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  1. Absolutely zero contact on Bruno but he’s rolling around in the penalty box? How is that not a yellow card? If nothing else they should retroactively give people cards for this nonsense. Such a joke.
  2. Willian got slated around here for years but I would take him in a heartbeat over CHO
  3. Wonder what happened here. Was talked about pretty openly like more or less a done deal. Weird.
  4. Definitely seems like different rules for different teams. That game we played with four outfield players on the bench still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I guess on the flip side won't these teams just have to cram all their games into the same window somehow? Fixture pileup could be a silver lining.
  5. Awesome news even if expected. Been an absolute pleasure watching him play in a Chelsea shirt.
  6. I'm still a bit in disbelief of this whole scenario honestly. This is an established professional and international player how did he think all this was gonna go exactly? Total insult to the club and his teammates. If you have a problem with something handle it behind the scenes, Tuchel hardly strikes me as the type who would've slammed the door in Rom's face.
  7. Four outfield players on the bench? Should be postponed this is a joke.
  8. Nobody finds it odd that some games are arbitrarily postponed and others go on? What’s the actual threshold for postponement? Five key players out with covid protocols and all three recognized strikers last match but sure press on
  9. Please tell me this isn't gonna be one of those nights so many good chances already. Pickford already slow playing each goal kick from the first minutes too
  10. No shame in punting a ball up the pitch or into the second deck. Reorganize and live to fight another day. Class finish from Mase
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