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  1. Beepu


    Willian trying to play a pass
  2. Haha I am actually not a fan of SNSD.. So I don't really follow the releases.
  3. Thank you Branislav. Without a doubt one of the best defenders we've had and the decline in the past year or so will not change that. Absolute legend and will be missed. Good luck Ivanovic.
  4. Thought he did well, considering that Hull had 9 players back most of the time leaving very little space for him. Nowhere near a disgraceful performance.
  5. Point so well made it had to be driven four times.
  6. Totally agree. Costa can be quite annoying but I've never seen him try to hurt players intentionally, and yet he is the villain.
  7. Don't think I can take anymore of this. I'm getting sick from it.
  8. Yeah that was ridiculous and blatant. This was much worse though, in terms of damage that he could've done to Luiz. Hope he gets what he deserves.
  9. I remember a few months ago some here were doubting him and saying things like "if only we had Pep." I don't remember who it was but if you are reading this, do everyone and yourself a favour and just retire from the internet.
  10. I have been surprised by his passing and calmness on the ball. Great to see him celebrating at the other end as well. Get that contract signed!
  11. Is he not one of the best at the moment?? Scoring, assisting, holding up and sneakily tricky with the ball. A changed man. Easy MOTM.
  12. If he was abit more athletic he would be an undoubted elite. I always liked him and glad to see his long balls today. Was always going to be abit lost in midfield but he did work his socks off today. Kudos.
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