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  1. With us 1-0 up, honestly would like to see Puli come on for Ziyech for counter attack and this Liverpool defence look frightened of pace.
  2. Either way, there are games under Tuchel we should be winning. Wolves at home, we should have won. Southampton away who are in terrible form we dropped points too as well. Next 2 games is going to be really vital.
  3. I get he has not had enough time to work with team etc, hence he is not over-eager to change up things too much, but honestly need to see it a bit more bite in attack. There are matches this season, today included where due to the pragmatic approach it has cost us 3 points. Wolves, Southampton we should have won but I think TT choices cost us the win. Now Everton have it in their hands and on a PPG approach, they would be above us, assuming they win. Villa too. Liverpool in front now. There is not that much games left also. I like the confidence in possession and the players look a lot more as
  4. At start of second half, the cameras clearly showed him with strapping around his knee.
  5. He has had injuries. I don't recall Cuardado having one really good game at us. Ziyech has had at least 3 and then had 2 injury spells and has not been able to build up a real rhythm.
  6. Well tbh, he ha hardly started. He needs to be given a run of games to build up form, otherwise, the player will never ever look match sharp.
  7. Honestly, we have had a lot of the ball, but there is no pace in behind. I highly doubt we score if we continue with same formation/players. No can can get in behind and just looks way too stiff. No sign that will break them down.
  8. Well that will be the partnering in the second leg.
  9. Kante should have come on for Jorginho not Kovacic.
  10. But he is making things happen and is looking lively. I would no way take him off under any circumstances right now.
  11. I think it will give the team more fluidity tbh. Atletico are used to dealing with players like Giroud.
  12. Mount has been good and I trust him to keep his cool. Giroud has been poor with the hold up play. Would prefer one of Ziyech/Puli or Havertz to come on for him. Too much attacking quality on bench, who we should be capitalizing on.
  13. I totally agree. Yes I guess Grealish is used out wide but it is just a measure to show that when Mount gets to their age he will be a lot better than he is now and I just don’t get the harsh criticism he gets at times. He is the second youngest player after Robben to get into double figures in the league for us and is also a regular for club and country. I genuinely think he has the ability to easily get into double figures a season.
  14. Well there is so much other talented players. He just happens to be one of them. I mean even the England team let alone squad is so hard to pick right now, such is the talent in that squad.
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