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  1. I first came across him when watching Rennes to follow Boga. At first I just tuned out again when Boga wasn't starting but eventually I saw Dembele play and was sold instantly. From that moment he was a high priority target as far as I was concerned. It was discouraging however to read claims by his agent (his dad or brother at the time) that they had turned down a move to Chelsea the season before. I'm in favour of trying again.
  2. Man I love this forum. Post after post is worth reading regardless of whether I agree with the poster's opinion or not. Thank you SB, and for the record I agree with virtually every word you wrote here. I don't doubt the contribution Ben was making in the run up to his injury. My concern is whether that was merely good form, or a genuine demonstration of his real level. Obviously we would all like it to be the latter but I won't believe it is until that level is maintained consistently. I can't set aside the fact that Ben was regarded as second choice earlier this season. Whatever TT's th
  3. I have to confess that I've been a non believer from the start. After his mooted move became public I watched his Rangers academy highlight videos and commented that he would find a lot of youth team players at Cobham that were more talented than him. As for the video watching challenge, I will if you will. For me, the Liverpool game was good (not withstanding the fact that the most memorable moment benefitted from a slice of luck) but not as good as billed, the Toffees game was not as good as the Liverpool one and the England game was a dramatic example of 'overhyped'. An unspectacular p
  4. I hope no one will want to respond to the comment which follows by warning that everyone looks good in their highlight videos. That's simply not true. This kid looks special in the vid I watched. If he's even 70% as good in reality he should be a high priority target. If we land him, and he lives up to the promise, then I reckon it'll have to be a contract extension for vesper on 66% more dosh than her current TalkChelsea deal.
  5. Sounds like someone has decided never to run out of LBs again! Sosa is the right profile of player I think and most importantly would come in to challenge for the starter's role. I'm not interested in seeing the club focus only on a replacement for Marcos Alonso. Indeed, I suspect Sosa would only consider Chelsea if the first choice function was on the table.
  6. The one thing I do not want to see is TT come under any kind of pressure.
  7. Fully agree. Of the list you give I can pick Morata as the odd one out because I was OK with signing him but was against signing all of the others.
  8. I've stated previously that if I had had Roman's money I would absolutely have tried to buy Chelsea and, if successful, would now be making all of the transfer decisions myself. Certainly I'd give the manager every opportunity to sell me on his preferred targets but, in the end, I would watch the player myself and decide myself. When it comes to the potential return of Eden Hazard however I would probably have to recuse myself. I'm too emotionally attached.
  9. Thanks LAM, I don't agree here and certainly not with these examples. The failures of Torres and Shevchenko were exactly as I predicted. After watching Sheva at world Cup 2006 I distinctly remember commenting (elsewhere) that, "He had nothing to offer us." I saw it so anybody could have seen it and I believe that everybody in the game did see it. I don't think anyone with money to spend but Roman saw Andre as a top player in the summer of 2006. As for Torres, check out Jamie Carragher's comments about how he and his fellow Liverpool squad members couldn't believe the money the club had re
  10. Depends on the definition of 'top' I suppose but I don't think we ever have been.
  11. I said at the time that I hoped Pulli's marketability was just seen as a fringe benefit, not actually a reason to sign him. I still hope that was true. Saying there is zero footballing identity at the club sounds harsh to my ears but, if you are wrong, you are not wrong by much.
  12. Was he? I don't know. Even if Rom was the best available, that still does not mean he is good enough. There must be a quality threshold and all players must meet it in order to justify a significant transfer fee. If, after watching Rom across eleven seasons of top level football, our decision makers still can't realise that he is short of the required quality then they have no business making those decisions in the first place. For nearly nineteen years now I have posted, here and elsewhere, to say that we tend to buy players with qualities rather than players of quality. I hope one year
  13. Something that really has to go is the recruitment approach which means that generation after generation we underperform in the transfer market and collect players with a flair for the spectacular but lacking in the final stamp of quality.
  14. I would imagine any 'big' player going there would want to include a relegation release clause in their contract
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