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  1. Why does City going for Grealish affect our pursuit of Haaland in any way? I agree with @Pizy that while Grealish is a gem of a player he doesn't make City any better than they already were because they can only field a fixed amount of attacking players at once and the ones they already have are just as good as Grealish. I think with Grealish signing they are slowly starting to phase out KDB who's already 30yo and beginning to have more and more injury problems.
  2. Agree. Loved watching Rüdiger in the second half of last season, but pre-Tuchel I'd been wanting him to get sold for a good 1-2 years. At the moment I guess I'd look how he plays till around November-December and then decide whether to open contract talks or start preparing for him potentially leaving on a free transfer. He can start negotiating with other clubs in January but even if he hasn't signed a renewal before then he could still easily end up staying if he doesn't get the contract offer he wants from other clubs either. I believe the club's highest paid players get around £250-30
  3. They also share the same agent, so if the club are interested in Tchouameni talks could already be ongoing between the club and the player's entourage. After Gallagher's loan deal it's obvious the club need to dip into the market for a 4th midfielder and I wouldnt' say no to Tchouameni. I've made it clear Rice is my top option but like I wrote here a few days ago he's not the one I think the club should be after this summer. Rice would expect to be an immediate starter and would maybe disrupt Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic who have all played really well under Tuchel, but maybe Tchouameni wouldn'
  4. Yeah. If they had zero intention of selling they wouldn't publicly flirt about the possibility someone putting in a crazy bid. Don't think such a bid will be coming their way though. Marina hasn't really succeeded in selling the unwanted players this window (Tammy, Batshuayi, Barkley, Bakayoko, Emerson etc.) who could potentially bring in enough funds to make a crazy bid for Haaland financially viable, and I have a feeling Dortmund won't sell near the end of the window no matter what so the bid would have to be made in the next week or so and I can't see that happening.
  5. €4M/year in wages sounds quite reasonable, if true.
  6. Reports on Kounde's current wage range from around 50-70K / week. Their highest paid players make around 100K/wk. Zouma at the moment should be around the same (some reports £50K/wk) so I don't really see how that would be a huge problem for Sevilla unless Kurt is looking for a big pay rise to 'downgrade' clubs.
  7. Colwill is not part of pre-season because he already joined Huddersfield on loan for 21/22, that was confirmed already in June. He's only 18yo so with him there's plenty of time to develop into a role but first he has to impress in the Championship before even thinking about including him. As for Mbuyamba, he's been injured a alot since joining and hasn't even had many chances to play at PL2 level so he'll defo stay with the development squad for now.
  8. That doesn't seem too outrageous, and if the fee was 30M€ up front+ 5M€ add-ons then even better. Hopefully that will be enough for Sevilla. Basically that would mean the club traded Guehi, Tomori and Zouma for Koundé and got almost 20M€ cash on top.
  9. I believe he said that in Romano's podcast where he was a guest speaker to talk about Haaland. If Dortmund's internal deadline for 1st week of August is true (which I would be inclined to believe) then we'll know something soon enough. Either the club will soon step up and go all-in with a massive bid that's simply too good for Dortmund to refuse or just give up on the whole thing. Whatever happens it won't drag till the end of the window, which is good for everyone.
  10. Yeah, we'll see what happens. As for the player valuations, Lamela is definitely not worth €25M and that doesn't even need arguing. On Transfermarkt he was listed at €16M and while that seems quite fair I doubt any club would have paid even that much for him in the current financial climate. Zouma is listed at €32M which seems fair as well, and in a straight cash transfer he could go for a bit less than that. If Lamela's value in the exchange transfer somehow got inflated to €25M we shouldn't even consider Zouma being valued at a penny less than €40M in any part-exchange deal if we'r
  11. I dislike this kind of statistics because playing for Real Madrid or Brighton are two completely different things so comparing for example Varane and White on defensive stats (tackles, interceptions, clearances etc.) is pointless. Of course the CB playing for a bottom level club will have more defensive actions per game than one playing for a team who control most of their games on the opposition half. That said, on an individual level without comparing to the others Koundé comes across really impressive in almost all metrics. I could see him fitting really well in the RCB role.
  12. They accepted €25M + Lamela from Spurs for Bryan Gil who's supposedly a really good talent and had a release clause of €50M. Lamela is for sure not worth €25M so that means Sevilla had to settle for an overall package a good €10-15M less than the release clause because they're in some financial trouble. If I had to guess Sevilla would take €60M cash for Koundé but with a player exchange it would probably be somewhere around Zouma + €30M. Zouma should probably be valued around €25-30M, which is in line with the club's rumored asking price and the player's valuation on Transfermarkt (€32M).
  13. Yea, some journo tweeted that talks over Koundé transfer have been ongoing for two weeks now and today's the first we're hearing of it. Who the hell is that guy?
  14. Yea. Wouldn't be surprised if the timing is linked, and Dortmund have made it clear they're not selling Haaland this year so the club are starting to use the 'war chest' on other areas instead. Maybe by early August we'll also start hearing some news about the midfield situation as well, assuming Tuchel isn't planning to use one of the loan army there as backup instead.
  15. True, but it'd also be some smart pre-emptive planning ahead of a bigger CB rebuild later on. Zouma is perhaps not good enough, Silva will definitely leave in 2022 due to his age and at the moment Rüdiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta all have their contracts up next summer as well. I don't think all three will leave (especially Azpi) but I wouldn't be surprised if Rüdiger did, and there's already been some talk that he could choose not to extend his deal and get a big pay day somewhere else as a free agent. It would be a disaster going into the 2022/23 season and potentially having to g
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