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  1. How is our contract situation with him ?
  2. I don't know how to think about thiago silva transferer. He is amazing player but he already has 36 years old... Is too much
  3. I'm more anxious about harvets transferer than that game. i'm almost forget lo
  4. jesus christ we are talking about real madrid/barcelona/bayern or....wolves? bunch of pussys we gonna win easily. 3-0
  5. If Chelsea win the match, go to third place?
  6. I hope he move to Real Madrid. He deserve to play in a better team.
  7. More + Lets be serious, the squad dont have the quality that others squad like 2008 squad...etc..etc The Permierleague title that Conte won was a incredible archivement. 93 points with that squad its crazy. We have a problem to contract another manager with Conte quality.
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