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  1. Oh sorry for that... I apologise for that but Tuchel case is very different from RDM though might look similar but not the same...then everyone knew RDM is not a top tactician and we didn't even lose today though seems that way....
  2. Lol.... Plastic fan....too early for this... Little poor results with several injuries yet this...
  3. Though I don't like seeing my team lose but If anything it will make them buckle up and tackle every game as a final cos the likes Jorginho Mendy today Rudiger as well seems pedestrian in the way they approach games recently...
  4. Liverpool form is not sustainable and they hardly rotate...they will soon wear out....its too long a season...we have been amazing for a very long time now no thanks to injury...
  5. Yeah shit happens....not too bad just the constant niggling injury but we gonna be fine...City and Pool will definitely drop points though they have much fire power upfront...
  6. Lol... Rudiger and Christensen can fuck off...Several quality defenders in the market.... For how long long will Kovacic be out....Jorginho needs to get benched...
  7. But Werner and Odoi had positive impact right? Am done with your bias perspective...
  8. It's an agenda the player you were slating came on few minutes to the end if the game yet you find a way to pin all the game frustration on him when the likes of Werner and Odoi were absolutely shambolic....
  9. Then those that started the match should not be in this team....
  10. That's not true again..... Yeah they came out when be came on buy that has been united tactics since the start of the game just that it became more consistent towards the end of the game...even when Werner and co were on..
  11. Thats not true.. We had no momentum prior his coming on....but if that's that momentum to you then we have no business been top of the league...
  12. Just get this fraud outta this club... Alonso is terrible...
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