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  1. Think they got Rudi because of their lack in options if either Militao or Alaba were to be injured. To challenge on all fronts, you need top cover like Liverpool have right now.
  2. Rudiger has been massively overrated. If he plays in a back 4 at Mardrid which I think they most probably will... he is going to get exposed.
  3. Am absolute must this summer is that we bring in a Workd Class playmaker. I don't care who it is but it's a must.
  4. Lad is no joke. Will end up at Madrid, Barca or PSG. Boring.
  5. Built like a bitch. We knew this when he faked an injury to leave the pitch recently.. was that against Real Madrid?? I can't remember.
  6. What are you on about ?? It hasn't got anything to do with humour. It has everything to do with not wanting to hear about them winning the quad for decades to come and put then even further out of reach than they already are in terms of trophy count and overall success. Isn't the game all about wanting to win and be the very best in the country and Europe??? If you don't care for that then what's the point?
  7. Im literally on my knees praying City dont fuck this title up. Nothing and i mean nothing is as unbareable as the wankfest that surroudns those ratty scouse cunts
  8. Bin dippers are going g to win the quadruple aren't they. What a shit year of football.
  9. One thing us for sure.. all of us are hurting... every single Chelsea fan but let's not forget that we should in all honesty be proud of reaching 3 FA Cup finals in a row. We won the CL last year. The Big One. I think TT has been magnificent since coming here. Yea, he has made a few mistakes here and there but he has us right up there slugging with 2 of the best if no THE teams in Europe, City and Liverpool. If we get our recruitment right under this new ownership, we could see us going toe to tow with these fuckers in the league too.
  10. I said to the Wife when Azpi stepped up.. he's going to miss. I said the same thing when Mount stepped up. You can just tell that Azpi has been shocking recently and Mount wants to be Mr Chelsea soo badly he thinks about it too much rather than being it.
  11. Mount just doesn't have the mentality for the big occasion. It's not his fault, he just doesn't have it.
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