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  1. Broja may suit his system better but you are basing it on one game. Inconclusive to say that yet imo. Mount was outstanding in our youth teams and was outstanding on loan at Vitesse and Derby. Broja done very well at Vitesse but did he have the form where you are thinking, "he gets into Chelsea's stikeforce mix next season". I wouldn't say he did. I mean he certainly may fare better with better players but I just think that would be very risky to sell Abraham and not buy another striker.
  2. This is why pre-season is deceiving. One decent/good performance and people believe that is the answer to all our questions. Sometimes the player with a point to prove or looking to eagerly impress the manager often do impress more. I remember Kenedy few seasons ago looking good. I mean if people think Broja is better than Abraham right now, then based on what? Abraham is a proven goalscorer in the Championship and Premiership and also scored more than Broja in the youth set ups too. I think Broja is a huge talent but when the season starts and suddenly he gets thrown in the deep end and looks
  3. Never like the idea of player+cash deals, especially when I believe Zouma is a very valuable asset to the squad. I would rather we pay the clause for Zouma than buy another player and give Zouma away for free as part of the deal. Kounde is very good but PL is a whole different ball game. What is there to suggest Kounde is worth Zouma leaving on a free and paying a sum for Kounde. Zouma is average on the ball but dominant in the air and provides a genuine attacking threat from set-pieces which is always a bonus if we have likes of Ziyech and Mount whipping the balls in. I trust the board if the
  4. He is a Champions League winner at the age of 22. How about that.
  5. Lukaku is one of those strikers, he can get 100 goals in a season but people will still have their doubts about him. I agree, he has his flaws but last season he was brilliant. He scored, assisted and ran his socks off. I agree his attitude can stink sometimes, and he is a big moaner but I am pretty sure he will score goals. He is extremely passionate and loves to win/score. I also think he has improved massively since leaving United and worked on his flaws. Conte brought the best out of him.
  6. Fortunately for us, the USA manager said he would rest him for the Gold cup after a grueling season with us. He wants to try out some of the other players also with a view to qualification for the 2022 world cup.
  7. Crazy Spain are so reluctant to bring on Traore. Italy will be trembling in fear if he comes on.
  8. Emerson looks good.
  9. Doku was Belgium's best player. Was a constant menace but Italy thoroughly deserved that.
  10. Donnarumma has looked very commanding in goal tonight.
  11. They were atrocious and Germany were excellent lol. He has had 2 quality games and 2 sub-par games. He scored and wasn't he also involved in every goal that Germany scored right..
  12. Well, against Portugal he was one of the best players on the pitch...
  13. Havertz was quality. Not sure how you can say different. Must of been watching the France game because he was very good against Portugal. If not excellent, very good.
  14. Havertz was brilliant against Portugal. Him, Gnabry and Goosens were their best players that game.
  15. Honestly, DCL is far from a poaches or tap-in merchant. He has brilliant hold up play, is brilliant in the air and also has pace. His game has evolved and he pretty much is a top all rounded striker. I probably would say he is the best header of the ball in the league in terms of providing a goalscoring threat. Allso can play on the shoulder and run past his defender.
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