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  1. 100 per cent. offensively and defensively too slow for us, and wont be getting quicker anytime soon.
  2. The knockout stages dont start till March right? we could have all our starters back by then. Not particularly worried.
  3. too many people on this and other sites were obsessed with getting Oblak that Mendy was written off before he even had a save made in our name. typical
  4. were missing the dynamism of mount who to be fair hasnt been playing too well atm. Kante too was a big miss. I agree that creativity is in great demand for us as our midfield is too predictable.
  5. Beaten by the better side and without a plan b this was always a possible scenario. They’re still smarting over denying them their place at the champions league top table,so it was payback I guess. TT says the loss is on him . I agree.
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