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  1. I dont know which one is more horrible, us getting spanked by 8 goals or them scoring as rarely as possible
  2. Instant impact......about fucking time we started winning at big 6, convincingly.
  3. RE8 is actually pretty dope, the visuals are insane. That RV engine sure kicks out quality graphics. Only 3 hours is but so far very nice indeed.
  4. Seria A just announced that Juve will be kicked out of the league if they dont remove themselves from ESL
  5. Ohh they most def did.....good job too
  6. Its fucking ridiculous man....if anyone here ever were in doubt how much they are loved and us hated then look no further than this match. They had nothing, we locked them out and went deserved winners. The media can go spit.
  7. This man has become very important to us already if you ask me, his constant runs make the defenders shit themselves, always have to be aware. He will be a weapon next season.
  8. Lets hope he stays at Wh and dont go to utd etc
  9. Yeah you could be right, but is there room for Sancho though? YEah we have 4 competitions to compete in but I feel we have other matters to attend to atm. We need another body in midfield, if we are lucky maybe a killer up front. Maybe Havertz will be our striker who knows......good times.
  10. Top 4 or not I dont think Hårland will move anyway.....unless you pay up big big money
  11. At least im kinda happy no one here can claim that we are loonies anymore......its clear as the sun that udt are pushed heavily by fa and pgmol, its inescapable.
  12. YEah at this point it doesnt really matter, but I for one will be fuming if I witness this clear agenda in udt's favour next season....they have had it for 2 seasons now
  13. Var really ignored that handball from Greenwood ....what a shitshow
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