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  1. Let’s see how he responds to this..
  2. Who would have tought this guy was walking in the team again It looks Tuchel has a plan with him, if the points keep coming I don’t mind I guess, but why did he turn back to his ugly penalty jump on Sunday
  3. Goosebumps looking at that video! Lets hope Pulisic can stay injury free for a long time, I think he is capable to step in Eden’s footsteps one day..
  4. Chilwell going for goal of the season, nice try
  5. Good goal, now let’s hope this give the needed confidence
  6. This game needs a goal, unlike Saturday on the good side this time..
  7. Where is the 7th replay of the hulk maguire hogan move! Ffs
  8. In what world is that football, that was wrestling
  9. Don’t give the ball to Kante please
  10. Scored two in the 5-2 league winner against AA Gent
  11. Really? Wow, I tought we started better last season.. And we’re only still two points away from the champions..
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