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  1. Apparently it's okay to foul defenders in the box when you want a penalty now? When did this rule come in?
  2. Penalties can go either way, but we should absolutely have been out of sight during normal play. It's ridiculous.
  3. The penalty decision and the fluke cross goal were the main clues for that one haha
  4. When it's not your day it's not your day. Highlighted by an attempted cross that is sliced and ends up in the goal, and a ridiculous penalty call that is even upheld by var.
  5. The sheer amount of luck and bullshit in this game has been unreal.
  6. Could've sworn I clicked on the Havertz thread. My mistake *backs away slowly*
  7. Not only was he (slightly) offside but Tomori got the ball anyway so it shouldn't have been a pen on both counts.
  8. About the most frustrating game of football I've seen this season. We contrive to lose to a genuinely shite Man Utd team, because after half time we chose to literally do nothing and hope for a draw. Fucking hell.I love Conte but he got that one wrong in a big way.
  9. Their first goal was utterly fucking lucky, almost comically so. That is then compounded by the Willian injury which I think also led to a change of formation to 3-5-2 which we aren't very good at with our current personnel. Second goal is lucky as fuck as well, they score 2 goals not from skill but from luck, and that's super frustrating.
  10. He also made a vital save with his foot from a Kolarov cross from the byline that was heading straight to Dzeko for a tap in.
  11. Not that you can actually buy it right now since the store isn't working correctly.... Annoying.
  12. I thought it seemed more like Mourinho was telling Conte to fight for the title. Could've sworn I heard "fight for the title" towards the end, could very well be wrong though.
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