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  1. After 1966 England managed seven times to come close to a trophy, or at the very least made a very good impression. Those were: 1970, W.C., Mexico 1982, W.C., Spain 1990, W.C., Italy 1996, Euro, England 2002, W.C., Japan 2018, W.C., Russia 2020, Euro, England I don't agree with 2018, it was a lucky 4th place, but anyway. How many times the other big countries in football have come close (counting the winning performances) ?
  2. Alisson yes, he remained motionless so Jorginho could not shoot the ball the other way. Yesterday Pickford did move giving time to Jorginho to go for the right corner but Jorginho did n't.
  3. Who was the one who saved a Jorginho penalty last ? Pickford again or De Gea ?
  4. We don't In 1972 I was banged on the head by Greek fans for supporting England against Germany (the 1-3). They were all Germans then. This time round England did not really have my support but they had the support of the communist party of Greece it seems who were rooting for brexit.
  5. Rashford made a mess. The other four missed penalties was due to the two goalkeepers. Both Donnarumma and Pickford deserve credit for the saves.
  6. Who is going to lift the trophy ? Jorginho ? Azpi ? Mason ? Andreas ? We 're out of Ngolo, Kai and Mateo but it's Chelsea's euro.
  7. We seem to have condemned Belgium because of their defensive play in the second half against Portugal. Could it be we are hoodwinked once more ? Do you know that in the official ratings Belgium leads, then Italy, then Spain and England come fourth ? Blegium pays 8.00, Italy 5.00 and England 2.87. England will have the final at Wembley but is that enough to make them so hot ?
  8. Ides of March not gone yet.
  9. Remember Simonsen who had his leg broken in two and it was n't even a yellow card ? These things happen when the game gets physical. But with Danielson it was entirely the fault of the Ukrainian player. He charged. What could Danielson possibly do ? Let him through ? Even that he could n't as he had already kicked the ball.
  10. England won on points really, but they were better. The Ukrainians are slow. They qualified because of the unjust red card on Danielson. Danielson kicked the ball and the Ukrainian player charged on him like a goat and was hurt.
  11. Ukraine is an amateur side. The way these players are static, if they played against Germany they would have conceded eight.
  12. Germany - France I did n't watch at all. Against Hungary unlikely as the Hungarians were against it. Against Portugal likely not.
  13. Italy v. England ? They clash in the semi don't they ?
  14. Germany was not rubbish. You are making it look as if England defeated a lowly side. Both teams contributed to the match and England was luckier in the last 15 minutes. In years past we 've seen better from both, that much is true.
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