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  1. Don't underestimate how massive that win is. Incredible defensive performance, champions scrape these type of games out. Fantastic.
  2. I hate international breaks so much
  3. @Blues Forever, thank you for your constant transfer updates. Unsung hero.
  4. Reece James can play there too
  5. The guys a nobhead, he's clearly here just fishing for reactions. Stop taking the bait.
  6. Shame he can't reciprocate that dignity that their club apparently has Coming on here basically demanding more money as if he's a representative of their club. Bellend.
  7. The irony that Pep will be the person to end Arteta's career
  8. Branislav looks like a hitman. Wouldn't want to fuck with him.
  9. Word on the street is that he got a slap outside the ground
  10. Arsenal look terrible!! Prime Chelsea to lose against them next week...
  11. Fun fact 2: Chelsea have won more European trophies than Man Utd
  12. Our corners are horrible! Either don't beat the first man or hit it over everyone. See better corners in Sunday league.
  13. What if... Chelsea have leaked the Lukaku story to instill fear in Dortmund that we're ready to walk away from our negotiations and they will have to settle for half of what they could've had, thus forcing their hand to accept.
  14. Not sold on Martinez. He looks good (not great) in a slow league. He would get bullied by PL defenders. Absolutely not the player we need.
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