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  1. I haven't watched them at all but on paper they look scary of course. If it isn't working then Poch and Leonardo have questions to answer.
  2. Bound to play tomorrow night so let's hope his performance wins TT's confidence.
  3. Bettinelli Chalobah Chris Sarr James RLC Saul Chilwell Ziyech Werner CHO Cavalry on the bench if required.
  4. I also said no chance we'd win the CL in 2012. Then I said there was no chance we'd win the CL in 2021. I'm not always wrong however. In November 2009 I said there was no chance we would win a thing that season. Well we didn't win 'a' thing, we won two things. It's a kind of genius I have so, no, there's no chance we'll break the Premier League goals conceded record! Of course I didn't really have any universe altering reverse manipulation of the fates in mind when I said those things. I said them because I meant them and I still believe we have no chance of beating that record. It's a
  5. At some point we are going to have to come back to the £50m which was spent to replace Marcos.
  6. Just logged in. Sorry to reopen a negative if it's been talked about already but, in that break away with Kai to his left and Rom to his right, Mason once again failed to produce the right combination of decision and execution. I know people want to defend Mason. I want to defend him but this is an issue.
  7. If you watch highlights of Jimmy don't forget that they are not highlights of his entire career, they are only highlights from the games which were recorded. For the majority of his games no cameras were present. That's how it was in those days.
  8. As noted elsewhere in the forum, Jimmy Greaves has passed away. Given I never knew the man I feel strangely sad today. The greatest Chelsea player of all time and probably the greatest English footballer ever. In his heyday Jimmy would have been an automatic pick for an all world eleven. Simply the best.
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