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  1. Ohh please they have had this issue way before Pep even got there
  2. Why couldnt he though? As long as the manager is competent and motivational I dont see why Rudi couldnt. And what Rudi has shown under TT is imo far far better than what DL did under Conte. Nah Dias is nowhere near as pacy as Rudi, TT wouldnt put Dias there. Yes we cant just give in I agree but name me 1 defender better than Rudi atm? If he wants 200 then give it to him, he more than deserves it......have you seen how much Odoi makes?
  3. I dont care if its the system or otherwise, he is still under TT a WC defender, he can walk in any team. If the club has really offered him 120K a week then thats a bad move by us. He could at least double that at UTD PSG CITY etc.
  4. Yeah saw that earlier.....its really a disgrace from a so called big club.
  5. Aha that way then....alright then mate
  6. Geez thats one ugly uniform....they look like 10 different things and all bad. Blasphemers......bunch of satanists.
  7. Is he any good this dude Bastoni?
  8. Nahh he will become good, he has been rather stale at AM but TT will set him up just fine. It was difficult for most of our players today, he will come good soon enough.
  9. Man were we sloppy today, the final pass so sloppy. But a good win and 3pts in the bag, let the media wank over udt, we will do our shit on the field. Several players were quality though, Silva Kova Luke etc were all super.
  10. Yup yup yup we take all gifts with both hands
  11. YEah Villa os on it, we hava allowed them too much space......too close for comfort
  12. Let them fucking wank over udt, they have met no one of note at all. What im worried about is the FA handing them pts when they struggle, and now with ronaldo it aint gonna be less of a worry
  13. NC suck ass....an easier opponent does not exist atm
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