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  1. Yep. We've seen it better than most with Werner and Havertz that good/great performances in the Bundesliga don't directly translate to similar performances in the PL, whether the reason is the league itself being higher level or players just needing time to adapt. I for one was fully expecting Sancho to struggle initially and wasn't that bothered by United getting him. Obviously he can still become a massive player for them in the future but the transition was always going to be difficult and it hasn't been made any easier by having a clueless manager in Ole.
  2. I don't think Marina, Cech etc. can be blamed for the transfer ban. I believe that was more on Michael Emenalo than anyone else.
  3. So you're saying is there are 24 points up for grabs against the so called 'rivals' but that also means there's 90 points up for grabs against everyone else in the league. The league title will be decided on how many points the team get from the other 90 rather than results against the rivals.
  4. As far as I know he was only 'poor' when judged by the sky high standards he had previously set for himself, but even then I would think he was still a useful player because he kept starting most games. No way he was that bad for two years and still kept his place as a regular starter in a team that just won the league title in Spain last season and has one of the best squads in the country. Still early days but not looking promising at all, though it has to be said that Kovacic had an underwhelming first season as well and once he got going he became much better. If it weren't for the tr
  5. Was an isolated figure today but boy did he take his chances well. World class finishing.
  6. Yep. If the buy option for Saul is triggered I don't see much of a need to get any new midfielders next year, unless some of Kante/Jorginho/Kovacic are moved on for some reason. And in any case there's also the likes of Gilmour (and Gallagher) to consider as well. If Saul turns out to be disappointing and won't be signed permanently at the end of the loan then it's a whole new scenario but guess we'll know more about that in 6 months or so.
  7. Would guess he's only training with the first team because most players are out with their international squads and Tuchel needs the numbers to have a team training. I don't think anyone is suggesting he's being permanently promoted to the senior squad, though if he impresses Tuchel in training anything's possible I guess.
  8. That transfer income figure is not even close to being true, which makes it all the more impressive. I've seen the wrong figures reported on pretty much every media out there, which is just lazy from the journalists. I believe they're checking the numbers from Transfermarkt, but for some reason that site has listed notable sales like Guehi, Livramento, Ugbo under Chelsea U23 and not Chelsea FC. Abraham €40M Zouma €35M Tomori €29.2M Guehi €23.3M Zappacosta €9M Livramento €5.9M Moses €5M Bate €1.75M Simeu €1.75M Peart-Harris €1.
  9. Jype


    Don't think William Saliba and Matteo Guendouzi have anything nice to say about Arteta either, though it has to be said the latter is a first grade cunt himself as well. I do hope they stick with Arteta though, because they're going nowhere as a club under him and the longer their demise goes on the harder it will be for them to bounce back.
  10. Yep, he comes across really well. Says he felt he needed a change of scenery to get out of his comfort zone to really challenge himself at a new club, and that he wants to show people that the Saul of +2 years ago is still there just waiting to be unleashed again. That's pretty much word for word what I said last week when it first came out the club had made an offer to sign him. Saul also said Chelsea have promised him he'll be training and playing in his preferred midfield position, and not bounced around all over the pitch like Simeone did in the last couple years. Playing just one po
  11. The option to buy will be either €25M or €30M. Even better than the €35M some reported before.
  12. Saul on loan for €5M with a €35M buy option is a hell of a deal, hats off to Marina. This again shows it's only a good thing for the club that she doesn't budge in transfer negotiations. Sure we didn't get Kounde in the end but if she caved on that one she would have had to cave with Saul too and got a much worse deal on that one.
  13. His current contract was signed in June 2020, so more than a year ago. I don't think a loan with a £17M buy option + buy-back clause is a bad deal. In any case he needs a loan deal to get more consistent playing time, and I don't mind the buy option included in the deal because it's all about playing the odds. Chances are he'll never make it to be Chelsea starting player level so if he can potentially be sold for £17M after the loan it'd be a great deal. If he then defies the odds and becomes a star player in the next few years he could easily be bought back for a net loss of just £1
  14. I don't think it's a matter of getting a replacement. They already signed Rodrigo de Paul for midfield earlier. It's probably more to do with the clubs not agreeing a deal. Atletico want a permanent transfer or loan with obligation to buy, whereas we only want a loan with a buy option. Now let's see if Atletico are just bluffing and agree to a loan with a buy option if at the end of the day it's still the only offer on the table and the clock is ticking down.
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