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  1. Don't forget the Zouma giveaways. Should have been 0-1.
  2. This could have been by design. I can't think of any other explanation, comparing with the match against WBA as well and even with the dismal 0-0 against Wolves under Lampard. Tuchel told them to play slow motion. If they escaped with the three points so be it, if not let it drop.
  3. MY WORD. That was worse than Albion. Against Albion it was the circumstances that were against us. This was worse.
  4. If we keep playing like that why do we need UEFA to disqualify us ?
  5. I never understood the fuss. The truth is there is a simple solution: - Reduce the number of teams in the premier form 20 to 16 (also in Spanish liga, Portuguese liga, etc). - Make the cl into a mini league at the stage of 16 - much like 1982 world cup. This means Perez concerns are met and also the domestic leagues have no problem.
  6. They can do this: Divide the present champions league (45 countries) in two. The riff-raff can play a champions league II. Then the big clubs will play more. E.g. groups of 5 teams and mini-league for the stage of 16.
  7. Yeah, but to whom does football belong ? Rules ? Regulations ? Here in Europe it does n't belong to the government either - except if you mean the era of Greek general Aslanidis (blessed his soul).
  8. There is an argument for more European football, I feel. It can be done, though I don't know how popular it might be. I described a such scheme a few posts above. However the Mac Guire-Spuds scheme as I call it is nothing like that. It's like the old movies with Norman Wisdom, with the rich kid taking the ball home. It's nonsense.
  9. Mc Guire-Spuds and the gooners love this scheme. They normally have no hope in the champions league - even when they do qualify. It does n't look good. Even if we go along the road of pan-europeanizing the competitions, how can we possibly have 4 English teams every year, or 4 Spanish teams ?
  10. This is like British electoral system. FPTP versus the rest of the world. I just think it can be debated, without the need for revolutions-disqualifications-sackings of Jose Mourinho.
  11. Maybe it's a good idea, the European super league. But to make it happen a total overhaul of the regional football systems is needed. Thus 12 teams in the premier, playing from August to December and similarly for the other countries. The champions qualify for the superleague and the superleague will be 12 teams again, from January to June. But as there are many countries in Europe, 45 infact, there will have to be four superleague divisions, say A-B-C and D. If the champions of Greece are in superleague division B, they have to win the division B to qualify for the A. But if they do tha
  12. Computer generated win probabilities (fair prices): City = 36.2% (2.76) Real = 25.8% (3.88) PSG = 22.2% (4.50) CFC = 15.8% (6.33) The bookies say: City = 2.25 (= for burglars) PSG = 4.33 Real = 5.00 CFC = 5.50 Apart from the glaring mistake of the ratings with PSG which I 'did not take into account, the rest of the ratings if true suggest City but it's not a value bet. Neither PSG or Chelsea, if those ratings are true. Real is a value bet for winning the champions league. But in reality City too are overrated and we are underrated. So my conclusion is t
  13. The elo ratings, to which the bookies assign gravity, say: REAL = 1047 Chelsea = 1887 CITY = 2020 PSG = 1867 The PSG number is outrageous - they made PSG into Luton town ! CFC too low compared to REAL. We used to be level pegging at 1900 some weeks ago. CITY is on the high side, as also witnessed today. PSG in France are not doing well. They are second to Lille and I switched off the tv when Lille were playing Ajaj for the Europa. Even if PSG win the French championship in the end it's not good enough. But in Europe it's a different proposition. I will make the
  14. He has good distribution. Mendy is the one with the poor distribution.
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