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  1. Well, you may be right of course but I think there is big trust in Bruce. We will see. As for the punishment, I'll believe it when I see it. A significant part of the value of Premier League overseas broadcast rights derives from the fact that people all over the globe want to watch Man Utd & Liverpool plus, to a lesser extent, Arsenal and, to a lesser extent again Chelsea, Man City & Spurs. For the Champions League, add Bayern and the Spanish giants then the story is the same. Albeit that it was designed before the ESL blew up, the new CL format recognises this and already gives
  2. In the same way Roman is too well thought of by Chelsea fans to suffer a lasting dip in his popularity due to the ESL flirtation, I think Bruce is too well thought of by Roman to loose his Job. In any case, we don't know where Bruce stood on ESL during the club's internal conversations.
  3. She'd have had her say for sure but my guess is that there would in fact have been just one vote cast in our club.
  4. The fantasy world some choose to live in isn't confined to the la la land of Republican politics in the USA. In football, as everywhere, people give themselves permission to believe that their guesses are as as valid as reality. They manage to construe a total lack of evidence to support their beliefs as final and conclusive proof that they are totally correct. We will therefore continue to read crazy opinions about Marina from time to time but she's a star.
  5. I would like Roman or Bruce to issue a John Henry style mia culpa but, other than that, Roman is so far in credit with fans of this club that I can't believe he will suffer any permanent damage from this. He certainly won't with me.
  6. When the two played together in the youth team Reece was regularly preferred to Tariq. The coaches were always aware that it was crazy to leave such a talented player out of the side however so they eventually settled on playing Reece at RCB in a three. With Tariq at RWB the system worked beautifully. Among all the good youth teams we've had in recent seasons, that 2017/18 squad was the best. Reece and Tariq were key contributors as the side played attractive, dominant football on its way to a quadruple of trophies. Reece in the RCB role could be worth a try.
  7. There were what seemed to be reliable stories that we tried to get him from Birmingham but he chose BVB. Fair enough, a good choice. It's hard to believe that he would abandon that decision so soon.
  8. I'm hoping this means that Tuchel has an informed opinion of the player. If so, I would not expect him to be interested. I haven't yet seen what others have seen in this lad. Looks underwhelming to me.
  9. Based on this he is a very ordinary player. Can't see any reason for any interest from Chelsea.
  10. Camavinga has not impressed at all.
  11. I don't think there is anything special about the pass in the video. Though it baffles me why every professional footballer is not confidently two-footed, it's a fact that some left-footed players would not want to take on that pass. I would expect every right-footed pro to see it, and make it, however. It's easy to see, there is no pressure on the ball and there is plenty of space to play it into. Well done Billy for getting it done but this is one of those situations where I would criticise a player if he didn't see and make that pass, rather than praise him because he did.
  12. Not sure if Magic Lamps knows but I certainly don't. What I can say, is that the way you break it down here would all be pretty logical. Different people in the organisation each have slightly differing views informed by slightly differing responsibilities but can see each other's perspectives and ultimately accede to the manager's fears that the season will go down the tubes if they don't pull the trigger.
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