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  1. United are a fucking joke team. Hwo are they second!!
  2. If we don't manage to win either The FA Cup or CL.. I fear TT Wil be axed but I really hope not. He is obviously a great manager and there isnt many more to chose from out there who we haven't had already bar Byerns coach who is leaving at the end of the season.
  3. His big chance misses are frustrating as hell but nah can't lie, starting to love the little guy. His workrate is
  4. He looks pretty good tbf. Can see a few clubs being in for him. Reminds me of Harry Kane a little bit.
  5. Is it weird that I wanted us to draw or lose to City yesterday.. because I just can't see us beating them 3 times in a row?? The footballing superstitions are haunting my every sleep already.
  6. This ufcking ref ... fuck off
  7. I'm still in shock Mount fuckex that soo badly. Hurrendous.
  8. No different from when we started the game. Benzema is such a threat you just can't help but worry whenever he gets the ball. We need another goal at least.
  9. Havertz has to look up there and square the ball. Fuck me.
  10. How was that a foul on Casemiro ?? Unreal
  11. Fucking hell. Comon boys.. .clamp them down. Giving them too much space.
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