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  1. How was that not a foul by Milner there? Wow
  2. Guy looks like an absolute world beater right now. Tough to imagine him on the same wages as AC if being honest and that's no disrespect to Christensen
  3. Loftus-Cheek starting and Barkley off the bench with Havertz/Ziyech not featuring at all. Nobody saw that one coming
  4. What even makes it funnier in a sad way is that a few minutes before the commentators made mention of how referees are letting more things go and it's producing a better product for the fans.
  5. There's bad VAR decisions and then there's this one. Class of its own honestly
  6. Moyes really brought someone in straight off the bench to take a PK?? Wow...trying to one up Southgate I guess
  7. Post match comments as honest as ever. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but if he's talking to the media this way he's doing the same with the players. Great communicator. Competition at every position but in a healthy way.
  8. Checking in for the Saul comments...
  9. ^^^ It's this right here. Does 90% of the job then right at the moment of taking a shot on or trying to blow by a defender will almost always shut it down and take a safer option. Thought that Dortmund loan would've been good for him (and us) in the long run. A lot of games this year though so he'll get his chances.
  10. A straight red is the most intense punishment you can hand out. Quick glance at a still photo? Not looking at the incident in totality? Bizarre
  11. Haven't seen the post-match today but every other interview I've watched from him has been genuine and thoughtful. Got to believe he communicates with his players the same way.
  12. I wish there was a way to emphasize this comment. Fabinho challenges and Salah punting the ball away?
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