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  1. What's striking to me is the amount of opposition fans and neutrals who would gladly see Chelsea go down; as in literally cease to exist Never realized how hated this club is, not to this extent
  2. Indeed, he's a moron but people shouldn't be baited in to believing nonsense A lot of the translated Italian tweets are sensationalized as well Still; moron needs to be punished for being stupid
  3. Chelsea thrives in chaos man, I can see this come good
  4. What a trainwreck of an interview I'm positive he had no clue what he would cause, which is funny because people generally regard him as intelligent. He speaks 5 languages hurrr; I speak 4 languages but I'm still a dumb fuck, doesnt mean a thing Insecure child in a big man's body; proved once again. Shame
  5. Glad Rom scored his first; that's some pressure off his shoulders.. pity the header didn't went in; stupid save that
  6. Where are all the women and children? Genuine question All footage from Kabul I've seen show hordes of men
  7. haven't the foggiest enjoying life hopefully !
  8. Baku delivering as always; lovely podium
  9. I don't like his character, but he's the best keeper Belgium has ever had. He's been amazing this season too
  10. Favourite Club: Anderlecht Favourite Country: Belgium Player I hate the most: Club I hate the most: Liverpool Favourite ever player: Zidane Favourite ever manager: Raymond Goethals Legendary Player: Cruyff Favourite ever Keeper: Courtois Favourite ever Defender: John Terry Favourite ever Midfielder: Frank Lampard Favourite ever Striker: Ronaldo
  11. This vid explains what corona actually does very well. Can't recommend this channel enough; lots of interesting stuff on there
  12. This won't happen guys, UAE vs UEFA.. City will play in the CL next season.
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