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  1. There’s no point in searching for a scapegoat, one can even say if Azpi didn’t miss we won etc.. no point in that.. we need killers in front of goal so we end this in90 mins
  2. We played them 4 times this season and not lost once (regular playing time that is), with the right quality injection of players we teach them a lesson next year..
  3. How is that not a penalty for Everton?
  4. Bring on Havertz and we’re playing with 11 again..
  5. Wow that’s like the Ajax Ziyech
  6. Ok, didn’t see the Spurs game so could not tell.. I wouldn’t mind havertz on in stead of Lukaku..
  7. Well imo he’s more a Havertz-like player, but for sure he’s nowhere near Chelsea level atm
  8. Leicester showing interest in Charles De Ketelaere of Bruges, Tottenham and us also showing interest is rumored in a tabloid over here. Together with some Italian clubs they are looking for a summer transfer.
  9. Club Brugge - Psg 1-1 at ht, Messi once hit bar but most chances for Brugge. Remains to be seen how much energy they still have in second half but they are doing great atm
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