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  1. Just saw it again and what an absolute travesty of a decision, that was no handball. Footy is not footy anymore
  2. No chance TT starts with Kai, not for a game like this.
  3. Surely we can do better, we def need a killer up front and another quality body in midfield
  4. We fucked up big time under Lamps, lost too many pts sadly and thus we are having shit up the creek......but still well doable if we can bloody take our chances.
  5. Ohh what happened, did bruno cantona not play? No pen no party.
  6. Exactly, I dont believe it.......and even if the report is 100% legit then he can go spit, we want proper warriors to be here.
  7. He dont need to act or wear a costume for holloween, the costume he has on now scares the hell out of me lmao
  8. I for one didnt expect any punishment....its fucking udt, a protected breed at any cost. Not many weeks ago that Wolves manager got slaughtered for much less. A phone call from Fergie sorted that shit out.
  9. Giroud should have scored, Werner should have scored, Ziyech should have scored and Mount had a good opportunity to score as well. Udt had jack shit.
  10. Good man TT, we need a manager that dont take shit.
  11. Sure did bro, but they swept that one under the carpet, everything for the scum. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. Im glad many fans have made meme's of them cunts, crying girls. Fuck GN the biased bastard, they are up there with pool I swear. Its disgusting, Eng media are biased mugs.
  12. Look at the uproar they have created like the little girls that they are, it came off Greenwoods arm first ffs. The first manager in history who used VAR as his main tactic. Ole the trophy dodger!
  13. Not being strict does not mean he gives no fucks about it though, yes we must be better in attack but im sure it will come.
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