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  1. of course Chelsea will not buy halaand.
  2. How do you know that Chelsea have interest on him?
  3. And kounde have a lot of potential Varane was very good but his last 2 seasons was very inconsistent. organize and comand United defense without Ramos will be a good test for him
  4. the good thing about Kounde is his age. we can sell him in the future. on the other hand, varane is 28 years old...
  5. what is the problem? we know how the system works... every top player has the dream to play in RM... c'est la vie
  6. From what I read, peiple rate him a lot..
  7. varane to united "here we go" ffs and we dont do ANYTHING
  8. he lost a supercup he lost 2 fa cup finals and he lost 1 euro final so sad....
  9. im staring to be worried about our lack of news
  10. Alisson: Liverpool's history helped me choose them over Chelsea | Goal.com “Chelsea were changing their manager and not playing in the Champions League."
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