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  1. Nah fuck Kane, another lump of skin and bones who you have to tailor your attack around. I'd rather Havertz in the 9 role.. or another striker who is more technical in tighter spaces. We have been severally lacking that kind of an attacker for quite some time. Pulisic is the best in tight spaces but can't keep fit to save his life.
  2. I'm sure TT asked for a striker of elite level and the board got Lukaku when they had the chance to get Halaand. TT probably thought he could work his magic on Lukaku but is now sitting there on the sidelines wondering how the fuck he is going to get this lump of turd going... this is TTs biggest test since joining our club. I have a feeling he will end up losing his mind trying.
  3. Should have slapped that 100m on Chiesa and played with Havertz in the false 9 and Chiesa on the RW. We would have been electric. Instead we have to suffer trying to adjust our play to suit this donkey. Madness.
  4. But the mistakes did happen and they shouldn't. These guys get paid more than most in this league. Did West Ham make these mistakes. We pay top dollar to ensure these things don't happen and they happen far too often. Its not acceptable. It's weak mentality.
  5. People acting as if we are in a relegation battle We will still be 3rd come the end of the weekend training by what?? 2 points?? We can still win this league but we need to get Kante, Kova and Havertz back quickly. Fuck Lukaku off and play Werner.
  6. West Ham celebrating as if they have won the Champions League. LOL. Jokers
  7. The way injuries are going with Lukaku up top.. it just might not be our season. Fucking frustrating watching Lukaku walk around with 0 effort.
  8. Feel sick to the stomach watching this.
  9. This team is dead without Kovacic or Kante. Its that simple.
  10. Lumping it up to Lukaku who can't even hold it up. Good one lads. Title winning stuff.
  11. I'm beyond furious with Luakus lack of effort. What did he cost 90m??? Behave
  12. Fucking hell. Can't live with Bowen for fuck sake. This is beyond a joke.
  13. I cannot believe Lukaus lack of movement. Seriously.. what is he thinking??
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