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  1. You cant be in top 4 with the way Jorginho is intentionally pressing the self destruct button...
  2. Can we please stop this international break bullshit... Why is Jorginho still on the pitch is beyond me...
  3. Have always maintained it....he is too limited to become a top premier league midfielder... He is painfully average...
  4. Arsenal defending is pathetic....almost 4
  5. Nagelsman would eventually face the same problem we are experiencing right now...
  6. We can promote a talented youth player from the academy and then look elsewhere for a solid back up for James...
  7. Let this be his last match for Chelsea....
  8. Let this pathetic experiment end now please...If its Tuchel let him be appointed between now and the next league game against Fulham...to have enough time to imprint his style...
  9. Agree with lots of your assessments but Kai and Timo cant become shit....the level of their talent is too much for that...although they might not make it here but at the end of the day they will surely make it just hope its here....
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