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  1. You'll all be amazed if you'd see him play in real time
  2. http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/14804-charly-musonda-jr/page-9 watch the vid He'll be ready when Eden leaves!
  3. Like I said before, you always criticize Hazard & glorify KDB... Who missed that majestic trough ball from Hazard? Eye in eye with their second division goalie!! It looked like a ginger school boy ,who had a very bad day! But cause he's flemish he doesn't get any stick? His comments after the match, like he couldn't give a damn!! If Eden made those he would get slaughtered! Every corner, cross was weak/to far, he bited like a youth player would do, instead of cutting off pass lines. But people see that as putting in a great shift! I see that as being plain stupid! Hazard wasn't great, bu
  4. That pass to KDB & that pass to witsel
  5. My bad, you seemed to be one. I disagree all the other stuff though. Not that I like Wilmots and his tactics. he's a good mental coach, but tactically I don't rate him at all. KDB told sporza that they were allowed to switch flanks when they wanted too & Wilmots told that if they both were on the same flank, Witsel is smart enough to cover the other flank. Which working role are you talking about? We played Cyprus!! Besides, Hazard did do his "defensive duties"! he pressed high which imo is a form of active defending.
  6. He wasn't stuck to the side! For instance, the chance Hazard created for him, he was running in the centre there...They even switched flanks constantly & both had there freedom. KDB needs more space to shine, that's why he fits the bundesliga perfectly. I think you focus too much on KDB, since he's a former Genk-player I suppose? I always get the feeling you want him to outshine Hazard for some reason...
  7. & Don't forget... Iniesta has 0 goals this year!! Ohh... before I forget, he also got 0 assists! (despite that, he's playin pretty decent if you ask me )
  8. Not all true... He was putting a lotta risk in his passing (long range as well). A few made it though & were magnificent! Will have to wait for EdenHazard10i's youtube vid to prove you wrong or right though...I thought he was more than allright, inspite of not having that bit off luck... ps He did gave one silly ball away, that should've reached Cuadrado in the right corner..
  9. The ball was behind him; so he didn't feel like he could make that pass perfectly & when he finally got the ball in front of him, it was too late... edit; like Bir_CFC said
  10. Today (after the few balls he refused to put in) he showed a lotta grinta, he really wanted to score a goal (even after that penalty)!
  11. Mourinho seemed unhappy bout Drogba taking the penalty?
  12. I've been saying this for years & I will keep saying it... He played in a free role in his last year @ Lille & his stats were incredible that year (20g, 20a if I remember correct) I've noticed that he's getting more in central positions recently.
  13. Saying Hazard doesn't have a good shot in him is pure nonsense! Bale's shot is probably better yes, more powerful. Hazard vs. Lyon, Marseille, Stoke, Sparta, Utd, Liverpool come in mind, a handful of free kicks he scored @ Lille etc. I think he should claim more freekicks, last year it was Luiz with his 1% ratio, the year before there was Mata (who did good), but now it looks like Fabregas is goin to take them. And Shurlle is always there as 2nd. If you want good stats, you gotta claim all freekicks, corners, PK's. Simple as that... oh & this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Efrg9OGG
  14. I'm sorry but you don't understand a certain thing called football... Stats stats stats... Zidane is the best playmaker in history & look at his 'stats'!!!
  15. He was on 100k € p/w in Lille...
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