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  1. It did improve and I'm sure it was the collapse of our free flowing attacking prowess that was a result of Frank tightening things up at the back. We were frightening when going forward under Frank at first but he couldn't find the balance of defence and attack... hopefully Tuchel will... so far he hasn't but last night showed early signs off there being a real balance. Lots of room for improvement though.
  2. Mate, we know he's a better manager... you can drop it now.
  3. Rudiger looks like an absolute rock back there... wtf happened! He actually looks physically bigger.
  4. Mount was fantastic but for me Christensen was top class and gets my MoTM. Rudiger was pretty damn good too. It's amazing how well those two are playing after their antics last season. Just goes to show, you think a player is poor and there may be no way back for them but under a different manager you can see their true qualities.
  5. Rudigers thinking, 'that's gay lads'
  6. Sub Ziyech off for a ball carrier who can split the defence with through balls. PULI or Havertz
  7. I haven't been this amped up over a game in a long time.
  8. I'm still absolutely raging over that offside decision. I can't calm down.
  9. I HATE and I do mean HATE this Liverpool team.
  10. That VARA decision was 100% iffy. I'm getting fed up with this sport.
  11. No fucking way they changed the angle to make that offside. No fucking way.. he was well onside when they first showed it.
  12. James needs to stop going back all the time. Clown.
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