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  1. My belief is that Dembele has just been using the interest of other clubs to drive up Barca's offer but that staying put has been his preference all along. Only when he's certain that he's seen Barcelona's best offer will he actually make his decision' It would be no surprise if he accepted Barca even if they don't make the best offer.
  2. This has looked the most likely outcome for a number of weeks now so at least we've had time to come to terms with it. I'd have preferred to sign Gnarby but I'd still have been delighted if we landed Dembele.
  3. I don't think this is a suggestion of FFP issues specifically. The new owners are alerting HMRC that something does not look right with the tax paid or collected (VAT). Most likely it's some question about tax treatment of the incomes of big earners. We'll probably hear more details at some point.
  4. I don't agree with this take. I say selling is all downside and no up. My first reason is just opinion but my second is rooted in observed data. The opinion is that Mando is not yet playing at the top of his potential. Talent wise he cannot improve of course but he will improve physically and grow in experience. I think we are two seasons away from seeing the best he can offer. I think that we can afford to turn down £35m while we look to see just how much more efficiency he can add and the observed data I mentioned plays into that calculation. I'm on record as saying that I think M
  5. I'm ok with Buck's departure. Partly because 76 is a challenging age at which to hold an executive position in a large business, and partly because he favoured the Rickets. That last one was the end of the line for me.
  6. I hope not because that would be dumb. Like any ambitious club CFC need to be wary of attackers who are not up to task. Better judgement is what's required, not a simple passport check: - When some posters pointed to the warning signs that, at his age, Hakim; was playing in Holland, had never achieved high status, and was not highly sought after, many others still believed that we were getting a wonderful player at a great price. There was plenty of push back when I said that Liverpool's, "We can't afford Timo Werner.", claim was just code for he's not worth the money. The fact
  7. I always scoffed at the idea that Rafa's working relationship with Nando was a factor in his appointment as temporary manager. Before the end of their time together at Liverpool Benitez had seen through the number 9. We didn't appoint a man with a magic Torres wand, we appointed a manager who knew the truth that Fernando was then, and always had been, an ordinary footballer.
  8. Are there reliable pieces of information which have become public and which indicate that Kounde is the board's preference and not TT's? If not, and it seems very unlikely that the club would allow this to become public if it is true, then there is nothing to base your accusation on.
  9. Definitely sad but I read somewhere that Leipzig put a €100m price on his head. That would serve as a very good mop for sure.
  10. London over Manchester no argument but there is a compensation. No problem with a stadium and training facilities. Quite the opposite, the city was begging them to take it. Plenty of room to expand if they should ever need to and even on site parking for fans. In terms of PL capable graduates our academy has done better than City's in recent years but I don't agree that ours is better. The two are both excellent. The level of player emerging from an academy is dependent on their individual quality as much as it is on their education. As I put it, the only way for a Lionel Messi to come ou
  11. I had not read about that. Thank you.
  12. It's just one ingredient but it sours the cake.
  13. I have been making this same point for years now. A point people seem unwilling to accept or to contemplate its implications. We are not an attractive club to top level players. We can list all the targets we want but, unless no one else wants them, they usually won't consider us. Justified or not, we have a reputation for; dour football, stinking up the joint in big international games, a crap stadium, poor home support, and misusing our players. The upshot is that it is far, far more difficult for us to sign big names than it is for clubs with a better reputation. Established elite play
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