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  1. Absolutely but italian players always seems reluctant to leave Serie A for other leagues...
  2. It do with Jorginho and Kante gradually ageing...
  3. If Saul loan becomes successful....I can see us going all out for Jude Bellingham...
  4. Sarr will get a club from Turkey...maybe a championship team can gamble on Barkley...
  5. How do you guys rate City window....seeing they couldn't get much needed striker...Few days ago several TC members here were moaning about the club not been able to improve the squad after the champions league triumph but I wonder how City fans will be feeling right now...
  6. Barely ship has sailed...The club is playing waiting game for Rice...Am inclined to see how Lacroix develops whether we can try for Kounde in January or in the summer or not...as Lacroix has that little bit of grit tailor made for the premier league in him....
  7. The Premier league ain't ready for Tuchel and Chelsea...that's why we are the best team in the world...In addition can somehow pls tell me how in hell Fabinho manage to end this game without any single booking?
  8. Not so...though not sure we are still interested in him....but if we are not late at all....
  9. Lol... So United bite the bait and got CR7 while they couldn't sign a proper central attacking midfielder....that's gonna be their achilles heel this season especially when they face good tactical teams...
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