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  1. I honestly don't know what fans expect from him. He can't work miracles without any backing in the transfer window. We were clearly lacking in terms of fullbacks and wingers heading into the season. The board do nothing about it apart from signing Zappacosta on deadline day (who has looked average at best). You replace Conte with any other attainable manager and I doubt we would be in top-4.
  2. Cahill will always be an average defender. He's had some high points in his career at Chelsea but if i'm being honest, he'd probably be at some other club if he wasn't homegrown. Would love to see a Chelsea backline in the future without any limited players! I don't get the hate for Rudiger. He's still got time to improve as a defender at 24 years of age....as for Cahill, he should be at his peak.
  3. Hopefully he moves to a different club. We should be focusing on wingers & wingbacks. We don't need a square peg for a round hole.
  4. I'm surprised at people's reactions to Bakayoko. Did everyone really expect him to become a class midfielder over night? He is as raw as they come from the French League. Barely played two full seasons of senior football, gets a big money move to a top club and he's expected to be the new Matic. As his former mentor (Makelele) mentioned in multiple interviews, Bakayoko has no discipline in his game, he'll never be a calm midfielder, ready to sit and recycle possession, he's unpredictable, he can do something brilliant then make an awful mistake straight after, he has a while to go
  5. Simple as that. Win the FA Cup, see how far we can go in the CL and retain top 4 and we can move ahead to next season positively. If we want to move ahead next season, we need to clear out the deadwood in the first team and sign decent squad players (or even blood 1-2 loaned out players as squad depth).
  6. This game showcased Chelsea's biggest flaw. No attacking identity. It's shocking that we don't have another player in the squad capable of creating/scoring goals apart from Hazard. Questions have to be asked as to why we signed both Bakayoko and Drinkwater when it was clear that we needed another quality attacker (like Salah, Mahrez etc)
  7. I hope we win...but this game has a 2-1 loss written all over it.
  8. As if Pogba would go on a 'televised' interview for MUTV and say anything negative about one of his team-mates. Every man and his dog knows Martial's attacking qualities, we saw that Monaco, we saw him being touted as the next Henry for a reason...but right now with Mourinho as his boss, he needs to put in a shift on the defensive end or bide his time and play the super-sub role. This whole situation is similar to Real Madrid and Benzema. In more than one press conference after Higuain got injured, Mourinho said: " If I can't hunt with a dog, I will hunt with a cat"....then later
  9. Martial is perfect in his current role. In Mourinho's tactics, he wants that burst of energy from the bench, he doesn't want to see Martial jogging around the pitch, letting his opposite number off the hook in the defensive aspect of the game.
  10. Hopefully dropping Luiz acts like a catalyst for the rest of the team...as our next 3 fixtures are gonna be tough. West Brom (A) - they always play better against us...just like Palace Qarabag (A) - must win if we want to progress in UCL Liverpool (A) - hopefully our wingbacks can keep up with Salah and Mane
  11. How did Van Gaal damage his reputation beyond repair? He's never been known to play exciting football, he went to United, steadied the ship, helped push Rooney out of the club and he gave a chance to Rashford (who will be playing for United/England for the next decade).
  12. It doesn't even matter if they get sacked because they will find another club sooner or later... Managers at Chelsea don't want to play the youth because they don't care. They know it's a short term gig, so why bother 'helping' the club in the long run? You either trust a manager for a longer period of time (United, Arsenal, Everton with Moyes, Liverpool with Rafa) or you go for the win-now mentality (Chelsea with Mourinho and Conte).
  13. Traore wanted to be a starting XI player....as for Michy, he doesn't seem to care if he's second choice, he's more interested in twitter
  14. Whilst I like Conte's passion on the touchline...if he doesn't have a plan B in terms of tactics, he won't be at Chelsea for much longer
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