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  1. Its a serious question, why is the Supercup symbol on the wall?
  2. When did Frank win the Uefa Supercup?
  3. Since we cant buy we dont need to wait for Lampards input regarding transfers.
  4. Im talking about Liverpool play their game against Norwich on the 9th of August so they get 2 more days of rest than us.
  5. The Uefa Supercup is on the 14th of August so it’s only fair we play on the 11th and Liverpool on the 9th right?
  6. This stat is a joke, Sarri is the first Chelsea manager in the Abramovich era to have a full Europa League season in which he collected 12 wins.
  7. In my mind Kante and Jorginho would be a perfect pair in a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1, thoughts?
  8. Kinda disappointed in RLC and CHO for not being there and collect a medal, seems like Rudiger cares alot more of this club.
  9. Feels like a pre season friendly in the middle of Asia.
  10. Get rid of this fraud and get Allegri this summer.
  11. Luis Suarez and Coutinho say hello.
  12. Imagine him and Kante in a two and Ruben as the number ten in a 4-2-3-1. One can dream...
  13. Wow this guy is exposed without Rudiger next to him.
  14. I dont get this talk, everything has gone downhill since he left. 2 titles in his 3 seasons here speaks volumes about his importance.
  15. And his Goal at Everton away is one of my all time favorite Chelsea goals. Vital stunner in the title race.
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