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  1. Towards latter stages of season he has not been the same but first half of season, he looked the real deal. Acceleration, good strength and excellent finishing as well as anticipation. You only have to see the quality of some of his goals to see there is a top striker there eg West Ham in FA Cup, Palace and Brighton goals in the league. His goal against Brighton was pure class. You just can't help but watch it over and over again. He is only 20 too, so he will improve. Although he did not score against United at Old Trafford, he terrorized their defence and he was magnificent. He was give
  2. His goals dried up and his goal record in the league was underwhelming but you can see he has the tools to a top striker. I defo think he would suit us as impact player next season with his acceleration. Cannot sell under any cost.
  3. His wages are ridiculous and when they gave him the contract, they knew they already had a no.1 keeper. It is good having competition but to give the reported wages to a disputed no.1 is ridiculous. But it is United...
  4. Ironically, I am sure he is talking about you, even though I know you wasn't making a joke about it. Could be wrong, LOL.
  5. Yes, correct. And he still is not appreciated as much as he should be. Really bewildering.
  6. Win ideal but for me Spurs win is better than Arsenal win. The commentator also said that bad news for Chelsea because of Spurs winning. Well I disagree. It would be more worse for us if Arsenal won imo as with Spurs winning we basically have 3rd guaranteed. Even a Spurs win means we only need a draw to get top 4 unless Spurs have some massive goal swing in their last couple game and tonight.
  7. Just another goal and assist in the same game. Common feat. 13 goals and 16 assists in all competitions this season. Amazing.
  8. Draw is perfect result for us, but if I had to choose a winner I would rather Spurs win. Because even if Spurs win, it would mean we only need a point realistically to ensure a finish above them. Arsenal win and they still could finish above us which I don't want.
  9. Azpi needs to come out the team. Play Chalobah. His minutes have been so limited, that he played for the development team tonight. This is a must win game for Leeds and they will raise their A game. They were unlucky not to get something at the end today, especially with 10. I reckon we will get top 4, but I really do know want to finish below Arsenal. I will hate to drop points this game and be in predicament of needing Arsenal to win so that top 4 is more secure and not worry about Spurs catching us, however at same time losing 3rd spot to Arsenal.
  10. Especially to Arsenal (with their fanbase) and Spurs. Just no.
  11. Poor, poor performance. Tuchel, messed up too. You have 2 subs left and you bring on Ziyech and Pulisic, not Lukaku. Look, I get you are planning for like without Lukaku but he had to come on. Ridiculous not too. Werner and Havertz were poor all game and your CF who changed the game last week is left on the bench. Bemusing. RLC was the only one who comes out with credit today.
  12. How United got a point out of that is a joke. We dominated them and should of been 3 easy points. Even United at it's worst, manage to still nick something against us. Bloody annoying and allowing them to concede within minutes of us scoring is poor. James MOTM by far. His crossing was brilliant tonight.
  13. I like Lamptey a lot but I still think he has more to work on. Especially his end product. Good at beating a man etc but needs to be more consistent. Has very good balance so doesnt get bullied of the ball but his height can be a issue which other teams will target. Misses way too many games as well. Think someone mentioned him earlier, but I really like Djed Spence. Looks a brilliant prospect. But I think he will be looking to go to a PL team to start which he can easily do. At us would not be guaranteed starter.
  14. They have also looked quite decent on the counter. Defo not a ultra-defensive game they are playing.
  15. Yeah, Chalobah missing out again I am bemused by. Tuchel also indicated before the presser last game that he is due an imminent start.
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