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  1. Interesting lineup today but three more points in the bank. Kova looks top class right now...he can't shoot but seems to do everything else.
  2. Really enjoying his interviews so far. Comes across very genuine and thoughtful in his answers
  3. In the back of my mind I kept thinking something like this might happen but tried to reason with myself all week like “surely it won’t REALLY happen. Not this arsenal team” and then it did.
  4. James and Chilwell both to start?? Frank you sneaky devil you...
  5. Why can’t we deploy Timo like Leicester do with Vardy? He’s proven pretty successful in the Premier League. They seemingly have similar attributes (namely pace and the willingness to use it for 90 minutes)
  6. So much for stepping up after that Everton game. Disgraceful
  7. Hurry up and get the ball up the pitch then slows to a crawl in the final third. Over and over and over and over...
  8. Some great saves by Palace keeper there to hang on for 1-1
  9. Refs are so easily duped by people falling to the floor. Sad
  10. Has had his misses no doubt but keeps coming like a freight train all game long. Love that trait about him. No head down sulking like Morata.
  11. Several people MOTM today (Mount, Reece, Thiago Silva, Kante) what a performance. So easy to imagine us losing this game in recent years. Absolutely buzzing!
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