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  1. Pretty typical. If it were us, they'd play like prime Barca.
  2. If you say that you don't want to kill yourself after witnessing today's game so far, you're lying.
  3. I honestly feel really sorry for him. He should not be here.
  4. Thinking the same thing and I'd feel the same I suppose. Very likely he is a goner in the summer, I hope he proves us wrong again and pulls off another KDB.
  5. To me, CHO looks like he just doesn't give a fuck anymore and is just waiting for the next transfer window.
  6. Wasn't he under an influence though? And 70 mph in a 30 area.. I don't know man.
  7. It's like having Torres all over again.
  8. if this goes through.. im so done with everything.
  9. I was pretty suicidal recently to due various life reasons. Then I saw this, a couple of other things too related in my personal life and I'm sure that I really want to fucking kill myself now. What the fuck happened here? Woops, I hope I don't find something to shoot myself with or drug myself with. Would be pretty clumsy. Everything is a joke around me right now lol. Can't wait till we're in for Townsend.
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