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  1. Was passing the ground today so had a look in the shop. Looks a lot better in person, the lions don't stand out quite as much. Not as shiny as it looks in the promo shots either.
  2. There is a popular spot in Richmond Park where you can see St Paul's cathedral: You can see the top of the west stand in there aswell, they don't want to make the ground any taller as it would block the view of St Pauls.
  3. If you watch old footage of when the ground was a bowl with just the east stand you can see the tunnel was right on the halfway line, the pitch was moved over a bit when the old shed and north stands were knocked down. I like these little quirks, reminds you of how things got where they are today.
  4. Hope he scores the winner on Sunday.
  5. Damn, wish I'd seen this a bit sooner. Been after the Munich ball for a while and can't find one for a reasonable price. Anyone know where I can get one, happy to have size 5 or 1.
  6. All this talk of entertaining football, tell you what there's few things more entertaining than going from row 33 to the very front of the away end and not knowing how you got there. The time wasting, the slip, home fans proper seething, I had a right good time. Had to sit in the luggage rack on the packed train home full of miserable 'scousers'. One sniff at the title and they all come out of the woodwork worse than Man Utd.
  7. These look great, I believe there is actually one more with the super cup on but health and safety say one at a time. Maybe all 4 for the semi?
  8. Scenes when Demba scored, my knees are in a right state. Love CFC
  9. Very boring and a big step down from the current one IMO, looks alright on the players though which is the main thing,
  10. The blue shirts, blue shorts, white socks combination is sacred and should never be interfered with.
  11. Sports Direct are not cheap, its just the megastore is expensive.
  12. Well once again sky and bt screwed us up with Man Utd on a Monday night, Everton 5.30 with the last train back to London leaving around 20 mins after final whistle and Newcastle lunchtime kick off. Sunderland is also scheduled for a Tuesday night so this will be good news for many, probably be coaches though which aren't much fun..
  13. From that article seems Sky now have the Sat 5.30 KO slot, wouldn't mind that for the Hull game. Wish they would hurry up, trains to book.
  14. Is Hilario still here or not? He is listed on the website but I though he was released.
  15. There is no waiting list, at the moment if you are a member who got 80 points last season you can apply and will probably get one. This will be lowered next Friday if any remain.
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