I did! Also just realised Snake is listed as my favourite player ffs.
  3. The thread I've been avoiding the most.. So.. Anyone here still Sarri in?
  4. With all the turmoil at the club, I thought where's the one place to feed my resentment of the club right now....
  5. Two thoughts on Hudson-Odoi; 1. If he's not signing a new contract then Sarri owes the kid nothing lmao. People keep going on that we have to convince him to sign, the kid is fucking 19, If he doesn't want to be here then why should we pander? Acting like every English kid is going to be the next Jadon Sancho. 2. With all that being said, the fact he isn't deemed enough to play over Willian or Pedro even as the first choice sub is beyond comprehension. Sarri took this 'use 14 players' to heart. Hell even Pep used 17 this season alone!
  6. Get a load of this guy, like he was a goal keeper or something. Sheeeesh! I get what you're saying. There's been some point blanks at him that you're expecting a goal keeper to save, not that he doesn't make his share of Hollywood saves. I was hoping to see more of a reaction keeper upgrade on Courtois and I haven't been too impressed but for all that there are improving signs imo. Time will tell if he lives up to this World Record fee but as @Jason said, there's more pressing concerns right now.
  7. Hardly though. His exact quotes are: "Then I let the board manage Chelsea the best way that they can." "If we have something new - manager or players - it is always good to know it because I want players that can [help bring success back to] Chelsea next season. But to be fair the transfer market is not here [in full flow] yet. We will see after." He's hardly making the demands Sky and inferring. He's been here long enough to know how this club operates with management.
  8. Former seems to be doing well at Palace, only behind Zaha and Cabaye as their best player. With he and Abraham getting the minutes and plaudits, they'll do what Tbo & AC managed to do/doing. That's why I doubt we'll see Ampadu like that, we seem to blood in players already in first-team situations. (Boy it'd be nice to re-sign Bertrand lol!)
  9. Still about are we Layla
  10. Youth and Chelsea is a systematic problem rather than a Conte problem. If you can't trust Chalobah or Loftus-Cheek, I doubt Ampadu will be starting. But it would be nice to be proved wrong. Hudson-Odoi would be a nice cameo too behind Morata & Michy lol
  11. We barely play the 27 year-old CM, I'd be flabbergasted if we played the 17 year-old one.
  12. Lol what? January 2017? I'll bite, elaborate pls.
  13. True, but our last 4/5 fixtures over Christmas are at home 16/12 Chelsea v Southampton 19/12 Chelsea v Bournemouth (CC) 23/12 Everton v Chelsea 26/12 Chelsea v Brighton 30/12 Chelsea v Stoke City
  14. Lmao ridiculous press conference, barely any mention to Bournemouth instead asking stupid questions on Carlo Ancelotti & Steve Holland lmao! If anything this is Juve-Conte lashing out at the fabrications. They were so desperate to talk about Carlo they even speculated on Carlo to Everton
  15. Good quotes from him, sounds like he's aware of his limitations but is learning on how to improve.
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