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  1. Kante and Kova to get some much needed rest now.
  2. None of this happens without Mendy. His kiss on the trophy is the most deserved...
  3. What a day!! Still buzzing...Any photos of Roman with the trophy? He was there for the Ladies final.
  4. I keep watching the Didier video before the match...BELIEVE
  5. Would love it if he somehow came on for a winning goal Sunday. Agent Michy
  6. All still in our hands on multiple fronts. Be nice to just take control of the situation instead of relying on others to screw up and back door into Top 4 again
  7. That was awesome. Everyone loves Kante
  8. Wow that's great news! Wasn't expecting all three to be back in training now we gotta work Kova back in slowly
  9. I think we all see different broadcasts but in US immediately after whistle Tuchel was giving CHO instructions and then ended with a supportive thud to the chest and a hug.
  10. Absolutely buzzing right now ridiculous Super League would've robbed us of a day like today! COYB
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