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  1. I think we all see different broadcasts but in US immediately after whistle Tuchel was giving CHO instructions and then ended with a supportive thud to the chest and a hug.
  2. Absolutely buzzing right now ridiculous Super League would've robbed us of a day like today! COYB
  3. Absolute class performance today! Interesting to watching him grow within the team. Seemed somewhat timid on arrival but was extremely vocal today and you love to see it.
  4. This for sure. Said the same thing great patience
  5. It's almost time now come on boys!!!
  6. 1-1 before the away leg would've sounded alright I guess. But after watching we honestly should've won. And talk about a matchup tailor-made for Kova...he would've torn thru them!
  7. Saved me from looking this up. Knew it was a bad run but wow
  8. Back line passing back and forth back and forth...
  9. After all the buzz pre-game was certainly expecting more than that. Had to be one of worst halves under Tuchel playing right into Brighton's hands. Need halftime adjustment
  10. But using this year as an example once Super League is up and running...if we’re guaranteed a spot as a permanent member and hovering in the EPL table around 4th-5th what even makes the remaining domestic games relevant with City nailed on to win league?
  11. “15 permanent members who cannot be relegated” is the line that stood out to me. Disgusting cash grab.
  12. Semifinals bound! And gave poor Pulisic the Hazard treatment in the process...
  13. Love watching the different angles he passes the ball with. Still blows me away he can't shoot with all that skill
  14. Top class performance so far. Fun to watch. Keep the pressure on don't get comfortable...
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