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  1. All the boys from the academy who scored. Fantastic
  2. Kovacic getting a lot better with his creativity. That is what 3/4 assists this season already? Not just any assist as well. 2 of those assists have been of real quality.
  3. He would play at LCB a few times as well I would have reckoned, especially in recent games with Rudiger injured. But yeah, both very similar characteristics tbh but Guehi is more adept in using either foot hence why he usually plays on the left hand side. The academy has to be given a lot of praise in bringing out such technical CB and the composure to play from the back. Guehi, Tomori, Christensen, Chalobah, Colwill. Jake Clarke-Slater another one who is brilliant on the ball but just not currently at the aforenetioned player's level currently.
  4. Guehi looks so good. Brilliant on the ball, fast, good in the air and looks a real player. If Palace had not put that bid in, I am pretty sure he would be starting a lot of games this season.
  5. I think it will. But nothing is guaranteed. We have had tough games and chopping and changing with line ups. I reckon goals will come flying in.
  6. Either way though, we have a focal point and that for me makes a big difference. You may see it as the attacking performances will catch up with us. I see it as hopefully soon, they will click into gear. City we were just way too defensive. I mean, honestly despite his flaws would I be genuinely confident of a title challenge without Lukaku? No. Do I think now we have him, we have a genuine chance of winning the league? Yes. I do.
  7. I generally think it will. We have already beaten Arsenal, Spurs away from home convincingly. Liverpool got a point away and all the other 'smaller' teams we have beaten by a good margin also. Villa are a good outfit and despite scoreline flattering us we beat them 3-0. Last season we would struggle in those games to finish teams off. In our next few fixtures coming up, we can generate a good advantage if we beat them and I would bank on Lukaku scoring in majority of them. I think the smaller games this season, may well be defining factor in us winning league this season. I still expect Liverp
  8. City and Liverpool can get away with it because in City's case they have took much quality over the team and on their day, probably the best footballing side in Europe. Liverpool on otherhand have natural goalscorers in Salah and Mane (despite him being a bit off this season). In our case we have a lot of quality, but not enough consistent goalscorers hence the stats for our outfield players being so low last season, however now having Lukaku for me provides City with their biggest threat. We will win more games than we dropped points last season and can actually challenge them. While other te
  9. That is an absurd comment. Come on Laura, real exaggeration. Yes, he is limited in aspects but he is also a big plus as well. He will score goals and when we create more chances, IJ am sure he will be scoring a lot more. Knee-jerk reactions is so funny because few weeks time, when he is scoring again, people will change their tune. There is a long way to go but we are top right now whilst already visiting Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and playing City at home and have had the most difficult fixtures out of our rivals, along with City. All games where our rivals can drop points and we are in a
  10. He also held up the ball really well in the second half and laid it off to Werner who unfortunately could not finish. But that was great strength and awareness from Lukaku who should of had assist to his name. Was not his best game but let's not act like he was completely invisible.
  11. No need to press the panic button yet, but sometimes it would be good to see Tuchel switch formation from time to time. Even when we are 1-0 down, we just stick with the same 3 at the back formation. Why not have more attackers and go 4-2-3-1? Because if we often switch up formation, may make it even more difficult to play against us due to our ability to change formation. It also seems to me that the 3-4-2-1 is not getting consistent performances from our attackers. Every single attacking midfielder/winger and striker seem to get lost and I am not saying it is purely down to formation, howeve
  12. Last 2 games have shown how badly he is missed. His work rate, his runs with and without the ball and his ability to draw fouls is underestimated. Last 2 games we have looked lost for ideas offensively. His importance in the team is realised more when he is not playing.
  13. Lack of width is an issue once again.
  14. He had a really good game. Can't believe that he is being criticized by a few. Don't get me wrong I don't want him playing as a CM in most premier league games as he will be more susceptible to losing the ball against better midfield players, however he was very good last night, for a player who has not had much action, he constantly drove us through with his marauding runs. Really pleased with his performance.
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