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  1. Fauci is done for, they have been decimated him in congress for over a week now, he is finished. And if he is going down so will your other so called leaders and health ministers and whatnot.
  2. Not only in Eng, but everywhere. Eng alone will lose over 200K NHS workers come Feb. That alone will fuck their system up you'll see. They have given years and decades of service and this is their thanks, I guarantee this will blow up very soon. I ask again why silence everyone whom dont go along with the narrative? Why dont any news channel report the massive protests around the world? It speaks for itself.
  3. Im so sick of the corruption in footy, it has skewed everything.
  4. I mentioned this when the media and punidts were singing his tune " he is the master of Klopp and TT " He is gonna tear the league up " Some said I was dreaming, alas here we are.
  5. It looks highly likely that Fauci will be one of the first ones to be trialed, he has deceived us through his teeth even before covid about. They are sewing him a new one atm.
  6. Man I love how you think, this is common sense, this is critical thinking. Dont let these fucking proven cunts tell you anything, nevermind force you as we witness. I said it mate....this wont stop until we stop complying. Next christmas they will tell you to get the 5th and 6th shot.
  7. So over 75K omicron deaths were a lie, how can you get this wrong ffs? They are all proven deceivers and criminals, yet you put your faith and lives in their hands. And btw yet another player playing in Qatar collapsed on the field yesterday.
  8. Oh man how unlucky. He would have been amazing here, you just know TT would make a superb player out of him.
  9. Yeah but you wont see it mentioned in MSM though will you, thats way against their narrative. Gibraltar has almost 100% vaccinated their people, fully btw. But they are almost all of them covid hit, go search and see. I will hope the best for you and your family Look at the nurses when that puppet sajid asks them the question, look at their reaction. Good on the doctor to speak up.
  10. I saw it over 7months ago, im at work atm, but search google or dotgo. As mentioned I upped a vid pages ago, see that one too.
  11. Massive protests again the last 2 days around the world, yet the MSM still refuse to cover any of it......thats a tail in it self.
  12. I have none either, this is a fucked up world we have allowed them to create for us through generations. Good man, I put up a vid pages ago where a PHD doctor along with others said the vaxx will def make you go sterile, over 60K women in India were confirmed sterile after taking the jab.
  13. Thank you very much Manpe, I like that you are aware, and you are utterly correct. They only want their narrative to count, everyone else's opinion is misinformation, why so scared, and these are top top people in the area we are talking about. I said before, be very careful what kind of a future you are creating for your children.
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