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  1. 3rd place is secured even with a loss. Unless you think Spurs are winning Norwich by at least 17 goals.
  2. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/antonio-ruediger-Chelsea-fc-soccer-premier-league Rüdiger says good bye with an article. Very well written, what a man.
  3. It's not Mount's fault the others are benched more regularly because of their inconsistency and thus play less minutes. There's a reason why among the more attacking minded players Mount is 1st in minutes played as well, and the reason is stated in the statistics you quoted above. Without even needing a fact check I'm pretty certain Mount is 1st in at least 8/10 of those statistics even if we review the stats per every 90 minutes played. Btw, Mount's G+A output this season in the league (11G + 10A) is far better than Willian ever managed in his 7 year Chelsea career (best was 9G+7A).
  4. Talking to a player and enquiring whether he's interested in a move or not doesn't mean the transfer needs to be confirmed before the takeover is officially completed. Just today Matt Law reported that Marina & Cech have already been doing a lot of leg work regarding the summer transfer window, which probably translates to sending out scouts and having preliminary discussions with the agents of the potential transfer targets. Once the ownership situation is finalized, they can then start official transfer proceedings straight away without needing to start from scratch. If they wait ti
  5. LeBron James owns a tiny minority stake of Liverpool through FSG, who have around 30 partners overall. The likes of Hamilton or Williams being included in Broughton's consortium is just like that, doesn't mean anything really. Would imagine all of the remaining bidders have at least a couple dozen people involved with varying degrees of involvement. What matters most is who owns the controlling stake and who they put in place to take care of the club's major decisions.
  6. Werner's high salary could become a stumbling block though. That is of course unless he's willing to lower his demands to get a move.
  7. He was decent but nowhere near world class level. At no point in the first 3,5 years of Rüdiger's time at the club did any of us think 'damn that Rüdiger is one of the best defenders in the world, we must keep him at all costs'. He played under three different managers and his peak was nowhere near the level he's now shown under Tuchel's management, I sure as hell wouldn't have shed a single tear if he'd been sold at any point pre-Tuchel arrival. Anyway, that still doesn't answer my question. Before summer 2021, based on their performances since coming to the club in summer 2017 would yo
  8. Pre-Tuchel did you honestly want either Rüdiger or Christensen to sign extensions? If either of them signed new deals under Lampard while playing some of the worst football of their careers, a lot of people would've been up in arms about rewarding mediocrity yet again. Tuchel came in and both started looking good, but surely you'd want to wait a while before even thinking of starting contract negotiations to make sure it's not just a rare purple patch and then revert back to their previous level with a new high-paid five year deal in their pockets? After the 2020/21 season the cards were
  9. If he was buying the club with a bunch of other investors like he said he wants to, I would assume the other investors just get a chance to buy the shares from his estate once he's passed. Or alternatively his share of the club would be inherited by his daughter who also seems to be a billionaire herself.
  10. Haven't warmed up to the idea of signing Dembele at all, but I suppose a six month loan wouldn't be the worst outcome. We'd get to see how well he fits in the team and if he proved a success, he could then be signed as a free agent in the summer but if there were too many question marks over the signing the club could just cut ties after the season anyways.
  11. Last summer's transfer window was not included on the accounts for year 20/21. The previous year of heavy spending (around -190m€ net) was included in the amortisations. Would assume the next one is much better when matchday income has (so far) returned to more or less normal and transfers for the 21/22 season are included, when there have been sales of around 160m€ consisting mostly from academy players who had zero amortisation value to begin with.
  12. Nope, he got offered a 2 year deal.
  13. Get him the fuck out of the club and fast, it's getting really embarrassing. The most wrong I've been with a transfer in a long time. Considered him at the very least a decent squad filler but with the kind of performances he keeps having I wouldn't even trust him to play the Chesterfield match in the FA Cup 3rd round. Surely the problem has to be a mental one? He's never even had any bad injuries but all of a sudden his ability to play the game of football just seems to have vanished almost overnight. Maybe he wasn't at his best even at Atletico in the last 1-2 years but surely he
  14. I think it's too early to make such claims. Lukaku started off with a good scoring record (4 goals in his first 4 games for the club) which in my opinion definitely justified picking him for the next few matches as well. In hindsight he might not have been the best option for some of them (especially City) but at the time his selection was definitely made on merit and not because he cost so much and was somehow 'untouchable' because of the price tag. Then after a few bad games he got injured so we'll never know if he'd have continued starting games regardless of opponent and form. Tu
  15. I would guess it's because generally speaking the more expensive players are usually the ones who have had better careers / performances elsewhere before joining the club and that makes it "easier" for many people to grant them that little bit of extra credit in the bank to show they can still make it even if they struggle. On the other hand someone who's never shown anything special is "easier" to write off if they continue to be bad. Obviously for someone like Lukaku the expectations should be sky high due to the transfer fee and wages he's on, but at the same time I think it's ridiculo
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