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  1. The five before them aren't so bad though. 3rd April - WBA (home) 10th April - Palace (away) 17th April - Brighton (home) 24th April - West Ham (away) 1st May - Fulham (home) Next three games will be vital. Still being in a good position top4-wise after United, Liverpool, Everton would give a massive confidence boost going into the 'easier' run of games.
  2. Sure it's not been perfect but so far it's gotten the results with solid performances, especially defensively. I think for now it's a good idea for Tuchel to just continue steadying the ship and stick with the same formation for a while. Introducing a new formation with new player roles just before some hugely important games is not really a good idea.
  3. Three at the back has been working really well under Tuchel so there's no need to tinker, especially with a tough run of fixtures coming up. If it's not broken, don't fix it. If results or performances start getting worse, only then it's time to try something else.
  4. I'll go with: Mendy, Rüdiger, Christensen, Azpi, Chilwell, Kante, Jorginho, James, Ziyech, Werner, Giroud Rest Kovacic, Mount and CHO for next week's tough games against Atletico and Man Utd. And Alonso Last time against this lot Timo scored two goals, hope for the same on Saturday to boost his confidence ahead of CL.
  5. Would think they've already had some early discussions about summer 2021 transfers before Tuchel even signed on so don't think there will be problems that early. And playing Kepa last night was clearly done to get in Marina's good books because she's desperate for Kepa to be a success. But yeah, the 18 month deal is still good either way. Getting top4 from difficult circumstances would certainly get him some good will with the board but continuing further than the initial 18 month deal will depend entirely on how he does next season. If he gets the team really challenging for the title ne
  6. It wasn't 'the first rough spell' though, the signs were there all along after Lampard's initial honeymoon period around August - November 2019. Too many mistakes and too little improvement. After what we saw from Frank this season did anyone think we'd be challenging for the title next year with him in charge? Frank's contract was up this summer anyway so if a change was to be made, it's good to have made it as early as possible to allow Tuchel to implement his ideas and gain some form before going into next season. And if Tuchel now makes top4 the sacking already proves more than justif
  7. Maybe, but new manager bounce is still a thing that exists. If things get stale under current management, it usually helps just to make the change even if it's only for a breath of fresh air and a few new ideas in the short term. Of course I wouldn't sack Lampard just to get someone like Shevchenko in immediately but if Lampard gets some more time to turn things around and it doesn't work out, no proper manager will take the job just for the sake of 2-3 months if appointed in February or March and that's where a coach like Sheva could come in and try to scrape a European spot in whatever
  8. The kid is 14 years old, he couldn't play even if his dad wanted to.
  9. Probably a bullshit article but as interim coach till the summer, why not? Shevchenko has a great relationship with Abramovich and as far as I know he's got the Ukraine NT playing some nice football, especially during the Euro2020 qualifiers where they finished top of their group ahead of Portugal. He's always talked fondly of his time at the club even though he flopped badly and like it says in the article even his son plays in the Chelsea academy. Hadn't even considered this possibility but could be something worth thinking about. The likes of Tuchel, Allegri etc. won't accept an inter
  10. Yeah I didn't really mean hiring Benitez exactly but rather the type of appointment he was in 2012 when the club wanted to wait for Jose. The interim coach could be someone who's reputation has taken a hit and is desperate to be given a chance (think Benitez in the past) or someone who doesn't necessarily have the required qualifications either but is brought in to trust in the new manager bounce (think Di Matteo in the past). I don't think even Benitez would decline it to be honest. His last few jobs have been largely failures and he's currently managing in China so he could just be desp
  11. No chance of that happening, at least not mid-season. Leicester are playing great football and are one point off the top in the league and still playing EL football so he's not going anywhere, at least not till the summer. And if the club are willing to wait that long before appointing a new permanent manager I doubt Rodgers would be at the top of the list ahead of trying to get someone like Nagelsmann. If Frank goes it's a coin toss between Tuchel and Allgeri I would think. Or go for someone like Benitez as interim coach to steady the ship and wait for better options till the season is o
  12. Yep. And it's not like the ways of the club haven't changed in the last ten years too. In the current Chelsea setup I can't see something like Ancelotti's sacking happening anymore, a year after winning the double and then finishing second. Roman and the board seem a lot less ruthless now than a decade ago and the managers these days won't be getting sacked after a trophyless season as long as there's still progress made and the manager doesn't go on the warpath with the board like Conte did. Even Lampard's job would be more than safe if he was on course for a ~75pts finish in the le
  13. This 1000%. Last season Lampard did a good job under difficult circumstances and has done a lot of ground work in making the squad better in the post-Hazard era. I will always give Lampard a lot of credit for that and still maintain the opinion that he was the right hire at the time but all along I've had my doubts over his long-term future. He was primarily brought in to steady the ship, implement some of the academy youngsters and start the rebuild of a slowly ageing squad filled with players brought by many different managers and different play styles. No top class manager would h
  14. Yep, that's how I saw it as well. If there was a foul to begin with, it was one committed by Christensen and not on him.
  15. Would take Pochettino in a heart beat. A shame he looks set for PSG. Can't really think of any other good choices who are available mid-season. The likes of Tuchel, Favre, Allegri etc. won't accept an interim role and I wouldn't want any of them as permanent manager. So it's either Lamps till end of the season or another Guus Hiddink / Rafa Benitez type appointment till a more permanent option can be hired next summer.
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