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  1. we will ending in 3rd position this fixture
  2. Werner needs to go next year. I like him a lot but is not good enough, imo.
  3. he needs to make deciision more quickly. seems that he wait much time that necessary to pass the ball. he makes the pass 2 or 3 seconds after the moment that he really need to make the pass. less thinking and more action
  4. we did more than enough to won the game but its impossible to win every game I accepted this draw more than a defeat against city because in that game Tuchel was outclass tactily by guardiola. besides that, there's no one game that we deserved to lost. Burnley and United are games that we did enough to won but the lack of awarasse in final third cost us 4 points and in this game a individually mistake
  5. On in the other hand, If Pulisic stays fit (!!), which is a big if, he can be very useful. Like him a lot with I see from him today
  6. Exactly. We play good enough to get 3 points, but with mistakes like that, there's nothing we can do. The only thing that upset me was the subs. we could make changes early
  7. its not the end of the world draw with united.. The problem was burlney draw. We have too many injuries that are hurting the team.
  8. I'm just the only that likes the ziyech performance? I think he plays ok. Im more upset with Loftus Cheek game.
  9. Nobody has guaranteed place in our line up. One game you can play and another you can go to bench. Its how competitive teams works
  10. They are amazing. I can't believ that we will win epl this year. At some moment we will struggle.
  11. Tuchel said that Chilwell can play after six weeks if the treatment go well
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