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  1. If he wants to go to a piss poor league so be it, make no mistake the wages and easy to get titles is a huge plus but not for a 22 year old imo. Gigi or whatever his name is I can understand as he is much older, but Hakimi? Piss poor decision if true.
  2. Of course shit was gonna happen, there are too many games to be played and those in power give no fucks about the players, just wait till next season begins,will be loads of injuries.
  3. This is not a diss towards you Eng folks so do forgive me huh.....but I hope you crash and burn at the Euro. You never select a quality manager, you overhype your players to high heaven before a ball is kicked, your media calls you elite, and when it all goes ape shit the knives come out by the same people overhyping you. Imo Eng will once again embarrass itself. If you do make it good then congrats.....I highly doubt you will go too far.
  4. Mate they all eat from the same hand, they own the narrative, media completely under their control, and we the sheeps buy it all hook line and sinker.
  5. He deserves alot more respect and credit than we are giving him.....this is the best he has ever been and utterly turned it around under TT. A keeper for me.
  6. There is no chance the club and TT will allow Rudi and Chris leave.....no chance. They will be more than happy to sign again but after the Euro's.
  7. What did you expect my friend, its all bent, as if this new way would somehow eliminate manipulation. If they were legit and not bent then we would see and hear how they came to whatever outcome, they would be mic'ed up, and the refs allowed to be questioned and interviewed........fucking corrupt bastards. Just wait for next season if they can see we are going for the title, you'll see.
  8. That is true, but the production itself is quality.....he is a producer I think
  9. Good very good.....lets hope it stays that way
  10. Its horseshit mate, I wonder what the mantra would be if he wasnt Eng? So far he is the annointed one in the press and can do no wrong, and seemingly hailed as mbappe level lmao.....they can all go spit.
  11. Context is needed, so as long as you win the title and are decent you are per auto guarateed an accolade even though better performers exist? Nahh thats flawed imo. I dont get the wankathon of Foden, certainly the media have him above the clouds already ffs.......I would take Mount every time above Foden if I was a manager. He might be far superior in 2 years time ( I doubt it highly ) but atm Mount is better imo.
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