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  1. Fuck Halaand and fuck his team.
  2. Oh yh definitely so. It's like the idiots at work who moan that they don't get paid enough and how the managers are all greedy wankers and also say they want to strike but never do. You might get a few who stand up and say but never the whole workforce. It's how governments and organisations rule I'm general. If the people were organised and brave enough by standing together... change is possible. In United and Arsenal's case and in most footballing fans case around the World.. the people of power prey on the fans love for football... they know the fans will 9 times out of 10 not desert their
  3. He said, "Dortmund aren't a selling club".
  4. Oh yea, their fans love the Glazers now. I even heard a fan say up the Glazers on a podcast
  5. Stop dreaming.. he isn't coming next summer. Its now or never.
  6. What I find truly bizarre is now that United have found it within them to substantially back a bang average manager but couldn't do the same for proven winners.
  7. £110m is substantially more than the release clause but it doesn't mean they will sell. These fuckers think it's cool not to make nearly double off a player out of some misguided sense of boastful resilience.
  8. Boom. I bet V is steaming at the ears
  9. I like the look of Kounde... can use him in DM too. Defo sign this lad.
  10. There is still August left.. don't stress too much. Fabrizo said next week and beyond will be very busy and clubs are playing the waiting game to see how the market pans out
  11. Apparently Timo Werner is open to a move away with being part of the deal to secure Haaland.
  12. Imagine having Mbappe and letting him go for free to Real Madrid of all people. Our fanbase would compitulate.
  13. Not sold on Lukaku but fuck it... it's better than having no put and out goalscorer.
  14. That's exactly why they are leaving... the pathway to the first team has never been harder.
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