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  1. Interesting to see his aerial duels won compared to the others, especially with the current concern about his height.
  2. Mine wasn't working, it is now though. Give it a refresh.
  3. Looks like people have narrowed it down to be 3 or 4 players based on the info the press have given. He trended on Twitter 2 days ago for this exact reason, most people palmed it off as bull but now this has broke it's pretty much confirmed it. His wife's also deleted her Instagram.
  4. 31 year old Icelandic international playing for Everton...
  5. Also worth noting that Deco is his agent.
  6. Get a grip mate. Your posts are embarrassing. Constant negativity. Imagine getting upset because tabloids aren't linking us to a player???
  7. Because Southgates a hopeless cockwomble.
  8. Awful game. Lacklustre from England, no fight or desire. I expect Southgate will be gone after this tournament.
  9. You lot sound like QAnon with your conspiracy theories
  10. As if this day couldn't get worse....here comes Kepa..
  11. Ever since Pulisic made the comments about having to prove himself, he has done nothing but prove he should be on the bench...
  12. Of course it'd be a former player...fuck
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