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  1. Didn't expect this to hit me as hard as it did, given that I didn't know that man personally. RIP Ray.
  2. It's a long shot but anyone willing to help me with getting a couple of tickets for just about any home PL game before the end of the season?
  3. http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-set-to-get-green-light-for-new-60000seat-stadium-on-stamford-bridge-site-a3433636.html This seems to be picking pace. @We Hate Scouse heard anything you could share?
  4. Why the hell did no-one inform me about his contract situation? Anyway as he's been slowly falling out of favour over the past 3 seasons can't blame him for leaving. China is a bit too cynical for my taste but he's given this club enough to get a free pass on that. Hope I'll manage to find a Chelsea kit with his name on within the next few years.
  5. Trust me I'm beating myself over it but 50+h weeks don't allow for much recreational time. Especially bitter since the Everton game is meant to have been our best football since early 2010. Wonderful sum-up btw, thank you for it. I wonder though if there's some further context or nuancies missing from your #2. Was it as simple as a 180 by Conte following getting trashed by Arsenal (which could suggest things are not going as much according to whatever summer's "plan" was as I'd prefer, not that adaptability isn't important but still) That ESPN interview seems to suggest that's the case. W
  6. Do we have a function to view the most "liked" posts in a thread? I've unfortunately not been able to watch a single 90 this season and have yet to form my mind one way or the other about him. Alternatively, could anyone describe the main pro and contra camps (it's never too early for those to form)?
  7. Overly delayed biannual post telling you to piss off and not compare me to that talentless prick Also, KTBFFH
  8. I have to say that I respect the endurance of the people still arguing about Mourinho as opposed to his sacking in this thread. If we can't even agree on whether he is one of the best managers in the world or a pretender who got lucky winning the CL twice no wonder this discussion is moving in circles. Maybe 2 different post sacking threads would work better? One for the optimistic "our post 2012 project can continue" and one "we sacked our best manager ever, who are we as a club"? Is City's football supposed to be anti-Mourinhoesque? I always suspected he was a bot. I mean, why else would s
  9. Thank you! This is along very similar lines to the ones I've been thinking. The perpetual relapse and search for a new project and associated Mesiah seems to indicate a larger dynamic.I'm beginning to wonder whether, aside from the obvious innumerable failings of our club, the idea of a project (manifested in that long-term manager we never had) is really now a false thing to believe in (or even aspire to?). Whether that's due to the ever increased professionalization of the sport or the money in it now, your guess is as good as mine but you can't deny that attachment to long-lasting managers
  10. Sounds like a position based on principle(/ethics?) rather than purely utilitarian concerns. Am I on the right track?Greece is actually getting increasingly worse :/ Glasgows been treating me fine through
  11. Thanks! Can't say if it will be for too long this time around. Must admit I was very surprised to see your vote in this thread's poll, especially given how you tended to support players/managers for a longer period than most, care to give me a quick rundown of your rationale?
  12. Super Frank or JT as player-manager would be acceptable. Keep hipster managers away from this club.
  13. A CL final or a relegation would have worked just as fine. I feel like I'm too old to be bothered about managerial BS anymore. That's modern football I guess.. It could only get worse if JT moves to the MLS or something instead of retiring here.
  14. Fucks sake Chelsea, a man can't take a 4 year hiatus without the club imploding..
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