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  1. I am glad to see James given MOTM, however had Alexander-Arnold had that type of game, the pundits would non stop talking about him having to be in England squad etc. James was a monster today. He scored a goal against Villa and was not that good in actual game and it was all the "how is TAA not in the England squad etc...
  2. I think generally, he has had a very solid season. First few months of season he was arguably our best player, then had a dip in form like many of our other players however when he has played under Tuchel, he has looked ever so solid. One thing though, this was probably his best offensive performance for us for a long while.
  3. Wow. What a turnaround in events. Thanks a lot Aguero. I wonder if he done that on purpose as he wants to play UCL with us next season Anyway to the game, my MOTM was Reece James. He was brilliant. He was brilliant defensively and offensively. Thought Pulisic was outstanding too. The amount of fouls he drew and counter attacks he initiated was amazing. I thought when Gilmour conceded that penalty, that was us finished. Wow. Totally ecstatic right now. Don't want to get complacent but that should be us top 4. Also paid off, resting likes of Mount, Chilwell, Silva and also Havertz di
  4. And there next game is on Friday... really strange one. Would of been interesting to see what he would do if the fans was there...
  5. This is why I was angry when United and Liverpool was postponed. That timing was suitable for us and they put out their strongest available team. Even if they do the same on Thursday, they will be fatigued.
  6. Exactly. I mean when I hear people make excuses for them saying their squad is not good enough for top 4. Utter nonsense. Saka, Laca, Auba, Tierney, Partey, Odegaard, Gabriel are all players who are top 4 quality. Not just that, they have very good squad players. Martinelli, Pepe has not reached the heights expected but he is a decent squad option. This is one of the best squads they had for years and they flopped big time which is the truth. Our squad last season baring in mind we lost Hazard and had many players coming from loan who previous season were playing in Championship, was weak
  7. Meanwhile, I placed £15 on Arteta to be sacked at 6.00 aka 6/1 odds. Pretty sure price will keep lowering as it was 7.00 not too long ago. The Arsenal board probably will keep him on anyway, but worth a punt.
  8. Not just that. Sending out Saliba on loan while his team mate Fofana who Rodgers plays, looks quality, meanwhile Arteta doesnt trust Saliba who was rated higher than Fofana. His tactical flaws have been evident way throughout. Any other owners would have sacked Arteta by now. Emery proved tonight that he is a good manager. Tactically outsmarted Arteta both games. Arsenal should be beating Villareal. Even the other games they have gone through, they not looked convincing in any of the games apart from when they beat Slavia Prague away from home.
  9. Pepe got a lot of flack last season tbh, but yh agreed. Partey too has been below par this season. Was absolutely awful tonight. People make excuses and say they do not have squad to challenge for top 4 etc. Was our squad top 4 material last season? Not necessarily but we did it. Too many excuses made for them.
  10. He was hyped up too much tbh. He had a bigger reputation than a lot of managers because he worked with Pep and won FA Cup, but he has been tactically really bad this season. It is crazy that there is more pressure on Ole and Jose losing their jobs than Arteta yet both are better placed in league. Spurs obviously sacked Mourinho now, but Arteta seems to get away with a lot. I genuinely thought Arsenal might win Europa and have won of their seasons where they do shit but have some cup glory and there fans talk like they have had a brilliant season but no, they were dull and had no real ideas ton
  11. One person hoping Kroenke stays is Arteta because that is the only way he stays in the job. 9th in the table and blown again another brilliant chance of reaching the UCL.
  12. Jesus christ. It is the same on the other forum. People taking shots at Lamps and rightly so people are coming in and hitting out against those who are taking shots at him. Lamps regardless of what he said played a huge part in us getting through the UCL, finishing top and eased through the group. He is a legend and one of us and I am sure will be delighted in us reaching the final. Can't people just be happy we are in a final. Started by Lamps and finished by Tuchel and hopefully best to come . You would think Lamps is some villain the way people are taking unnecessary shots at him. It is a b
  13. I think they may bring Liverpool's game against WBA forward to midweek instead of weekend. Liverpool are scheduled to play them on May 16th, however in the week leading up to it, Liverpool do not have a midweek fixture, so think they may push that back there and have United and Liverpool play on that weekend as United are not scheduled to play that weekend. Seems only realistic option.
  14. I'm actually really annoyed that game did not go ahead with United and Liverpool. United still had a purpose to play for. Not wanting to gift City the title win, especially from their fierce rivals Liverpool and also they aren't mathematically guaranteed top 4. By the time the game is rearranged, United will be guaranteed top 4 and will have focus clearly set on Europa League final. Not happy about that at all. That team Unite put out yesterday, let's see if they put out that strong of a team in rearranged fixture...
  15. TBH, he is up there with the best CF on the planet right now. He is very animated on the pitch but he works his socks off and plays to win. I don't think it will happen but he literally looks a complete striker right now.
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