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  1. Apparently so, although posts of mine seem to be getting deleted without explanation so I'm not holding out for an explanation on the warning either....and I expect these posts to disappear into the ether in due course too.
  2. Did you just delete a post I made regarding Salmond? I basically said that there's nothing wrong with people reevaluating their positions as new evidence becomes available or the situation changes. I then followed it up with a grudging admiraton for Salmond (who I disagree with politically) by saying that no matter what you may think of his views, he had the balls to deliver on what he said. Why was that post deleted and by whom?
  3. And? You can't reap the rewards of a man's professionalism and celebrate it for 13 years then criticise him for those very same qualities when he leaves.
  4. I was for starting Luis in this match, but is Nathan Dyer the best player to line him up against for his first start when we have matches against Schalke and Bolton coming up in the space of a week? You'd expect Azpi to start at City as well so it might be a good time to rest him.
  5. The best thing is that this will give closure to the whole debate. Whatever you think of Salmond he has stuck to his word and delivered the vote. Too often in modern society people lack the guts to back up what they say and bottle out of things. It's an admirable quality regardless of political bent, wouldn't you say Fulham Broadway?
  6. The notion that he will take that spot 'easily' is what I actually thought you were incorrect about. But you have a point that no player bought in for a big price and on high wages would have anything but 'ease' in acquiring a spot in that team.
  7. Yep...no chance that a £30 million player could end up on United's bench.
  8. Could be Chelsea material....would cost £30 million or so. Is he going to be better than Boga? Would you bet £30 million on it? He could be another Jose Baxter, but the fact is that Everton gave him a chance after a dodgy loan to Wednesday (I believe) whereas we had Chalobah on-loan at Watford in the same year, who performed exceptionally and didn't get a look-in. There needs to be a commitment to youth and that comes through consistency
  9. Because http://www.chelseafc.com/tickets-membership/general-ticket-info/ticket-prices.html
  10. This lad is just saying and doing all the right things. Looking forward to the Bolton match because he should definitely get a start.
  11. Exactly. Go into most pubs with Chelsea supporters and you'll see a lot of these types of debates about Oscar and other players. It doesn't mean all these blokes are 'bashing' these players or have agendas against them. People on a forum discussing players in forthright terms....whatever next?
  12. He would take Joe Allen's spot on the left of their diamond or midfield 3. Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week. Well Sterling is a more advanced midfielder, Henderson would play next to him (with slippy Gerrard in there) and Sturridge is a striker. He also wouldn't take Moreno's spot or Mignolet's spot. He'd give Gerrard the help he needs defensively without being as one-dimensional as Leiva, and support the attack without being as useless defensively as Coutinho. Essentially he's a link man like Modric, a better Joe Allen.
  13. Yet he's also been praised for being very proactive in dealing with Lukaku, harrying him and not giving him time on the ball. Did you see that bit in the first half when he had the water bottle in his hand and simply refused to turn it into wine?
  14. What a weird discussion. Barbara, I haven't read any of your posts so I'm not addressing you. Firstly, I think this whole discussion actually belongs in a different thread and not the board one. In terms of the board's handling of English talent, well they bought Gary Cahill in 2012 and that was about as good a bit of business that could be done in that regard in the last three years. I'll state from the outset that I want us to have an English core. We're an English club (very specifically a London club) and it's important to the supporters that we have English players. That won't change. Bu
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